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The equipment for 20 minutes

Experts on business dialogue assert that well made presentation should not proceed more than 20 minutes. The person is so much time is capable to listen to the interlocutor attentively. And the success of presentation directly depends on quality and quantity of presentation grants.

in it is black - a white film “ CHapaev “ to the protagonist when tactics of the future fight was discussed, as visual aids it was necessary to use potatoes. The arsenal which modern managers have, much more richly - in it is an order of ten names of the stationery intended for presentations and meetings. In number of the basic goods united in commodity group “ all for presentation “ manufacturers include wall information boards, so-called flip - charts, demonstration systems, boards - gliders, and also every possible accessories - markers, sponges, notebooks and holders for accessories. This group - original “ aerobatics “ all writing equipment, demanding from the manufacturer of considerable investments in researches and manufacture. For this reason tone in manufacture of the goods for office presentation is set by large firms: German companies Durable, Staedtler and Dahle, American Steelcase (it also is known for the innovative workings out in the field of office furniture), and also Finnish Tk - team.

experts participate In working out kantstovarov for presentations and negotiations from different areas - ergonomics, chemistry and even radio physics. The most interesting novelties then are represented at leading world exhibitions kantstovarov - International Stationery Fair in Hong Kong and Paperworld in Frankfurt am Main. Participants of the market promise to show some workings out in Moscow at an exhibition “ the Expo Paper clip “ planned on the end of October. At an exhibition it is necessary to pay attention, for example, to the device for operative fixing “ e - beam “. It consists of the gauges attached to any white board, and markers in special cases. The gauges connected to the computer, in a mode of real time in electronic form fix all records made on a board. “ further with them it is possible to work as with a usual file: to edit, do inserts, to send by e-mail “ - the general director of the company " speaks; Kantstrend “ Olga Vasileva. However novelties in area kantstovarov for company presentations do not hasten to get, often they are limited only to demonstration boards.

the Writing minimum
the Company “ the Pragmatist the Express train “ - the participant of the market kantstovarov - not so long ago has interviewed among the clients and has found out the curious facts. On a question “ For presentations and collective work you and your company use what tools more often? “ the companies have answered as follows: 26 % of respondents use the desktop personal computers united in a network, 17 % constantly use demonstration boards, 12 % - flip - charts, 12 % - a slide - projectors, 11 % have answered “ another “ and 22 % interrogated as it has appeared, do not use anything.

Into the minimum set for a meeting room really enter a room board and flip - a chart - the design reminding an easel with the attached notebook. However this minimum is not capable to provide all requirements of firm. “ presentation art is how much huge, the assortment of the goods for it is so wide also, - the sales manager of the distribution company „the Regent - Office” Sergey Ignatyev considers. - One only flip - charts there are some versions “. To present the visual information, one will approach only small desktop flip - a chart representing a folder with transparent dense pockets, the intercepted rings.

For example, in flip - chart DuraStar it is possible to place simultaneously colour and it is black - clean sheets with the information, thus colour sheets will be turned to the client, and is black - white - to the leader of presentation. “ these flip - charts are intended for the most simple presentation on 6-8 persons. In presentations with a considerable quantity of people (for example, 10-12) I recommend to use mobile flip - charts on a tripod “ - Sergey Ignatyev advises. Most “ advanced “ models have futuristic design and possibility of an attachment not only sheets, but also scooters with a paper that gives the chance to draw schemes on a paper of any size. They are supplied also with sliding handles on which it is possible to fix holders for markers and the prepared materials. The idle time flip - a chart “ without navorotov “ the model with futuristic design - in $400 (these flip - charts usually establish in representation trunk-call) will manage in $40-50.

to Present a product or idea it is possible by means of other effective means for presentation - demonstration systems Sherpa. They represent the modular module - the book or the module - a roundabout from several tablets (it is possible to fix about 200 tablets). Demosistemy are very practical - they fasten on a table and on a wall. There is a version reminding a lectern. There are these demosistemy from $30.

the Room complete set
One more indispensable attribute of a meeting room - a wall or room board. With school boards they have only the general family tree, differing from them both quality, and possibilities. In the market some versions of boards are presented: markernye, magnitno - markernye, pith, textile, and also boards with a glutinous surface.

Markernye, and also magnitno - markernye boards (them still name room) are present best sellers among boards for trunk-call. They can be seen on conference walls - halls more often. They are rather practical - on them write special markers for boards, on them fix schedules by means of magnets. The surface of such board is made of metal sheet with a ceramic covering (by the form and the invoice it reminds a covering of usual refrigerators) and serves long and reliably. “ qualitative expensive boards are capable to serve 25 years. Manufacturers arrange with it different tests: for example, leave an inscription a marker on three - four years, and after look, how much easily the inscription is erased “ - Sergey Ignatyev explains. Cost of such boards from $80 to $500. The most expensive mobile models have some opening shutters and a shelf for accessories and documents. To this sum it is necessary to add and expenses on accessories - special sprays for deleting, damp napkins, sponges, markers and magnets - all nearby $50-80. Cheaper models in cost $20-30 have the plastic surface which service life makes from a year till three years.

Pith boards, unlike “ room “ are intended only for representation of the ready printing information, they do not suit the letter. Pages are fixed on them by means of multi-coloured buttons and pins. For the same purposes the textile boards which surface is fitted by cloth or felt serve also. Let these boards not so are practical, as magnitno - markernye, but, painted in bright colours, they are capable to become an ornament of office interior.

One more version of boards are boards - gliders with the calendar grid put on a surface (such is, for example, in assortment of the Polish company “ 2 h 3 “). “ They are ideally suited for scheduling for the different periods - annual, monthly and week. With their help it is possible to underline scale and structure of plans “ - Olga Vasileva explains. Also it is very effective, as she said, in the trunk-call the board - a Moscow map, Russia or areas looks. “ boards - cards happen two kinds - on a pith basis on which the necessary objects are marked by means of pins - tags of different colour, and on magnitno - markernoj to a basis - when marks become by means of magnets or routes by means of markers " are laid; - Olga Vasileva speaks.