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Formaldegidnyj occasion

the Minister of natural resources of the Russian Federation Yury Trutnev has accused a management terupravlenija Rospotrebnadzora of default of its commissions - department has not had time to finish in fortnight term research of new buildings in Berezniki about excess of maximum concentration limit of formaldehyde in building materials. The minister has decided to address to a management of department with the request to punish the head terupravlenija Alexander Sboeva. Meanwhile the edge Office of Public Prosecutor has already seen numerous infringements at microdistrict Usolye building - 2 and has directed in SKR materials for criminal case excitation.

yesterday the minister of natural resources of the Russian Federation Yury Trutnev during meeting concerning infringement of building norms at microdistrict Usolye erection - 2 in Berezniki has scarified work of federal supervising departments. According to the minister, terupravlenie Rospotrebnadzora on the Perm edge has not executed its commissions on research of building and finishing materials in which excess of maximum permissible concentration of formaldehydes was revealed. As Yury Trutnev has noted, on August, 22nd he has charged to department to inspect about excess of maximum concentration limit of formaldehyde in the materials used at building of houses. On carrying out of actions term has been given two weeks department. According to mister Trutnev, for this term it has been investigated only 11 of 38 samples of heaters and finishing materials which were applied at building of houses. Thus during meeting it was found out that head terupravlenija Alexander Sboev in general is in holiday. As a result the minister has declared that intends to address to head federal to Rospotrebnadzora Gennady Onishchenko with the requirement to punish the subordinate.

we Will remind, microdistrict building Usolsky - 2 has been begun in 2007 after failure on BKPRU - 1. Means for microdistrict building - 1,372 mlrd rbl. have been allocated from the federal budget. On erection of 55 thousand in sq. m of habitation contracts with the companies " have been concluded; Dormash “ (Vologda), “ Growth - N - the Resource “ (Rostov), “ Radoslav “ (Pereyaslavl - Zalessky), “ the Building power company “ (Smolensk) and “ the Ural building technologies “ (Perm).

For end of all researches the minister has given Rospotrebnadzoru even two weeks. After their end the decision on possibility of resettlement of inhabitants of microdistrict will be made. “ if air pollution is, but there is no technique of its elimination, means, it is necessary to move people and to bring an attention to the question on responsibility “ - the minister has noted. Thus expenses for resettlement, most likely, should be born to the regional budget. “ the Federation has allocated to the Perm edge of means for settlement building, - the minister has noted, - as they spent them, and will find possibility to carry out of the obligations “.

Meanwhile representatives of Rospotrebnadzora have declared that separately each investigated material of danger does not represent, however in aggregate they give the raised background. Zamrukovoditelja regional terupravlenija Rostehnadzora Nikolay Fadeev has added that during their own check the facts of replacement of one materials on others without notice the customer of works have been elicited.

as a result the minister has come to a conclusion that during building numerous infringements of technologies were supposed, and control from supervising bodies was not carried out properly. “ all of us understand that works needed to be observed in the shortest terms. But everyone has a responsibility zone. With results we will understand “ - the minister has declared. According to Yury Trutnev, he has already asked the public prosecutor of edge Alexander Belyh to understand with a situation and to solve a question on responsibility of the persons who have admitted infringements at building. At the same time the minister recognised that before censures to quality of work of these builders in other regions was not.

meanwhile edge Office of Public Prosecutor, without waiting requests of the minister, has already drawn conclusions from a current situation. Public prosecutor Alexander Belyh has declared that the supervising body already spends check on the given facts in which course infringements are revealed both from administration of Berezniki, and from the persons who are responsible for building. On its results to the mayor representation about elimination of infringements is brought. Besides, the Office of Public Prosecutor has seen signs of the crime provided by item 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (manufacture, storage, transportation or sale of the goods and production, performance of works or rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of safety). In what legislation infringements were particularly showed, the public prosecutor has not specified. Meanwhile check materials are directed to investigating bodies SKR for decision-making on criminal case excitation. Thus Alexander Belyh has declared that would like, that business investigated not regional SOU SKR, and higher structures. In regional investigatory management „“ have explained that any materials from Office of Public Prosecutor concerning Berezniki did not receive. Representatives of SOU SKR on Privolzhsky federal district also have declared that anything about public prosecutor`s check do not know.

“ if precisely to define, what material is a formaldehyde source, it is easy to replace it, - the general director of the company " speaks; Growth - N - the Resource “ Vadim Nikulin, one of builders of microdistrict. - it is strange that formaldehyde is found in all houses, and materials and heaters all used the different. At us and at Pereyaslavl - expanded polystyrene, and for example, in houses “ the Vologda series “ - Mineral cotton wool “. He also notices that formaldehyde contains in plates ÎSB, and also in pilovochnike coniferous breeds.