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the Russian government has managed to carry out favourably the transaction on sale of a state block of shares of actions of LUKOIL and at the same time to stop YUKOS attempts to press on the power.

the Russian fund of federal property has spent auction on sale 7,59 - a percentage state block of shares of actions of LUKOIL which has been got for $1,988 mlrd by the company Springtajm holdingz limited in interests of American oil corporation ConocoPhillips. Though the purchase price of all for $60 million has exceeded starting, officials did not hide satisfaction auction results. By words zamglavy MERTa Andrey Sharonov, its department is enough the sum of transaction which has become by largest in the history of privatisation in Russia. As experts believe, the pleasure of officials is caused first of all by that the given transaction to the government was possible to show once again to the world community attractive investment image of Russia.

Thus the state has not forgotten and about question financial side. So, on the threshold of auction LUKOIL stock value continuously raised. Analysts explain growth of quotations not so much anticipations of investors concerning the large transaction preparing in the market, how many statements of officials that LUKOIL can incur a role of the supplier of oil to China instead of the YUKOS, not capable carry out of the obligation from - for arrest of the accounts. It is obvious that such prospects have warmed up interest to LUKOIL, having raised quotations of its actions. The government, by the way, these statements managed also to neutralise recent attempt of YUKOS to press on the power. Then the company has declared a possible suspension of deliveries of oil to China just on the eve of a final round Russian - the Chinese negotiations about joining of our country to the WTO.
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the Oil prices again break records
the World prices for oil have beaten the next historical maximum - $50 for barrel.

As a result the additional incomes directed to stabilisation fund of Russia, will increase even more, but the government on - former does not burn with the desire to unpack the a petrocoin box .

the Present rise in prices of analytics explain variety of factors. In particular, fallen recently on jugo - east coast USA hurricane has led to oil recovery reduction in Gulf of Mexico on 25-30 %. Has frightened the market and a difficult political situation in Nigeria taking the seventh place in the world on export of oil. Local insurgents declared that since October, 1st will begin scale operations against the governmental armies, and persistently recommended to the oil companies working in this country to stop extraction. As - that to affect feverish growth of the world prices any more in a condition even the OPEC what the president of organisation Purnomo Jusgiantoro recently has declared. Meanwhile, from the beginning of year oil has risen in price already for 54 %. And under forecasts Morgan Stanley, the prices can shortly reach and $60 for barrel.

Thus for Russia which is the supplier second after Saudi Arabia of oil in the world, new price records lead only to increase in inflow of petrodollars in stabfond. By the end of the year fund means should make already 600 mlrd rbl., but till now from the country leaders has not followed statements for any use of it dead cargo in real economy. And it is not clear, to what level the prices for oil that the government at last has dared to open " should be raised; a gold small chest . As the analyst " marks; Atona Dmitry Lukashev, in long-term prospect the high prices can damage to our country as they obviously do not stimulate officials to initiate reforms for development of branches with a high share of a surplus value.
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Bodies have gone too far in frankness
At once some startlers of heads of the Russian law enforcement bodies about successes in the work have caused the sharp criticism even from their colleagues.

According to experts, by means of such sensations bodies simply prepare soil for the next reform of the power.

One of these days the chief of the Moscow Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Vladimir Pronin at session of the government of Moscow has declared the first serious shift in business about murder of the editor-in-chief of the Russian edition of magazine Forbes of Pavel Hlebnikova. As he said, two natives of the Chechen Republic from whom pistols have been withdrawn have been detained. According to results of ballistic examination, Hlebnikov has been shot from the similar weapon.

the Answer to this statement from the State Office of Public Prosecutor conducting investigation of murder, was sharp enough. In extended by department the press - release is said that anybody, except the inspector and the supervising public prosecutor, has not the right to give to publicity the data of preliminary investigation . That is actually Pronin has been accused of disclosure of secrecy of the investigation. Awkwardness of a situation amplifies also that general Pronin and in the past quite often was trapped with the loud public statements. It is not excluded what to tell next sensation it spodvigli recent statements of Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow for progress in investigation of acts of terrorism. In particular, the public prosecutor of capital Anatoly Zuev unexpectedly for operative workers has informed a name of the terrorist who has blown up in the car of the underground between stations Autofactory and Paveletsky . And hardly earlier assistant Zueva Vladimir Yudin has named the person as whom the consequence considers as the accomplice of the yet not identified terrorist who have undermined about the underground Riga .

As the director of the Center of the strategic analysis Andrey Piontkovsky, statements about numerous " believes; successes law enforcement bodies on the one hand try to cover the feebleness, and with another - to create the information background favouring to carrying out in life of last reforms of president Putin. After all Putin`s political initiatives initially pass under the aegis of fight against terrorism.
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Tax indulgences will soon end
Officials intend to forbid to use to the majority of representatives of the Russian small-scale business the simplified system of the taxation.

the Ministry of Finance has decided to toughen sharply a tax policy concerning small-scale business. As it is known, since 2003 when chapter 26 of the Tax code has come into force, small enterprises use the simplified system of the taxation. It is allowed to them to choose - or to pay 15 % from profit, or 6 % from a turn. Thus they are released from VAT payment, unified social tax, the profit tax, on property and surtax. However according to last amendments prepared by the Ministry of Finance, the rights to apply a simplified tax system the organisations and the individual businessmen working under contracts of the commission, the commission or to agency contracts will be deprived. Meanwhile, according to Goskomstat, those make the greatest part among all Russian kids . So, in our country it is registered about 890 thousand small enterprises and about 4 million private businessmen, from them only 14-15 % are occupied in industrial sphere. The others are engaged in trade, public catering and granting of intermediary services. As a rule, they conduct the activity on contractual conditions. Now, if the initiative of the Ministry of Finance is realised, they should pay all taxes and to conduct accounting, as to the large enterprises.

According to experts, acceptance of the given amendment actually will lead to commission business crisis in which are involved not only large suppliers, but also rather considerable share of small enterprises. As the head of department of taxes and the company right " believes; NPA - Audit Alexander Filimonov, the state simply tries to impose the next ban for the schemes of tax optimisation used, in particular, in intermediary business. As a result at intermediaries the tax burden that can lead to a rise in prices will increase and eventually will painfully strike on all retail market.

However, it is obvious that etiotraslevye problems not especially excite the Ministry of Finance which head Alexey Kudrin has declared one of these days that liquidation of openings which allow the companies to optimise taxes, is a priority problem for its department. As he said, it is necessary to consider changes in the current legislation, providing toughening of responsibility for illegal, and also criminal leaving from taxes.
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Advisory council:

Alexey Antipov, the chairman of board of directors Baltimore
Sergey Bobrikov, the general director Komus
Jacob Gribov, president Nemiroff
Vladimir Evstafev, president AKAR
Alexander Kasjanenko, the general director the Crossroads
Ouven Kemp, vice-president HP, the general director HP Russia
Sergey Kostylev, the general director of corporation Ylym Palp
Boris Krasnjansky, chairman of the board IFD Kapital
Andrey Mladentsev, the general director Nizhfarm
Victor Nikolays, the commercial director, the assistant to the general director of the airport the Sheremetyevo
Dmitry Novikov, the general director ConsultantPlus
Leonid Osipov, the head of Moscow representation Rolsen Electronics
Vladimir Ruga, the vice-president of the multinational corporation - BP
Frank Ungerer, general director DHL in Russia
Michael Shishhanov, president AKB BIN

China has accepted Russia in the WTO
China has agreed on joining of Russia to the WTO, having refused the requirements most unacceptable for Moscow. And in the answer has received guarantees of increase in deliveries of oil.

the Confidence that China nevertheless will approve membership of our country in the WTO, at the Russian side was not till last moment. China demanding from Russia the maximum decrease of import barriers on household electronics, clothes and footwear, and to all other also easy approach on the Russian market of labour, always was extremely difficult peregovorshchikom. Additional intensity of discussion with Beijing concerning the WTO was added also by a question on deliveries of the Russian oil. Shortly before visit of the Chinese delegation to Moscow the YUKOS which is the individual supplier of oil from Russia to China, has declared that from - for arrest of the accounts cannot provide current deliveries. However to the parties all - taki was possible to agree at all points.

Upon termination of negotiations of premieres of state council of the Peoples Republic of China Ven Tszjabao has suggested Michael Fradkov to paraph in the presence of journalists the report on the WTO. According to the report China and Russia will provide mutual access on the markets of machine-technical production. The Russian side was obliged to support and expand purchases of Chinese household electronics, courts, the equipment for communication and the food-processing industry, and China promised to encourage import of the Russian power equipment, machine tools and cars. China has refused the claims on the main question at issue - about the Chinese labour. As reciprocal courtesy Fradkov has confirmed that the decision on oil pipeline building to China will be accepted right after how the government will be defined with variants of an export route on the east. As to railway deliveries, that, as well as was planned earlier, in 2005 they should make 10 million t, and in 2006 - 15 million t. And that Chineses were not excited with YUKOS problems, it have advised to search other partners in Russia. And, as the sales representative of Russia in China Sergey Tsyplakov has assumed, the YUKOS place could occupy LUKOIL or Rosneft .
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