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the Organizer of sale - the competitive managing director of Open Company Barion Mochalina L. P (SNILS 035 - 852 - 427 - 62, an INN 753500120133), member NP SMSOAU (117042, Moscow, and/ I 108) notify that the auctions on the property sale, appointed on 08. 06. 2012, are recognised by not taken place, and informs on carrying out of the repeated open auctions with the open form of the offer on the price on sale of a debt receivable (Kazakova M. N) Open Company Barion (an INN 7105017710, OGRN 1027100593948, jur. The address Tula, street F. Smirnova, d. 2) the initial price of 902234 roubles.

demands acceptance to the address: Moscow, Brick dredging of street, 2, p. 1, of. 13, bodies 89091663508. Term of representation of demands twenty five working days from the date of message publication.

the size of the deposit of 90224 roubles. The deposit is brought not later than 3 days before the termination of demands acceptance for the settlement account of the Seller: Open Company Barion an INN 7105017710, r/ with 40702810719000000127, to/ about 30101810400000000487 Open Societies SOBINBANK, BIK 044525487 Step of auction - 45111 roubles. An order and application conditions, definition of the winner, a tendering order, an order of the conclusion of the contract remain invariable and are published in the announcement 77030479007 the newspaper 81 from 05. 05. 2012.

the Repeated auctions will take place for the thirty fourth day, from the moment of message publication in the newspaper in a demands acceptance place.