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Diztoplivo merges from the market

New amendments to technical regulations on fuel can lead to a sale stop in Russia vysokosernistogo a diesel engine. It basically is used by agricultural manufacturers and, for example, the railways. As a result they should buy better diztoplivo which is more expensive on 18 - 20 %. Besides, as a result in the market there can be a deficiency which will pour out in the next general rise in prices.
since Friday, after coming into force of amendments to the fuel technical regulations, prolonging the permission to manufacture of fuel of standards Euro - 2 Euro - 3 and Euro - 4 the turn vysokosernistogo a diesel engine (0,2 %) for the agricultural and off-road technics will be forbidden. It follows from the text of technical regulations and the governmental order about amendments. The matter is that on September, 16th will stop actions of item 11 of technical regulations about the motor fuel, come into force in 2008. In point it is said that within three years the turn " will be resolved; the diesel fuel used for the agricultural and off-road technics with a mass fraction 0,2 % " are grey;.

the Decision about modification of technical regulations About requirements to gasoline it has been confirmed by the government on September, 7th, will come into force on September, 16th. The document resolves a fuel turn Euro - 2 till December, 31st, 2012, Euro - 3 - till the end of 2014 - go, and Euro - 4 - till the end of 2015.

demand on ordinary diztoplivo as a result can grow and its cost, traders speak. According to interlocutors in the fuel market, the petrocompanies from the next Monday should or direct all volumes vysokosernistogo a diesel engine for export, or to sell in Rosrezerv. Now this product is very claimed, first of all agricultural manufacturers - tells a source though specifies that the exact level of production of such diesel engine is unknown.

traders add that one of the basic victims will be Open Society of the Russian Railway which is the heavy user vysokosernistogo a diesel engine. In monopoly have assured that while at it problems with deliveries of fuel are not present. About an interdiction for use a diesel engine a zero two in Open Society of the Russian Railway know nothing. In total company in a year consumes about 3 million tons of a diesel engine. In Ministry for the Power Generating Industry which developed amendments, comments have refused.

make vysokosernistyj a diesel engine first of all the Samara group NPZ and Angarsk NPZ Rosneft Kirishsky NPZ Surgutneftegaz Nizhnevartovsk NPO the multinational corporation - VR. Most likely, most the critical situation can develop in the south of Russia and in Siberia, one of interlocutors " considers; . However, other source Notices that, probably, the petrocompanies expect to compensate dropping out volumes at the expense of resolved to manufacture till the end of 2012 of a diesel engine of the standard Euro - 2 .

Officially the prices on vysokosernistoe diztoplivo are not published. Traders say that a difference in cost with a diesel engine Euro - 2 makes about 500 rbl. (at the average price of a winter diesel engine depending on region 25 - 27 thousand for ton). That is for Open Society of the Russian Railway the situation can turn back additional incomes at level 1,5 mlrd rbl. Agricultural manufacturers cannot estimate loss from an interdiction for a turn vysokosernistogo a diesel engine yet. for us it is ready oshchutimee that the rise in prices for fuel this year has made 25 %. For such companies as we, turns around in millions dollars of losses - has told the owner of the large grain company.

in August wholesale cost of diesel fuel on the average across Russia, according to IATS Cortes has increased by 0,53 %. But Maxim Nazarov from Reuters notices that from - for the possible terminations of release vysokosernistogo a diesel engine which occupies an essential share in the market, fuel cost can again start to grow. Vitaly Krjukov from IFD Kapital considers that the turn termination vysokosernistogo a diesel engine during the moment when harvest works proceed, can force to go the government on time introduction of exceptions of technical regulations.