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Candidates for candidates

In Kazan has passed the second stage of pre-election conference regotdelenija “ an United Russia “. On it Party members have approved results prajmeriz - the rating voting which leaders will be included into the list of candidates of the State Duma. Without objections having voted and on other questions of the agenda, participants of conference have received from the party leader - the secretary of regional political council Farida Muhametshin the order “ to concentrate “ for “ very competitive “ political strike. To him has listened and the correspondent present at a forum „“ DMITRY BOLSHAKOV.

Delegates partkonferentsii which has passed on Saturday in Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, traditionally were met by a rich table with a batch, mineral water, tea and coffee. The party elite from 217 persons could be supported before two-hour session on which it was necessary to confirm results prajmeriz, passing from July, 21st till August, 9th, and to select delegates on ΥΥI congress where the list of candidates of the State Duma from " will be generated; an United Russia “.

the Party member, the president of Tatarstan Rustama Minnikhanov and the secretary of regional political council, the chairman of the State Council of republic Farida Muhametshina a live corridor from members “ Young guards “ has met a rough applause. In the performance mister Minnikhanov has defined that “ the power and “United Russia“ should go to the voters and tell about those projects which are realised, and about those problems which are coming “. It has reminded Party members about “ active development of petrochemistry and mechanical engineering “ and also about “ realisations of large hi-tech projects “ in Tatarstan.

In turn, Farid Muhametshin once again named “ the big school “ for Party members procedure prajmeriz. 117 candidates among whom there were present deputies of the State Duma, local heads, ministers, businessmen and directors have taken part In it. In the total list of voting there were only 77 surnames - it under own initiative was left by members of the government and representatives of municipalities who, according to mister Muhametshin, initially went on prajmeriz with one purpose - “ rejtingovatsja “.

Judging by the total list, the greatest rating among heads of municipalities was received by the head of Almetyevsk area Rishat Abubakirov - it is in the list on 11 - m a place and will go among delegates from Tatarstan on pre-election congress “ an United Russia “ to Moscow. The company to it misters Minnikhanov, Muhametshin, eks - gymnast Alina Kabaeva, the mayor of Kazan will make 26 more person, among which Ilsur Metshin, the assistant to the president Timur Akulov, the main federal inspector across Tatarstan Marsel Galimardanov, and also the general director of Open Society “ Nizhnekamskshina “ Radik Iljasov. The list of delegates of pre-election congress “ an United Russia “ for an hour before conference has generated presidium. At conference this list have unanimously confirmed. Also without objections results prajmeriz have been approved.

In general during performances of halls, and especially its back rows which have dropped out of a kind of presidium, led the life: discussed the latest news, spoke by phone, the big help to missing Party members rendered planshetniki. Occasionally delegates addressed to presidium: “ it is badly audible! “. On what colleagues answered: “ In the newspaper you will read! “. Despite a rumble in a hall, delegates voted amicably and unanimously, did not act “ against “ and even “ did not abstain “.

having made of the decision on all questions of the summons, participants of conference have gone behind a fresh batch and hot coffee. Mister Muhametshin has at last reminded colleagues that in election campaign “ it will be necessary to concentrate “ because “ political strike will be very competitive “.

from Tatarstan the party should announce the Definitive list of candidates after the congress 23 - on September, 24th.