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The oppositionist has not harnessed “ a three “

the Regional authorities managed to weaken the list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the eve of elections in Legislative Assembly of edge and not to admit presence at the first “ to a three “ oppositionist Konstantin Okunev. At the same time the politician together with other members of deputy group “ Solidarity “ have insured itself from removal from pre-election race, having kept places in the party list on the most convenient positions. Experts „“ notice that additional votes to communists on elections also will be brought by former heads of local administrations.

in a past week-end regional conference Perm krajkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which passed in the mode closed for journalists has taken place. On its results the list of candidates of party in edge Legislative Assembly (the document is available on hand „“) has been confirmed.

action lasted throughout six hours. The part of discussions concerned structure of the first “ three “ candidates. At conference the decision of presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation according to which in obshchekraevuju a list part should enter the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Oleg Kulikov, the first secretary krajkoma Vladimir Korsun and the deputy of Legislative Assembly Gennady Kuzmitsky has been declared. Thus, the first in the list replaced with itself(himself) the deputy of Legislative Assembly of edge, co-owner GK “ Dobrynja “ Konstantin Okunev which nominee has been earlier confirmed bureau krajkoma. As a result the oppositional member of parliament has not been included at all in the bulletin for voting by the first “ to a three “. Oleg Kulikov in conversation with „“ has explained that the decision of presidium of the Central Committee is connected by that at the head of lists of candidates there should be only party members. “ Nekommunista Okunev was replaced with communist Kulikov. I know that on other members of the list which has been confirmed at conference, objections at the Central Committee are not present “ - Oleg Kulikov has assured. Konstantin Okunev has declared that the decision of presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has been co-ordinated with it.

it was possible to the Perm communists “ to close “ 28 one-mandatory districts, their representatives will not appear in districts Ή14 and 30. The party list included 89 persons who will be put forward in all regional groups. In the list of communists six operating regional members of parliament - communists Gennady Kuzmitsky, Pavel Makarov, Vladimir Grebenjuk, their colleagues on oppositional group “ Solidarity “ Vadim Chebykin, Konstantin Okunev and Vladimir Maltsev. Other oppositional members of parliament - Andrey Agisheva, Sergey Sivkova and Alexey Burnashova - in lists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not present. Last, we will remind, only in the end of last week has declared an exit from the union between party and “ Solidarity “.

In Kirovsk area of Perm both in one-mandatory, and in party districts Ή1 and 2 representatives of deputy association Vadim Chebykin and Vladimir Grebenjuk accordingly stand. In district Ή3 (the Dzerzhinsky area) is put forward Gennady Kuzmitsky Alexander Sherstobitov`s assistant who will go together with professor PGTU Svetlana Paramonovoj.

In industrial area of Perm Alexey Hramtsov and the deputy Perm gordumy Andrey Solodnikov (district Ή4), and also eks - the chairman of microdistrict Nagornyj TOS - 2 Iljas of Debts which goes both on one-mandatory, and on party district Ή6 stand odnomandatnik. We will remind, in the spring of current year on elections in Perm gordumu Andrey Solodnikov has beaten considered as the favourite of race zamgendirektora Open Society “ Mineral fertilizers “ Igor Gladneva.

Predictably, Konstantin Okunev is put forward as odnomandatnik on the district Ή5 in Leninsk area of Perm. Here the pair of the party list to it will be made also by enjoying authority communist Gennady Storozhev. Besides, the nominee of mister Okunev appears in the party list. It Ή2 after the deputy of Legislative Assembly Pavel Makarova in party district Ή9 (Motor-Vilihinsky area). By data „“, this variant is selected by the oppositionist as spare for election in Legislative Assembly. “ oppositionists consider Alexander Bojchenko`s figure (the operating deputy of Legislative Assembly from district Ή9. - „“) from this district as weak “ - one of experts „“ explains. Possibly, for the purpose of complication of election campaign of opponents in quality odnomandatnika Alexey Bessons known for the not ordinary actions will act. In other district Motovilihi - Ή8 both in party, and in one-mandatory district Andrey Starks known for appears that stood in Perm gordumu on district Ή20 in the spring, but has not been registered as the candidate.

in the district Ή7 which deputy is the member “ Solidarity “ Alexey Burnashov, will stand lawyer Alexey Chernyh. It will go together with the assistant to the operating member of parliament on this territory Andrey Berezinym. In Sverdlovsk area of Perm are put forward the chairman of pioneer organisation Gulnara Kostitsyna (district Ή10) and the former second secretary krajkoma Sergey Andrejanov (district Ή11).

Feature of the list of communists is presence of record quantity of figures of local officials to which the prefix " is applicable; eks “. Among those former heads of Gubahinsky area Victor Tseov (district Ή16), October area Valery Ostanin (district Ή19), eks - the head of Kungur Amir Mahmudov (district Ή21), eks - head of the Wasp Victor Begun (district Ή23), the former head of Dobrjansky area Vladimir Varlyga (district Ή26). Practically all head regional groups of the party list, and also are put forward in quality odnomandatnikov. The pair in party districts to mister Mahmudovu will be made by the leader of initiative group of the deceived shareholders of fund “ the Ark “ Sergey Rynkov, Victor Begunu - lawyer Dmitry Busovikov. We will notice that last in the spring of this year represented interests of the former head of the Wasp on court on charge in an arson. Victor Tseov also will act “ a steam locomotive “ Vladimir Maltsev who is insured against possible defeat in district Ή13 (Solikamsk, Aleksandrovsky areas) and appears Ή2 in party district Ή16. That in lists of candidates there is no Tchaikovsky Yury Vostrikov`s former head became unexpected. Its figure was considered by experts as one of the strongest in district Ή22. Besides, interlocutors in krajkome the Communist Party of the Russian Federation assert that in Tchaikovsky a good rating of party. Instead of it Tchaikovsky secretary of branch Evgenie Jurkov appears. Under the party list in the past Tchaikovsky Alexey Novikov`s head of administration here will go.

On district Ή18 (the Lysvensky area) is put forward the former assistant to the deputy of Legislative Assembly Vladimir Ganzhina Michael Jakovlev who is put forward together with the chief of local management of housing and communal services Alexander Lukinym. On the majority of other territories the first secretaries of district committees or city town committees are put forward.

the Perm communists notice that, despite fights, “ are satisfied “ voting results. “ the accepted principles have found support at the majority of delegates. The purpose of the regional authorities was destruction of our list, its maximum easing on the eve of elections in Legislative Assembly “ - Oleg Kulikov has noted in conversation with „“. He also has noticed that hopes for carrying out of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation “ vigorous “ election campaign. As a problem achievement of 20-25 % of support of voters both on elections in regional parliament, and in the State Duma of the Russian Federation is established.

Political scientist Oleg Podvintsev believes that lists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Legislative Assembly of edge are slightly weaker, than was planned. “ opponents of the union of communists and “Solidarity“ managed to weaken party positions: Okunev has not entered into first “three“, Burnashov has at all refused support of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Plus that on edge territories former heads who can bring voices " are put forward; - the expert has noted. The expert does not exclude that positions on separate nominees can be reconsidered. Candidates for the State Duma of the Russian Federation will be confirmed at congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which will pass in Moscow on September, 24th. Oleg Kulikov, possibly, also will head also regional lists in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Non-party candidates, as he said, among them at present are not present.