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Capitalism music

and Kell Nordstrem often tell Jonas Ridderstrale told by others. Repeat common truths. Simply fool. But never do it boringly. The new book the Karaoke - capitalism some kind of a sequel Business in style funk - the individuality and originality hymn, erected in the absolute. Where - that we it already saw. But it is all the same interesting.

it is difficult to be kept and not to begin to quote Ridderstrale and Nordstrema. Aphoristic nature prilipchiva, but behind it often disappears absence of real schemes and methods. Authors well understand it: Our purpose - to induce people to reflect, instead of to specify, about what it to think .

For fans of rigid systems and the checked up techniques authors - Swedes have thought up the concept a karaoke - capitalism . Essence in the following: In a karaoke - club of the country, the company and separate people face an inevitable choice: to copy others or to create the own future. Using a benchmarking and the best methods, you become only to one of many. Do not imitate - invent .

Here, actually, and all idea of the book. Ridderstrale and Nordstrem realise depth of that hole, which for themselves and otryli. To learn to originality and to operate it too it is impossible. But to search for it is the most perspective employment for modern capitalists.

Today the most scarce resource are not investments, and imagination - authors write. The competence correct the world. And the society of an individualization and the information offers weight of possibilities to find the people possessing exclusive knowledge. Art to force talents to work on itself - probably, a unique technique which authors offer the reader. To use madly talented and madly excentric - does not mean to refuse corporate culture and corporate values. the most simple way to make so that people divided your values, is to employ those who already divides them .

Management of the rising in price intellectual capital - not unique a top - idea of the book. Conceptual, but it is far not new model of Ridderstrale and Nordstrema - movement of the modern markets to an ideal competition, at which corporation make the similar goods, work with the lesser margin and fight for the consumer in more and more refined ways. From here a conclusion - masters of moods know that our brain keeps on emotions New competitive advantage there is a design . On what to count, advancing the brands? On a sin. sinful innovations in modern the wrong world bring huge money. Art competently to maintain seven mortal sins of the person, on Ridderstrale and Nordstremu, - the keystone to success of any corporation.

to Authors the range on which always it is possible to test the schemes " is known; managements of originality . the USA show to the world the unique combination including special attention to innovations and business it is idea, instead of the country in traditional geographical sense .

it is casual or not, but Swedish professory constantly come back to religious symbolics. For example, besides seven sins in the book is also 10 precepts of a karaoke - leaderships . Sometimes it seems that Ridderstrale and Nordstrem have aimed to write - taki the Bible of new management .

But, reading the Karaoke - capitalism you catch yourself on thought: everything that authors, already familiarly want to tell. Revelations are not present. Ridderstrale and Nordstrem support the sights with a large quantity of examples and figures, and they sometimes tell more than the author`s text. Value of the book - in a spirit which she creates. to succeed, it is necessary to cease to look back at others - authors persistently knock this thought in heads to readers. And, it is necessary to tell, it is possible to them.

the Karaoke - capitalism. Management for mankind
Ridderstrale J, Nordstrem K
SPb.: the Stockholm school of economy in St.-Petersburg, 2004
the Cover/ the Lane with English/ 328 with.