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The competition should be competitive

Today government presidium will consider the report of Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) about a competition condition in the Russian Federation. In it analysts of service, in particular, try to prove that concentration degree in economy of the Russian Federation with 2005 for 2009 was reduced three times - and it together with growth of number of the companies has led to increase in an internal competition.
report FAS endurances from which are published on the Internet - government page, urged to show real improvement of the internal competitive environment in the Russian economy. the data presented in report FAS, testifies to increase in number of managing subjects in economy and accordingly about positive tendencies of development of competitive " environment; - it is marked there. To argue with this statement it is difficult, as the presented statistics specifies in increase in number of again created companies from the beginning 2009 on the beginning of 2010 in sectors where competition degree is traditionally high. Among them: operations with real estate (growth on 7,6 %); wholesale and retail trade (7,1 %); transport and communication (7,1 %). One more sector in which specify en face, - housing and communal services. There for 2009 against proceeding reform of branch the number of the new companies has increased by 19,2 %. However, neither on quality of service, nor the increase in a competition marked by service considerably was not reflected in the average level of tariffs.

Besides, have en face found out also appreciable decrease in degree of concentration of the capital in economy as a whole. the share of the largest companies in economy continues to decrease. So, in 2005 10 % of gross national product it was created by 10 companies, in 2007 - 16 companies, in 2008 - 25 managing subjects, and in 2009 - 32 largest companies - it is marked in the report.

interrogated analysts not in forces to explain such dynamics. the largest companies are concentrated in oil and gas sector. As the prices for oil in 2009 have sharply given, the contribution of the companies to gross national product was reduced. It seems to me if to estimate the same indicator in 2011, all will return into place - Alexander Morozov from HSBC speaks. Thus Julia Tsepljaeva from BNP Paribas, considering a little manipuljativnym character of calculations FAS, notices that concentration degree should be counted proceeding from what volume of the added cost is made by the largest companies in each separate branch. With the same remarks to researches FAS address and in Ministry of Economics. If we tell the general figure of incomes of the largest companies about the competition market in attention it is necessary to accept a condition of separate sectors, instead of, - has declared the director of department of development of a competition of the ministry Alexander Pirozhenko. - During the last years any markets were monopolised, and on any (for example, in the market of cellular services) has appeared more competition .

Last researches of the independent organisations specify only in deterioration of a condition of the competitive environment in the Russian Federation (see from September, 7th and 8). Meanwhile in report FAS with a view of more total characteristic of competitive " environment; the data of polls of companies VtSiOmom in 2010, according to which " is presented; the majority of businessmen expresses positive estimations of a condition of competitive " environment;: 43 % of respondents estimate a condition of the competitive environment as is faster safe 23 % - as Unequivocally safe . Thus and in the service report, despite all statistical calculations, called to prove competition increase, it is said that businessmen specify on absence of essential changes in a condition of the competitive environment for last three years . If changes occurred at qualitative level, madam Tsepljaeva crisis in Russia would be accompanied by appreciable falling of the prices as it was in the competitive markets adds.