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the Organizer of the auctions - Competitive managing director Tsivlikov Alexey Konstantinovich (Noncommercial partnership of arbitration managing directors Neva the location: 192012, St.-Petersburg, 3 - j the Rabfakovsky lane, d. 5, the building 4, A.Korrespondentsija`s letters to the managing director is subject to a direction to the address: 180007, Pskov, and/ I 908) inform on carrying out of the open auctions in the form of auction on property sale Societies with limited liability Seblat (OGRN 1056000354123, an INN 6027089381, the location: 182250, the Pskov region, Sebezh, street May Day, d. 81), recognised as insolvent (bankrupt). The auctions will take place 30. 07. 2012 in 10. 00 to the address: ETP www. bankruptcy. sberbank - ast. ru.

On the auctions the following property of the debtor is exposed:

the Prize 1 : the Ground area 60:22:010106:0018;

a warehouse Building 60:27:010106:0018 - 2028 - And;

the Building strozhechnogo shops 60:27:010106:0018 - 2028 - B.

Offers on the price are represented on an electronic platform by participants of the auctions.

for participation in the electronic auctions it is necessary to make an application to the address: http:// www. bankruptcy. sberbank - ast. ru with 10. 00 30. 06. 2012 to 10. 00 (time Moscow) 26. 07. 2012.

documents should be enclosed To the demand according to the Order of Ministry of economic development and trade from 15. 02. 2010 54

the Deposit - 10 %.

For participation in the electronic auctions it is necessary to make an application and pay the deposit till 26. 07. 2012 on requisites: Open Company Seblat an INN 6027089381, a check point 602201001, r/ with 40702810051000007311 in Branch 8630 Open Societies the Savings Bank of Russia Pskov

Acquaintance with the additional information and documents concerning a prize with the coordination on bodies.: 89113631191.

Initial cost of 585 540 roubles.

an auction step - 1 % from initial cost.

the winner is defined at the greatest suggested price.

results of the auctions - in day of tendering together their carrying out.

the purchase and sale contract consists in an order and in the terms established by the legislation.

full payment - within 30 days after contract signing on the above-stated requisites.