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The technics of negotiations

Process of acceptance business - decisions becomes more and more joint. Today trunk-call, or a conference - the zone, turns to strategically important part of a corporate interior.

meeting rooms even more often incur functions of a high-grade hall for conferences: in them hold presentations of products or programs, will organise seminars and trainings for the personnel. Trunk-call equip, without forgetting and about such aspects, as protection of the internal information. Therefore today even more often at offices one is equipped any more, and some meeting rooms intended for meetings as on “ the higher “ and on “ the lowest “ levels. It not only industrial necessity, but also a way to save on expense accounts. After all one day of rent “ composer “ or “ literary “ a trunk-call hall in five-star hotel in the centre of Moscow manages in the sum about $1,5 thousand And if to consider that seminars and conference usually proceed two - three days and are arranged some times in a year the economy in case of presence own trunk-call turns out rather essential.

the Obligatory zone
Tradition to equip at office a separate premise for negotiations has appeared in Russia rather recently, only 7-10 years ago. In Soviet period of such place did not exist at all. The right of acceptance of the key decision had been invested only the big chief, therefore meetings in numerous central boards, the ministries, scientific research institutes and managements were spent directly in offices of heads for huge T - the figurative polished table. Meeting rooms began to equip with one of the first at the offices banks and advertising agencies - these young structures appearing in the Russian market, tried to adopt at the western colleagues not only style of business management, but also main principles of a lay-out of office space.

Today trunk-call is not present unless only in a small desk. At modern office should be even a little trunk-call, and settle down they can in different zones of office. “ I would divide trunk-call on two categories: trunk-call in the pure state and a conference - halls, - the chief of department of supply of company “Opposition“ Vladimir Hlebnikov speaks. - It is two, apparently, concepts close each other, but in practice they differ. Trunk-call - a hall - the conference is calculated on a considerable quantity of participants of negotiations on some persons, and. The area of a meeting room with a table can be equal 3-5 sq. m, and the conference space - a hall is limited only to scales of a premise and possibilities of the company “.

Spacious trunk-call, serving for representation purposes, as a rule, settles down in front - office (a presentational zone) or near to an office of the first persons, the second, less, intended for discussions of operative work, - in bek - office (a working zone).

“ as much as possible business conditions. All is strict, laconic. A simple elegant table in style of minimalism. The chairs, not allowing to relax and doze, - the head of department of marketing of company “Κΰμαθξ“ Ekaterina Byvalina sees such a room for operative negotiations. - it is necessary to add the Interior with means, for example multimedia projectors. The meeting room is not urged to show the importance of the company, it first of all a place for work “.

the Interior of a representation conference - zones as madam Byvalina recommends, should differ from the operative trunk-call cardinally: “ Style - is faster the kind classics. Very solid table. Partners should sit on decent distance from each other. Armchairs - expensive, beautiful. Necessarily - cupboard sections. In them company achievements - awards, reading and writing will perfectly look. A good wall clock, the desktop ornaments executed in a corporate style of the company. Ideal illumination “.

To a conference interior - a hall where there are exclusively meetings of heads of large holdings and shareholders, even more strict demands are made. “ on occasion the conference - a hall is a work of art of designers and mebelshchikov, - Vladimir Hlebnikov from company “Opposition“ speaks . - conference Presence - a hall - an indicator of that firm development costs at high level “. This hall frequently is not simply completed with a huge table and expensive armchairs, but also walls - partitions with illumination systems, and audio - video the equipment, integrated into system “ clever office “. Partitions for representation trunk-call also steal up the special. “ to provide confidentiality of negotiations, it is better to establish partitions with good sound insulation, that is partitions with a double glass cover and an insert of a jalousie “ - the head of a sales department of the company " advises; Astarta prestige “ Natalia Semenova.

Besides operative and representation, there is one more variant of a trunk-call zone which, according to experts, is equipped at democratic offices, - a so-called zone “ kofisa “. “ This place where employees can discuss current working questions with a cup of coffee and sandwiches, - the director of the project „Office furniture” of company Kraft Vladimir Vasilev explains. - Unlike a dining room the zone “kofisa“ settles down in immediate proximity from workplaces. The similar organisation of the trunk-call is characteristic for small creative collectives “.

the Table and a chair
act as Basic elements of any trunk-call a table for negotiations, and also chairs or armchairs. Cases or demonstration show-windows are used seldom enough when the trunk-call plays a show room role. The table becomes the composite centre trunk-call. It can have any geometrical form: a circle, an oval, a rectangle. According to psychologists, oval tables and tables with the rounded off corners in a greater degree promote open dialogue. Experts recommend in the VIP - trunk-call to establish round tables - such rassadka will underline equality of interlocutors.

to Use space trunk-call with peak efficiency the furniture - a transformer - the tables consisting of separate modules and added briefing - prefixes (them still name a conference - tables), and a conference - chairs with rising little tables on which it is possible to arrange a notebook for records will allow. Along walls it is possible to establish additional usual chairs - for the invited listeners.

Such modular approach allows to collect in few seconds a table for negotiations of the demanded size and the form. “ as a rule, for separate trunk-call tables on 6-8 or 10-12 places usually steal up, - the director for development of the company explains DOCK - 17 Elena Nikologorsky. - the number of participants does by Bolshee meeting or negotiations by less constructive “. So, in a standard meeting room the area 20-22 sq. The m will enter a compound oval table on 6-8 persons which length will make 3,2-3,3 m, and width - about 1,5 m, and also 8 chairs. It is not necessary to forget and about a place for demonstration equipment - the screen and a board for records. It is possible to add an interior with a floor shelf - gredentsiej, and also a small workplace for the translator and the secretary.

Bolshee space - 30-50 sq. m - are given by open space for an embodiment both advanced, and ergonomic ideas. For example, it is possible to create the isolated zones of the dialogue allowing participants of one working group simultaneously to discuss different directions of the same project in a trunk-call zone. For differentiation “ responsibility zones “ partitions on the castors, supplied with systems of a directional light and sound insulation serve. By means of the same partitions it is possible to equip quickly “ mobile “ trunk-call directly in an operative hall.

The complete set
the Furniture companies consider a segment of the market of the equipment for trunk-call rather perspective. But while its volume is insignificant. For example, on a share of trunk-call zones in total amount of manufacture of office furniture of the company “ Kambio “ 3-5 % now are necessary, but the company notices demand growth. Participants of the market notice that clients became choosier in a choice of furniture for trunk-call, and manufacturers try to correspond to growing inquiries.

So, a position “ special tables for negotiations “ in assortimentnom sheet of the company the DOCK - 17 can be found only in the most expensive segment the VIP. This segment includes furniture from a natural interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree with elements from a tree file. This furniture under the concrete order becomes, and the client himself chooses the sizes and a table configuration.

Trunk-call the VIP - a class with a table from a file of a tree and the armchairs upholstered with a skin will manage in $5-7 thousand In the same segment the furniture of the Italian manufacturers enters. For example, the company “ JUniteks “ offers trunk-call from companies Art & moble, Mux, Orion and Tudor in cost from 5 thousand to 16 thousand euro. The price of these the VIP - trunk-call defines design and materials: for example, table Orion is executed from the varnished interline interval of root breeds of a tree, finished by a genuine leather and a new material alkantaroj, reminding suede. The design of legs of a table is unusual also - they have the star form.

And in company Kraft it is possible to order a nut table from the Italian company Canella which table-top will be decorated by the logo of the company which have been laid out from valuable breeds of a tree.

In company assortment “ Felix “ There is a complete set of furniture for meeting room Natural Space into which the snow-white table in the form of a horseshoe and classical chairs in Baroque style enters. Cost of this complete set - is more $10 thousand Company as if compete, whose design will appear more interesting: a surface of a table-top and chairs in set Inter from the company “ Bjanka “ are upholstered darkly - a green skin according to a room fashion of the end XIX-has begun the XX-th centuries.

“ In the Italian collections assume possibilities for creation of difficult conferences - zones - P, About and T - figurative forms, - Vladimir Vasilev speaks. - it is reached at the expense of use of additional prefixes and connecting elements. Quite often such trunk-call are completed with microphones and a cable - channels for connection of additional remote terminal units “.

It is necessary to mean that these refined sets of furniture are intended for carrying out of infrequent negotiations “ top-level “ Instead of for constant meetings of working groups. The matter is that natural materials not so are steady to istiraniju, as synthetic. Therefore expensive beauty risks quickly to fade. The furniture from more practical materials - an interline interval, a laminate and plastic - belongs to an average price category, so-called business - to a segment. It is made on the basis of a lineup of room and operative furniture thanks to what it is successfully entered in a corporate interior bek - office. In this segment are offered both the European models, and own workings out of the companies. Interior cost in this case will fluctuate from $500 to $5 thousand As a rule, it on conscience the made furniture decorated with inserts from a colour skin, aluminium and glass. By the way, experts do not recommend to use glass table-tops in meeting rooms. “ In - the first, they blikujut, raising fatigue of participants of negotiations, and in the second, on glass there are traces of fingers that makes impression of slovenliness of an interior “ - Elena Nikologorsky speaks.

the Furniture is easier, from DSP and a laminate, the house-keeper - a class enters into a segment. She cannot brag of an abundance of ornaments, but copies forms of more expensive colleagues. The budget on arrangement trunk-call in this case will not be beyond $800-1000. These expenditure will pay off storitsej - after all a meeting room interior it is accepted to change all time in three - four years.

Office designer
the Furniture - a transformer has come to office interiors from inhabited space. There there were first sofa beds, cases - washstands and curbstones - armchairs. However, it is primary these subjects intended for servants. In profitable houses, unlike houses country, each square metre was on the account.

In the end of a XIX-th century new technologies in manufacture of furniture and bent for to comfort have led to that “ disappearing “ the adjustable furniture has begun the life and in master`s parts of apartments. The idea of furniture as multipurpose unit has subdued minds of classics of a functionalism - architects and designers of the beginning of the XX-th century.

to One of prototypes of modern furniture became created in the middle of 1920 - h years designer Ejlin Heat a little table under name E 1027. It has been made of the chromeplated steel tubes that in itself was the big innovation. Thanks to adjustable height of a little table the breakfast served on it could be submitted directly to bed. Strangely enough, many named similar furniture “ furniture for beggars “ - it too modestly looked against the gilt armchairs and the cases decorated with a rich carving. However soon from metal tubes the advanced architects of that time - Le Corbusier, in Mis van der Roe, Frenk Lloyd Right, and in the end of 1920 - h hobby for a fashion on " were engaged in designing of transformed furniture; furniture find fault - flew “ became general. In 1960 - e years the idea of transformed furniture has removed to office interiors, but special development has received in 1990 - e years - with the advent of high technologies.