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the President “ Transneft “ Simeon Weinstock heading the company within five years, remains on the post for three years.

the Instruction obliging Federal agency on management by federal property to vote for prolongation of the contract with head of a state company, the prime minister - minister Michael Fradkov has signed.

Simeon Weinstock who has worked in branch more of 20 years, has appeared in “ Transneft “ in 1999, having passed from LUKOIL where he headed the largest extracting company of structure “ LUKOIL - Western Siberia “. “ Anybody also did not doubt that the contract with it will be prolonged, - Sergey Grigoriev, the vice-president of “Transneft“ speaks. - Hardly in the market it is possible to find more successful manager capable for so short terms to carry out such grandiose projects “.

that prolongation of the contract with Weinstock - doubtless plus both for the company, and for the market, experts are assured also. “ ability to achieve building of new pipelines to the head of “Transneft“ not to occupy, - the analyst of YOKES of “Aton“ Dmitry Lukashov speaks. - During its work in “Transneft“ the company has considerably increased throughput of oil pipelines “. “ Change a top - the manager, managed to come into strong contacts to oil industry workers, hardly would be logical step, - Dmitry Mangilev, analyst IK “Prospectus“ agrees. - Besides, at “Transneft“ now many the new projects which realisation, maybe, also does not depend personally on Weinstock, but anyway are under its control. Let`s tell, the technical substantiation under the civil-engineering design of east pipeline under company plans should be ready till the end of the year, and in case of occurrence in “Transneft“ of the new head these plans could be called into question “.

Has left in uncertainty
the Director of department of the international financial relations of the Ministry of Finance Sergey Kolotuhin has left at own will.

temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of department under external financial relations the former assistant Kolotuhina Denis Mihajlov is appointed. (on a photo), no less than about the future place of work of the chief specialist of the Ministry of Finance on external debts, in a press - ministry service it was not possible to receive the information on the reasons of leaving of Sergey Kolotuhina. Financial analysts inform that the expert of such level can leave on one of key posts in large business - structure. Sources Council of Federation, close to the Ministry of Finance, state different versions of prospective employment of Kolotuhina. The basic - Sergey Kolotuhin will return in Vneshtorgbank where has in total worked more than ten years, and before arrival to the Ministry of Finance held a post of the vice-president of board of bank. There is also other version which state in the official circles carefully. In June eks - prime minister Michael Kasyanov has declared intention to create and head large interstate investment bank with participation of Russia, the CIS countries and EU. There is an assumption that Sergey Kolotuhin who has come to the Ministry of Finance at Kasyanov, can accept the offer eks - a premiere and to enter into staff of the future bank.

Tinkov has employed the victualer
Patrick Deklu is appointed by the general manager of a network of restaurants “ Tinkoff “.

“ In connection with growth of quantity of restaurants the skilled manager from restaurant business was required, - the director of a network of restaurants “Òèíüêîôô“ Alexey Jatsenko speaks. - a Priority facing Deklu, - decrease in operational expenses and optimisation of technological processes “.

Frenchman Patrick Deklu not the beginner in the Russian restaurant market. In 1992 he has been invited for opening of elite French restaurant in hotel “ aerostar “ in Moscow, in 1993-1998 worked in “ Rosinter Restorans “ then became the independent adviser, participating in creation of variety of restaurants in Moscow and regions.

“ Tinkov tries to enter into a segment of expensive restaurants that from - for a high competition at it it turns out with some work, - the president of Guild of the Moscow victualers Igor Buharov speaks. - Deklu can act in a role training - the manager who will help to achieve unification of standards of service in all 20 restaurants of a network. And I on its place would make also own manufacture of meal to deliver it in restaurants, and also have reduced the menu “.

Castling in favour of Rakovshchika
the New general director “ RESO - Guarantees “ Dmitry Rakovshchik holding earlier a post of head Severo - the Western regional centre of the company is appointed.

In “ RESO - Guarantees “ Say that under Dmitry Rakovshchika (on a photo) indicators of the Petersburg business of the company have considerably improved.

the Founder and the permanent head “ RESO - Guarantees “ Sergey Sarkisov has left a post of the general director of the company, having passed to a post of the president “ Groups RESO “. The group was formed around “ RESO - Guarantees “ last three years by joining of some large insurers in the CIS, two leasing companies and several medical clinics. As the assistant to the general director " has explained; RESO - Guarantees “ the chairman of committee on marketing Igor Ivanov, Sergey Sarkisov has asked board of directors to dismiss ahead of schedule its general director to concentrate on strategic planning of development of business “ Groups RESO “.

Personnel castlings among insurers recently not a rarity. In May of this year the general director “ Ingosstraha “ Victor ShCherbakov became the president of the company, and Tatyana Dubrovsky has been appointed to its place. In July the general director “ National insurance group “ Yury Reshetnjak became president NSG, and its assistant Alexey Sazonov has occupied an armchair of the general director.

Head Disney has pleased analysts
CEO companies Walt Disney Michael Ejzner has agreed to retire. However, only in 2006.

Analysts have estimated positively leaving of Ejznera has pleased. “ the announcement that Ejzner will leave the post, will calm the investors worrying on low indicators of the financial reporting “ - analyst Glass, Lewis & speaks; Co Greg Teksin. During the last years turn Disney has stiffened at level of $23 mlrd, and have arrived annually drop on 10-15 %, having reduced to $2,8 billion As a result in the beginning of this year group of shareholders Disney led by Walt Disney Roem`s nephew resignation of Ejznera began to demand. For its leaving from a post of the chairman of board of directors 45 % of shareholders of the company have voted. However post CEO of Ejzneru managed to be kept.

Michael Ejzner (on a photo) has held a post of president Walt Disney in 1984. For ten years it has changed the company: has let out at once some new cartoon films, has opened seven parks of entertainments, and also has got in 1995 broadcasting company Capital Cities/ ABC. As a result in 1991 turns Walt Disney have made $6,1 mlrd, and in 1997 - m - already $22,5 billion By this moment of Ejzner has already headed company board of directors, and also has held post CEO. But then it has started to make one miss behind another, and experts began to say about its fast leaving.

However the decision on resignation has followed just now. And has planned its Ejzner only for 2006 when contract term will terminate. He tries to keep a good mine at bad game. “ this decision not compelled, and connected with personal circumstances. Looking at our current reporting, we should be proud of how we manage to operate the company even during heavy times for us “ - marks Ejzner in the letter to board of directors Walt Disney.