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Citizens do not have affairs before business

the Most part of Russians negatively perceive large business, but is positive - small and average. Such moods has revealed following the results of sotsoprosov analytical Levada - the centre . Business position is not included into number of questions by which the society is now concerned. Nevertheless the parties which have joined in pre-election race, promise to protect interests of an enterprise class and include representatives business - communities in lists of the candidates.
a word business Russians perceive exclusively as large business has explained the deputy director Levada - the centre Alexey Grazhdankin. Therefore disapprove of it, believing that for Russia from its activity there is more than harm, than advantage. But when citizens ask about the relation to large business, and also to small or to average, they answer on - to a miscellaneous. 40 % are to some extent assured of advantage of large businessmen interrogated, but 43 % are assured that their activity goes to harm to the country.

However, last years the society has a little softened the relation to those whom names oligarchs . So, before parliamentary elections of 2003, when antioligarchical the theme was the most advantageous for attraction of voices of ordinary voters, the advantage in large business was found only by 37 % of Russians, and harm - 51 %. That is the society relation essentially has not changed Alexey Grazhdankin considers. People on - former do not trust large to the capital as are assured that all these conditions are acquired not by persistent work, and by plunder of the public property . Accordingly presence of men of means in the list of candidates of any party on - former remains a safe occasion to discredit of this party the sociologist warns.

And Russians always took a positive view of small and average business. In the same 2003 the advantage for Russia from such business was found by 63 %, now - 64 %, harmful considered 25 %, and now - 17 %. It in many respects because such businessmen happen inside " more often; a near circle of simple citizens which owing to it can identify itself with small or average businessmen.

practically every fifth of interrogated does not know till now how to perceive business. 17 % could not answer anything to sociologists about large business. 20 % - have not told anything about small and average business. it is high enough indicator which says that the theme of business with all its problems is not included into number important and essential for the Russian inhabitant - Alexey Grazhdankin is assured. Anyway The relation of the inhabitant to those or other parties develops out of communication with its relation to business .

Nevertheless practically all parties which have joined in pre-election race, already declare that intend to protect interests of businessmen, first of all small and average. Moreover, businessmen become candidates. In particular, representatives Business Russia as has informed its leader Boris Titov, the big groups have entered into pre-election lists the Just cause the Apple the Communist Party of the Russian Federation . And also participated in prajmeriz an United Russia .

the Leader the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin has confirmed that in pre-election lists is and always there were representatives of small-scale business and an average as its party always defends a freedom of enterprise. He considers natural that Russians Negatively concern large business which has arisen thanks to criminal privatisation . Communists too are going to protect small-scale business, has declared the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Obuhov. As thanks to efforts an United Russia small-scale business is reduced the communist has informed, having referred to given Rosstata.

In a just cause do not give value to that a society does not love large business . Public opinion about millionaires in general and voting of citizens on elections are not connected in any way among themselves - has declared a member of federal council the Just cause Boris Nadezhdin, having referred, in particular, to experience of Italy, where too not so do not love millionaires, but regularly vote for Berlusconi .

In Russia opinion on millionaires and voting too are not connected among themselves. So, on a question Levada - the centre about what interests reflects an United Russia people say more often that interests of large business and officials Alexey Grazhdankin reminds. But on elections the majority votes for an United Russia as considers as its unique party, which can solve problems of the small person .