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77030501050 - 1

In the announcement 77030501050 published in the newspaper 104 from 09. 06. 2012, the typing error is admitted, truly to read: the Decision of Arbitration court of Republic Kareliya from 21. 05. 2012 on business 26-9414/ 2011 limited liability company Porosozersky housing - municipal systems an INN/ OGRN/ a check point/ PFR 1016043019/ 101601001/ 1101040000126/ 009-005 - 040446, located to the address: 186857, Republic Kareliya, the item of Porosozero, street Komsomol, 7 And, is recognised by the bankrupt, concerning it openly competitive manufacture, the competitive managing director confirms Bujarova Ljubov Vladimirovna, member NP SRO AU Northern Capital (St.-Petersburg, Alexander Matrosova`s street, 20, lighted In; branch in Republic of Kareliya: 185030, Republic Kareliya, Petrozavodsk, Truth street, 29, of. 15). Judicial session is appointed 15. 11. 12 At 10 o`clock. 00 minutes of the Requirement of creditors are accepted within two months from the date of publication of the given message. The address for a correspondence direction to the time managing director: 185000, Republic Kareliya, Petrozavodsk, street Dzerzhinsky, 5, p/ I 385, t/ f 572708 .