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The companies

Wal - Mart the Leader of the world market of retail trade will be engaged in Russia in purchases
, American Wal - Mart Stores enters the Russian market. Most likely, its first shops will appear in Petersburg.

On the Petersburg sites devoted to selection of the personnel, vacancies from Wal - Mart are already placed. However a press - the secretary of committee on building of administration of St.-Petersburg Anna Mironov has declared that in lists of demands for building trading objects Wal - Mart do not appear. In Committee of economic development, the industrial policy and trade also heard nothing about intentions of the retail giant.

Local ritejlery have shown the big awareness. “ I many times talked to representatives Wal - Mart, - the general director of a network “Tape“ Oleg Zherebtsov tells. - to build they gather of nothing. Most likely, they will participate in the capital of the company close to them on a format “. On a question on, whether there is a speech about absorption of one of Petersburg networks, Stallions has answered: “ What sense to absorb the company if prospects are not clear? Such international transactions become stage by stage. As a rule, the part of actions " is bought;. About with what company has agreed Wal - Mart, Oleg Zherebtsov has held back. And according to an analyst on a consumer sector “ Three Dialogue “ Victorias Grankinoj, the closest Wal - Mart on a format are just shops “ the Tape “. Besides, at “ Tapes “ the strongest positions in the Petersburg retail market and the highest growth of a gain - 30 % for last year. And in April, 2004 a top - managers Wal - Mart, including the director for development in Europe Angela Morrison, have visited “ the Tape “ for the purpose of studying of experience Russian ritejlera also have considered that the network corresponds to the western samples. Analysts do not hasten to do conclusions: krupnoformatnymi shops in Petersburg own also “ Megamarch “ and “ O`Kej “.

the Second entertaining
“ STS - Media “ creates a new national network.

“ STS - Media “ (such is the new name of the owner of TV channel STS, earlier - Story First Communications) has got at LUKOIL structures the Moscow TV channel M1, “ the Neva channel “ in Petersburg, T - 8 in Perm and “ the Variant “ in Kazan. The sum of transaction is not disclosed, participants of the market estimate it in $30-40 million

According to the president “ STS - Media “ Alexander Rodnjansky, positioning of a new network which will be created on the basis of channels, still definitively is not confirmed, however, most likely, it will be focused on women of 15-54 years, and on a format to represent “ something like female luster “. Within the next three years “ STS - Media “ expects to finish a share of audience of two networks to 16-17 % from which about 3-4 % it is necessary on a new network. “ the concept of the TV channel focused on women, possibly, will be successful, as all advertising is focused on women in sphere FMCG " almost; - the director for teleresearches TNS Gallup Media Alexander Kostyuk speaks. One more of participants of the market notices that at the channel with such positioning dynamics auditornyh indicators within days will be smoother as its target audience actively watches TV not only in the evenings.

All in creation of a new network “ STS - Media “ Assumes to enclose about $100 million from which about $20 million will go on a content, the rest - on building of a regional network. The project will be partially financed from current profit “ STS - Media “ (in 2003 it has made a $30 million order), partially - of means of shareholders. The Alpha bank owning of 29,4 % “ STS - Media “ has opened the companies the demand line of credit on $40 million, from which $28 million it is already spent.

Rover Computers has torn with “ pickpockets “
the Russian manufacturer of computer equipment Rover Computers has curtailed manufacture of pocket computers.

In the company predict sharp recession in the handheld computer market in the nearest two - three years and reorient investments into manufacture of communicators, entering a competition to manufacturers of cellular telephones.

According to SmartMarketing, company Rover Computers occupies the first line in the list of leaders of the market of a handheld computer. According to ITResearρh, it is on the second place, conceding Hewlett - Packard. Thus the market of a handheld computer with operating system Windows Mobile to which computers Rover belong, for last year has grown on 10,6 %. However these quite safe indicators of optimism do not inspire to general director Rover Computers Sergey Shunjaevu. “ pocket computers are a deadlock branch of development “ - Shunjaev confirms.

According to Sergey Shunjaeva, handheld computers completely will replace smart phones and communicators. It almost the same handheld computers, but with the expanded set of functions, in which number phone and the built in modem. Thus cost of these devices already comes nearer to the top price threshold of a handheld computer that in due course will make release of the last unprofitable - they will simply not be in demand.

Rover Computers has already started in sale some communicators. According to the director for marketing Rover of Andrey Andreeva, the company does the special rate on model S2 executed in forms - the factor “ folding beds “. The competition to other manufacturers of communicators while is insignificant - owing to an offer lack in the market monthly is on sale only 1200-1500 devices. With the advent of new model in Rover hope for the general growth of sales in the market to 2 thousand units of production a month. But now the company has faced other problem. Manufacturers of computers enter a competition to manufacturers of the cellular telephones which are letting out smart phones.

According to head PR - services of a network of salons of cellular communication Dixis of Tatyana Moskalevoj while buyers give bolshee preference to smart phones as for the majority communicators are difficult enough in operation (sales of smart phones in Dixis for the first half of the year 2004 - go have grown twice). However manufacturers of phones recognise presence of new competitors. In particular, the co-ordinator on public relations Nokia Sergey Sidorov has told that in this respect at Nokia already there is a strategy. In what it consists, he has not specified. In Dixis have informed that manufacturers of cellular telephones declare occurrence in them in the future of models of communicators.

Sony buys MGM
the Consortium of the companies headed by corporation Sony, has won belonging to Tedu Turner Time Warner fight for the Hollywood studio Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer.

In case of successful end of the transaction on purchase MGM the Japanese company will appear the owner about half of all Hollywood colour films, including a film epopee “ Carried away by a wind “ legendary “ a Bondiana “ Vudi Alain`s pictures and cartoon films “ Tom and Jerry “.

It is supposed that MGM it will be merged with “ a daughter “ Sony - Sony Pictures Entertainment, created on the basis of Columbia Pictures which the Japanese corporation has bought in 1989. On hearings after that MGM will stop manufacture of new films - Japanese corporation the unique film archive numbering more of 4200 tapes first of all interests. Library MGM, according to management Sony, should become the basic source of incomes: all masterpieces are supposed to be transferred on new carriers - videocassettes and DVD, and on the basis of some films computer games will be developed. Besides, the company can sell to channels of the right to teletranslation of pictures.

Time Warner (owns studios Warner Bros. And New Line Cinema), offering for MGM $4,6 mlrd and till last moment considered as the favourite in struggle for last independent studio, has refused purchase after Sony has offered for a film studio about $3 mlrd and has agreed to incur $1,9 mlrd company promissory notes. Billionaire Kerk Kerkorjan who posesses 74 % of actions MGM, intends to gain from sale of the company about $2 mlrd cash.

Except Sony as buyers in sdelkeuchastvujut companies Texas Pacific Group, DLJ Merchant Banking Partners (cable network Comcast largest in the USA and fund of direct investments Providence Equity Partners belongs Credit Suisse First Boston), - the last will posess the largest package MGM.

Toyota has confessed
Toyota Motor Management for the first time admitted that the company plans to construct factory in Russia.

“ We develop the factory ground plan in territory of Russia. It is the unique large country where we do not have assembly manufacture “ - the chairman of board of directors of Toyota Hirosi Okudo has declared to Japanese news agency Kyodo. As has told PR - the manager of the Russian representation of Toyota Darya Lihovidova, “ we study a question on possibility and expediency of the organisation of own manufacture in Russia, but decisions it is not accepted " yet;.

Conversations on future opening of assembly manufacture of Toyota go to Russia some years. However representatives of the company asserted that factory building makes sense, when sales will reach 50 thousand a year. In 2003 in our country it has been sold about 25 thousand cars of this mark. According to analysts, the reason of that the Japanese corporation nevertheless has dared at manufacture opening in Russia, consists in fast growth of the domestic market. According to IK “ the Three Dialogue “ by 2010 the Russian market will grow twice and sales will reach 3 million cars a year. Now on cars of foreign marks it is necessary about 40 %, and by 2010 their share will grow to 56 %. “ All large manufacturers understand that an exit on the Russian market not to avoid “ - the analyst of “Three“ of Gajrat Salimov speaks. - Toyota makes sense to master an average price segment, around $10 thousand, that is near to Renault Logan and Ford Focus “.

WPP catches up Omnicom
with Advertising holding WPP has got group Grey Global, closely having come nearer to the leader of the market - Omnicom Group.

Under treaty provisions the network will not be merged with WPP, and will keep independence, most likely thanks to that the largest client of a network is Procter & Gamble, and WPP traditionally serves its main competitor Unilever. “ Owing to that the network keeps independence, the conflict of interests will not arise “ - operating director Grey Russia Alexey Kopylov speaks. After acquisition Grey under incomes WPP will only a little lag behind the leader of market Omnicom Group. The gain of the incorporated company will reach $8,5939 mlrd that only on $30 million it is less, than at Omnicom. “ With purchase Grey we will strengthen the positions, it will bring new clients and will expand our presence at various regions “ - Martin Sorel has declared CEO WPP.

the Seventh on size the advertising group in world Grey Global has been exposed on sale this year. The growing competition in the global advertising market became the reason: now on a share of five largest players (Interpublic, WPP, Omnicom, Publicis and Havas) their share is necessary to 20 % of the market, in the USA and at all exceeds 70 %. Grey Global was last independent network in the world, and to it all was more difficult to keep the positions. As a result profitableness (the relation of operational profit to a gain) Grey was essentially below indicators of competitors: in 2003 it has made only 5,7 % that more than twice it is less than at WPP, Omnicom and Publicis.

According to terms of transaction, WPP will pay to the basic shareholder Grey Edu Meyer (it posesses about 63 % of voting actions) $1,520 mlrd (50 % money, and 50 % - the actions). As a result taking into account a cash on accounts Grey the sum of transaction will make about $1,309 billion Under treaty provisions, mister Meyer as early as remains two years on posts of the chairman of board of directors and CEO Grey.

“ Nornikel “ does not refuse merge with Gold Fields
GMK “ Norilsk Nickel “ owning 20 % of actions of South African gold mining company Gold Fields, it has appeared in a situation “ the third superfluous “.

Having united with Canadian Iamgold, Gold Fields has formed global corporation Gold Fields International, 70 which % belong to South Africans, and 30 % to Canadians. This news, to put it mildly, has afflicted GMK, as representatives “ Nornikelja “ mentioned intention to unite the “ gold “ actives with Gold Fields.

the Majority of analysts agree in opinion that alliance Gold Fields-Iamgold will strongly complicate association Gold Fields and “ Nornikelja “ And possession of a package in 20 % of actions can be considered now exclusively as portfelnuju the company investment. However in most “ Nornikele “ have declared that are not going to refuse association with Gold Fields. In the investment memorandum prepared GMK to release of eurobonds, it is told about possibility “ workings out of the gold mining actives together with the large international manufacturer of gold who will divide operational risks with “Nornikelem“ and will be introduced by experience “. Thus as strategic partner GMK is called South African Gold Fields.

US Airways in flight
Airline US Airways the second time for two years declares itself the bankrupt.

Hardly having recovered from the crisis which has knocked down branch after acts of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001, the seventh carrier on size in the USA is again compelled to address for judicial protection against creditors: for the company it is unique possibility to avoid liquidation.

In August, 2002 US Airways became the first of the large American airlines, the procedure which have declared the beginning of voluntary bankruptcy. Carrier debts by that moment made about $10 billion Having received a respite, US Airways to $2,8 mlrd has reduced obligations on leasing of courts, has dismissed about 14 thousand persons and has agreed with trade unions about decrease on $1,9 mlrd a wages fund. Rigid anti-recessionary measures plus attraction of a state loan $900 million and reception in exchange for 36 % of actions of $240 million from pension fund Retirement Systems of Alabama already in the first quarter 2003 have allowed the company to leave from - under protection “ 11 - j articles “.

However the pleasure has appeared short. After the war beginning in Iraq, a series of acts of terrorism and flashes of epidemics worldwide passengers have ceased to want again to fly, and consequently, incomes of air carriers have suffered also. Last “ a drop “ there was a jump of the prices for the aviation fuel, costing US Airways additional $300 million In hope to correct a situation company management once again has addressed to trade unions with the offer to cut down salary fund for $800 million, however, having been refused, has been again compelled to search for protection in court. As assures company management, bankruptcy procedure will allow to finish re-structuring US Airways and at last to deduce it from crisis. Meanwhile experts are adjusted kuYes is more pessimistic: at actives in $8,81 mlrd carrier promissory notes make $8,7 mlrd and to find additional sources of financing for continuation of work and carrying out of re-structuring of the company will be absolutely uneasy.