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Alexey Kudrin will be responsible for a choice of banks - agents for compensation of insurance payments under contributions.

It is selected by the chairman of board of directors of the state corporation “ Agency on insurance of contributions “ (ASV) on government representation. Besides Kudrin board of directors ASV will include four more representatives of the government. We will remind that ASV it has been created within the limits of realisation of the federal law “ About insurance of contributions of physical persons in banks of the Russian Federation “ which Vladimir Putin has signed on December, 29th, 2003. ASV will be engaged in selection of banks - agents on compensation payment under contributions.

Conditions for this selection are already confirmed by board of directors. The banks participating in system of insurance, with experience on attraction of private contributions not less than three years, fulfilling requirements of the Central Bank under obligatory specifications and not having debts on obligatory payments can become agents on compensation payment. Besides, to agents a number of requirements on size of own means and quantity of structural divisions is shown. According to experts, to these requirements correspond about 150 banks. It is supposed that accreditation of banks - agents will begin after the introduction of the basic number of banks into system of insurance of contributions. For public control maintenance over an accreditation course representatives of bank community will be included in competitive commission ASV.

“ Kudrin`s Appointment looks quite logical, - analyst IK “Prospectus“ Igor Lavushchenko speaks. - The state does not want to admit the bank crisis similar summer, therefore it is interested in control over “sorting“ of banks and increase of their transparency “.

From the live uncle bank
the Former owner “ SBS - Agro “ and groups OVK Alexander Smolensky has left bank business.

the Infamous businessman who has promised in 1998 to foreign creditors “ from a dead donkey ears “ has transferred bank “ Capital credit association “ to the nephew and the old partner to Alexey Grigoriev. It is known that in exchange for a controlling stock of bank he has asked for Grigoriev shares in others joint biznesah. About what biznesah there is a speech and than Alexander Smolensky is going to be engaged (on a photo), is not specified.

Last bank project Smolensk “ Capital credit association “ Became in 2001 the bank successor “ severo - Western OVK “ which banker has left to itself after group OVK sale “ to Interros “. Alexey Grigoriev was till now the chairman of board of directors of bank. The interlocutor Council of Federation in bank circles has assumed that participation in bank projects Smolensk has forced to refuse “ a crisis fever “ captured the market in the summer.

the New owner of bank “ Capital credit association “ Alexey Grigoriev has declared that is going to open a network on sale of retail services, preliminary having increased the capital of bank from $300 million to $400 million “ This bank while is very small. But also „SBS - Agro” has grown in due time from co-operative bank, so prospects at Grigoriev the good. There would be a desire “ - the first vice-president of Association of regional banks Alexander Handruev has noted.

In the set direction
the Chairman of board of directors “ Aeroflot “ there can be Victor Ivanov - Vladimir Putin`s assistant.

on October, 23rd at extraordinary meeting shareholders of airline should select board of directors and its chairman. In the list of nominees, for the available information, there can be Victor Ivanov`s figure (on a photo), assistant Putin. According to a number of analysts, it will suit the shareholder “ Aeroflot “ - the National reserve corporation, for a long time wishing to introduce corrective amendments in company management. For forthcoming meeting NRK has prepared special amendments, suggesting to confirm all large transactions, and also transactions with aircrafts and real estate “ Aeroflot “ three quarters of voices on board of directors. “ NRK for a long time achieves changes in management structure of airline, - the analyst of the company „Fajnenshl the Bridge” Timur Hajrullin speaks. - And if the decision that board of directors “Aeroflot“ will be headed by Victor Ivanov NRK will win a certain intermediate victory " is accepted;.

the Main shareholder NRK - the owner of National reserve bank and the leasing company “ Ilyushin Finans “ Alexander Lebedev repeatedly acted with criticism of actions of the general director “ Aeroflot “ Valery Okulov. In reproach to it default from obligations of purchase domestic aircraft technicians - and first of all planes collected at the Voronezh aviabuilding association Silt - 96 first of all is put. Six Silt - 96 government allocated for completion “ Ilyushin finans “ $150 million Okulov, in turn, insists on an inefficiency of purchases of domestic liners and demands from the government to cancel the customs duties on import of second-hand planes. Besides, one of these days in reply to reproach in poor control the airline management has declared that can increase a gain for this year by $40 million - to $1,36 billion But anyway as analysts if Victor Ivanov`s nominee will confirm on board of directors " consider; Aeroflot “ further the company will develop on “ lebedevskomu “ to the scenario.

Fertilizers for a football ground
Council of presidium of a society “ the Dynamo “ has transferred 51 % of actions of football club “ the Dynamo - Moscow “ the French company Fedcominvest Monaco SAM which owner is Alexey Fedorychev.

As has explained Council of Federation a press - attache FK “ the Dynamo “ Alexander Lvov, the club management has transferred a controlling interest to Fedorychevu because this businessman has a successful experience of cooperation with football clubs. In 2000 company Fedcominvest became general sponsor Monaco, having managed to deduce club from crisis. A management “ the Dynamo “ has gratuitously transferred Fedorychevu of the stock of club, counting that investments of the new co-owner will help to transform a club infrastructure, to improve its material resources and to deduce “ the Dynamo “ on the European level. However, concrete volumes of investments in “ the Dynamo “ from party Fedcominvest do not name. “ how many it is required money, so much and will be “ - Alexander Lvov speaks.

Football experts agree in opinion that any benefit, except imidzhevoj, investments in “ the Dynamo “ Fedorychevu will not bring. “ All Russian football is unprofitable, therefore the step of Fedorycheva can be regarded as the patriotism certificate “ - the interlocutor Council of Federation from sports circles has expressed opinion. Fedorychev specialises in the basic business on manufacture and sale of mineral fertilizers.

“ Uralsib “ changes a top - managers
Corporation “ Uralsib “ have left two top - the manager from a command of the former president of bank “ Uralsib “ Azata Kurmanaeva - Alexander Hasanov and Vladimir Balabanov.

Integration of bank into the financial structure with the same name has caused reduction of powers which did not correspond to ambitions of managers. Leaving two top - managers has not too upset at once shareholders - on their places have quickly found approaching kndidatov. A post of Hasanova (it was the main chief executive “ Uralsiba “ responsible retail business) will occupy “ the person with ten years` experience in the Russian bank sector “ - his name does not reveal yet. Operating director of bank “ Uralsib “ instead of Balabanov there is a native of Bashcreditbank Alexander Kolobov who was engaged in due time in integration of Kuzbassugolbanka into bank group “ Uralsib “ (its nominee is directed on the coordination to National bank of Bashkiria). According to the chief executive of corporation Alexander Vihrova, experience of Kolobova it will be useful in realisation of the problem put by shareholders - creation on base “ Uralsiba “ incorporated universal bank “ the western sample “. Into it will enter bank group “ Uralsib “ IBG “ NIKojl “ “ Avtobank “ and six more smaller bank structures.

According to the head of bank direction Moody’s Interfax Michael Matovnikova, management change “ Uralsiba “ hardly will cause significant consequences for business. “ Personal relations for clients of big banks a little that mean, and in “Uralsibe“ clients are served not from trust to management “ - Matovnikov speaks.