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Open Company TD Attica the Organizer of the auctions (the address: Krasnodar, street Atarbekova, d. 5/ 1, of. 10, bodies. (861 226 - 68 - 11, attika@akosta. net), informs on sale in the electronic form by means of open auction with the closed form of giving of the offer on the price of the property belonging Open Company KHTPK KKO SHR , the legal address: Russia 350038, Krasnodar territory, Krasnodar, street Northern, 510. Consideration of offers on the price of property and leading of results of the auctions at 12 o`clock. 00 minutes on July, 24th, 2012 on the Electronic trading platform And - KOSTA info placed on a site http:// www. akosta. info in a network the Internet. A subject of the auctions: the Prize 1 : Securities: ordinary nominal paperless actions in number of 4 365 915 (four million three hundred sixty five thousand nine hundred fifteen pieces), (20 % in Open Society authorised capital stock The Kuban creative workshop ) . The initial price of a prize 5015600,00 rbl. the Deposit of 30000 roubles. Documents for participation: the Demand corresponding to the current legislation. The document confirming the right to operate on behalf of the applicant. Acknowledgement of payment of the deposit. For physical persons - a passport copy. For IP - an extract from EGRIP (term no more than 30 days). For legal bodies - an extract from EGRJUL (term no more than 30 days), the document confirming powers of the head, a copy of the decision on approval/ fulfilment of the large transaction (in conformity the legislation of the Russian Federation). Properly certified translation into Russian of documents on the state registration of the legal person or the state registration of the physical person as IP according to the legislation of the corresponding state (for the foreign person). The winner - at the highest price; Documents and demands are given in electronic form and signed ETSP the applicant, according to order (regulations) of work on an electronic platform. The seller - Open Company KHTPK KKO SHR, an INN 2310032951, OGRN 1022301609659, a check point 231001001; r/ with 40702810100080000188 in the Krasnodar branch of Open Society RosDorBank Krasnodar, to/ with 30101810900000000815, BIK 040349815. An order and a contract imprisonment term - within 5 days from the date of reception of the offer from to/ at about the contract conclusion to/ p property. Conditions and payment terms - 100 % within 30 days on r/ from the seller from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. Requisites of the Organizer for entering of inclinations: OGRN 1032304148601; an INN 2308089573; BIK 040349564; to/ with 30101810400000000564; r/ with 40702810200011000904 in the Krasnodar branch of Open Society NBB Krasnodar. Giving of offers on the property price - according to the current legislation. Demands acceptance, documents and data, entering of inclinations, acquaintance with documents with 18. 06. 2012 to 20. 07. 2012 from 10:00 till in the working days on the Electronic trading platform And - KOSTA info placed on a site http:// www. akosta. info in a network the Internet.