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The advantage of comparison

Is considered that the market with the limited number of participants weakens competitors. Two largest manufacturers of help legal systems - “ ConsultantPlus “ and “ the Guarantor “ - categorically with it do not agree. To keep the positions, they should watch constantly each step each other.

“ when in the market it is a lot of players, you choose from first three found more often, compare their conditions, a product and carry out the transaction. And when in the market of players it is a little, two - three, the user about all knows all. Here already only quality defines success “ - the general director of the company " describes features of the work; ConsultantPlus “ Dmitry Novikov.

Alma mater “ the Adviser “ and “ the Guarantor “ - faculty of calculus mathematics and Moscow State University cybernetics. The future leaders of firms, Dmitry Novikov and Dmitry Persheev, together studied, were friends; both have received the first experience of a management, working as commanders of student`s building groups. Together they have begun also the project “ the Guarantor “ in NPO “ Calculus mathematics and computer science “ (NPO VMI) - Novikov was the director, and Persheev since 1990 supervised over the project. This division in 1992 was allocated in separate firm - “ the Guarantor - Service “ and NPO VMI has begun the project with zero “ ConsultantPlus “. “ Divorce “ has occurred in a civilised way; not money, and different views of the former partners for business development were its reason.

By 1992 “ the Guarantor “ already was known mark, “ to the Adviser “ it was necessary to enter the market the second. Nevertheless all in some years “ ConsultantPlus “ already left in leaders and now this leadership is confident keeps.

By results of the various researches spent in 2004, a company share “ ConsultantPlus “ in the market of help legal systems it is estimated in 70-80 %, “ the Guarantor “ - in 35-45 % (the sum of shares is more than 100 % as the part of clients uses both systems). Other players are much less significant.

the Reasons of such result of a competition, obviously, it is necessary to search that from the very beginning, having divided business, “ the Guarantor “ and “ ConsultantPlus “ on - to a miscellaneous have approached to development strategy.

the Product
First of all Persheev and Novikov initially steels on - to a miscellaneous to work over created products. So, in “ the Guarantor “ the rate did basically on improvement of available system. “ We have chosen rather narrow line of activity for ourselves and thirteen and a half years we are engaged same - we improve an information product, help legal system “ - Dmitry Persheev speaks. Thus, on the one hand, the company worked over using simplification by the product, and with another, added in it all new possibilities increasing its functionality. As the users having experience with system " recognise; the Guarantor “ some functions in it are realised extremely conveniently.

In the company “ ConsultantPlus “ priorities have placed on - to other. “ we have from the very beginning decided that we will approach to a question in a complex - for the present quality of a product it is necessary to develop not only technologies of search and the analysis, but also to provide completeness of the information, and also to improve technologies of updating of documents. At that point in time the information, and especially timely replenishment of system by new documents was the most important for clients, - head “ConsultantPlus“ tells. - the Main thing that the document quickly reached the user, and that, the interface is how much beautifully issued - is minor. Therefore we also have made difficult decision - to offer first outer effects, but to provide completeness and efficiency of the information “.

As a result at “ the Adviser “ there was an essential advantage: to update its information base, it was not required to reinstall it completely. Base replenishment “ the Guarantor “ it was at first carried out by base replacement entirely. The company regularly sent to clients a pack of diskettes (some tens) on which the updated database has been written down. It is clear that such way was convenient not all.

Besides, “ ConsultantPlus “ The first began to develop the systems focused on users - bookkeepers. “ we have understood that our users are not only lawyers, though it and the basic group, but also bookkeepers. And a special product for them we have made years on five earlier. There there was also a special filling in the form of questions - answers (an explanation of experts to separate documents by which we did in common with specialised editions and representatives of the ministries and departments), focused on this audience, and additional services. As a result we have received a huge piece still nobody of the mastered market “ - Dmitry Novikov remembers.

“ I would carry their competition to war of ambitions “
Boris ShCherbakov,
vice-president Oracle, the general director “ Oracle the CIS “:
- In my opinion, the market cannot at all and should not weaken someone. In the market besides competitors the basic motive forces - consumers, state regulators, technological progress operate still at least some and so forth Each of these forces does not allow to fall asleep to the manufacturer of the goods and services even if around in general there are no competitors. Always is “ internal “ a competition of the manufacturer - between brands, directions, departments. But a case with “ the Guarantor “ and “ ConsultantPlus “ from other number: here there is conditional enough division of the market between the former partners, and I would carry their competition to war of ambitions more likely - they quite could reach “ kartelnogo agreements “ if wanted. However something prevents to return to a partnership condition with which owners of these companies began. But even in case of association they all the same had to compete for quality of a product, logistics, the prices to the appearing aggressive young companies which have been not constrained by a syndrome of servility, experimenting technologies. Their occurrence - is inevitable. And to whom actually it is necessary to compete rigidly in five years - the big question.

Certainly, probably that “ deadly “ the competitor both was not born yet. Probably, service in creation spravochno - legal bases will lose an urgency with evolution of state institutes. The Russian brands in general it is enough volatilny - decade of successful work is considered at us almost the admission in eternity. Creation and deduction of a competitive brand - heavy and zatratnaja the work, not allowing to relax irrespective of quantity of competitors. For example, Polaroid practically had no competitors in an instant photo, well and what from that? And Coρa - Cola with PepsiCo the one ten years competes not, and both companies are live and healthy.

the Internal device of the companies in general has the small relation to creation of a competitive product as there is no uniform system of management, equally applicable for all branches and types of the companies: everyone chooses what he is able to operate is better that yields more effective result on an exit. Another matter that thus is possible and it is necessary to use experience of the effective organisation of the activity, saved up by decades in other countries. And on it it is possible to save.

it is perfect on - to a miscellaneous both companies built marketing and service structures. However in advantageous position as practice has shown, there was the one who made decisions counting upon prospect.

“ I did not understand much then in business. But intuitively felt that the market huge. And it far is not limited to one Moscow. However sitting at the Moscow office independently work of the big scales on all country you will not make. And we have understood: it is necessary to involve partners “ - Novikov explains one of the strategic decisions accepted by its company.

Instead of opening regional offices and branches, appointing there the people and spending for it essential means, company Novikova began to develop actively franchajzingovuju a network. Partners “ the Adviser “ have thus received it is unprecedented big - to 80 % - a share of the income of the product sold by them. Dmitry Novikov: “ Many then considered: “we Will give to the dealer of 10 %, it is quite enough of it, let will run about”. But we have told:“ On the contrary, the partner in region provides success, therefore the basic part of the income should remain with it. It, instead of investments in advertising or interiors of offices, has provided break ”“. Till now firms - the partners working with “ the Adviser “ under franchise contracts, deduct to the manufacturer only 20-40 % of the income.

Moreover, company Novikova has completely refused idea to sell the systems to clients directly, aspiring to involve as much as possible partners and to raise their trust. “ that we will not have any direct client, was the basic decision. And we adhere to it till now, - head“ConsultantPlus“tells. - to Any client even if it will come to us directly to office, we will not sell our system. We will give it the list of addresses of our partners, having given from its part guarantees that there it will receive both systems, and service of excellent quality. And only if our partner himself asks to help it with service of the big client frequently needing additional services, our experts help it “. So solicitous attitude to franchajzi has born fruit, Novikov confirms: “ it is very important to Partners to have confidence that they can easy put resources in quality of service on long prospect. If the manufacturer works in the market directly, actually competing to them, this confidence is immediately lost “.

As a result a marketing and service network “ the Adviser “ began to grow promptly. “ the guarantor “ has started to lag behind the competitor and has decided to replace tactics. Dmitry Persheev: “ We entered the market with very soft methods, and have then seen that vigorous and aggressive people who take away from us clients around work. We suffered, suffered, and have then decided that it is necessary to work in the same way “.

In 2000 he has decided to change a policy of advancement and to count on development of a regional network on a franchise, actually having copied strategy “ the Adviser “. However basic difference between competitors in tactics of sales nevertheless remains: along with franchise use “ the Guarantor “ continues to sell the systems and directly, and “ the Adviser “ all sale conducts only through partners.

the Personnel
People - the third key element at the heart of business of each of competitors. And work with the personnel in both companies also is conducted on - to a miscellaneous.

In “ the Adviser “ the democratic form of government is accepted. “ at the heart of our policy respect for people and their interests, - Dmitry Novikov speaks. - Instructions to write not so difficult, and they at us, of course, are, but it not the main thing. Requirements to employees can be and rather serious, but they should be proved, fair and predicted. We adhere to the same tactics both in relation to employees of head firm, and to partners in regions. The key formula of our policy - mutual respect of interests “.

At Persheeva the position essentially differs. A control system in “ the Guarantor “ it is seriously regulated and formalized. To everyone arriving for work in the company the special document " stands out; Position about the personnel “ in which on 56 pages to the beginner tell about its rights and duties. For example, among other, the employee “ the Guarantor “ it is obliged “ to support and raise image of the company “ “ to keep the workplace clean and an order “ “ to raise business and professional skill “. Also to the personnel “ It is not recommended within the precincts of the company „for eyes” to discuss personal qualities of heads and employees “. Besides, rules order “ to support cleanliness and an order in a building “ and also not to trade on the company property “ without the written permission of the direct head, including copiers and access to the Internet “. The Same who does not observe the rules registered in position, are considered not carrying out the duties. Judging by the document text, them punish so: at first do the remark, then declare reprimand, and in case of the next infringement dismiss.

Three “ P “
the complex approach to these we rub “ P “ (to a product, advancement, the personnel), on which “ the Adviser “ has counted, has provided the companies break. Having worked with one of these three elements - with advancement, - “ the Guarantor “ Could strengthen the influence on the market that recognise and in “ the Adviser “. But on - to the present a serious competition, Dmitry Novikov considers, that player who will work equally carefully with all three elements can make its companies. In a case if it will occur, the alignment of forces in outwardly quiet market of help legal systems can seriously change.