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Graduates doing business - schools often tell anti-recessionary management LBS about how study has changed their career, outlook, and all life. And all it after only one - two years of study. To that such especial and how learn students business - schools? To answer this question, our correspondents have gone to world tour on leading educational institutions. Within the limits of the project the Best business - world schools a firm Secret every month will tell about one of a top - schools. The first reporting - from London Business School (LBS).

On the well-known lawn before building London Business School extraordinary revival reigns. Any building in this place is forbidden by the decree of its majesty - and nevertheless here have erected a huge tent from metal designs. The exception to the rules is made for the sake of the important event most, perhaps, in school life - congregation. This sonorous word here designate general meeting of professors on which to graduates hand over diplomas and awards. This day students and p repodavateli dress cloaks and ridiculous hats with a brush, and newly-baked owners of diplomas come to congratulate relatives and officials. Speak, this year ceremony was visited by any Arabian prince.

But the holiday does not come to an end with solemn actions. The annual graduation party is sacred, and each time organizers of a party necessarily think out something new. For example, last year it has been sustained in style of a XVIII-th century, and this year participants Summer Ball have decided to return in violent 1920 - e years.

Gentlemen in tuxedos and ladies in brilliant dresses without hurrying up stride along Bejker - strit towards Ridzhents - park, and near building LBS of white, pink and violet boas so many that begins rjabit in eyes. In these secular characters I hardly recognise the students, which else this afternoon in grated jeans sat on a grass in an internal court yard of school. Some graduates have come in the national clothes - for example, the general attention was for a long time grasped by the giant of two-metre growth in the Scottish suit. Probably, the kilt was fashionable and in 1920 - e years.

Visitors walk with champagne glasses, discuss the prospects, dance a Charleston and with great feeling applaud girls from cabaret. And in this atmosphere of carefree fun nothing reminds that else more recently LBS, as well as many other western business - schools, worried long crisis.

Illness of career growth
Almost 70 % of graduates of 2004 have already accepted the offer and have signed contracts, and some while choose from several offers - with pride the deputy director of the Center of career Julia Marsh speaks. And there and then adds: last year the situation was much worse .

it was even worse in 2001 and 2002. Then the recession which has grasped world economy, was reflected the most sad image and in destiny of graduates MBA.

All developed gradually, - Michael Rodionov remembers , which has finished LBS in 1999 and after school remained to work in London in the consulting company. - at first clients refused to renew projects, the companies have stopped a set of shots, and then people have started to reduce. One my fellow student, for example, have dismissed from the London office Enron - to bankruptcy of the company . Michael Rodionov became the fourth of six students of the release who as a result of crisis have returned to Russia.

Graduates MBA, left school two - three years ago, could not count on favourable offers. Crisis has found business - the schools spoilt by attention of employers, unawares. The quantity of the companies participating in rekrutingovyh sessions, has catastrophically decreased - and schools did not know how to involve employers in campuses. Did not become an exception and LBS - it too has appeared is not ready to crisis.

to recover from shock, LBS time was required. The first changes have concerned the career Center. earlier our work was faster administrative, about an establishment of deep relations with employers of speech did not go. But ones and a half - two years ago the school has decided to reconsider cardinally the policy and strategy - Julia Marsh speaks. To begin with division have strengthened new shots. Instead of one employee has appeared five; Grehem Hasti became the director. It, by the way, the graduate French business - schools INSEAD, competitor LBS, long time worked as the adviser in McKinsey and has managed to involve in the Center of the professionals to which career any student could envy.

Each employee Career Services has concentrated on one of directions - the financial organisations, consulting firms, the industrial companies and etc. Besides, the school closely was engaged in preparation of students for search of the future work in what was not the person of necessity earlier. Now them learn to write to the resume, spend training interviews and so forth Lyudmila Udot, MBA - 2005, with similar practice it is happy: Training interviews very much help, feel more confidently, and then on the present interview things are going swimmingly . The career centre will organise on the average two employment in day in all educational divisions of school. 85 % of students MBA - foreigners, and 70-80 % from them want to remain in England so we should them tell about features of a local labour market - Julia Marsh considers.
- well and how results, a situation it is adjusted?
- Yes, this year, for example, there were 120 offers from investment banks on summer practice, whereas in the past only 70.
- Even last autumn all had gloomy enough mood - the companies held presentations, but did few specific proposals. And in the spring the market has started to rise in the face of, - the graduate of program Masters in Finance Galina Kuzmenko confirms.

this year in LBS for the first time there has arrived the Russian company - Norilsk nickel and on its presentation have come not only Russian.

If to graduates full - time MBA did not carry with job search programs Executive MBA have faced a problem of search of students as much of them study is paid by employers. to us has carried that at us the good reputation is has helped us to hold on afloat. But despite a difficult situation, we managed to collect in the last two days people of very serious calibre - Angela Brown, tells marketing - manager Executive MBA Programs. As she said, from Moscow two now come - three listeners. One works in the Ministry of Defence, more truly, in sea department. Probably, at marine sea fleet all not so is bad.

Decanal festival
Unlike the American schools where to address to sponsors it is not considered shameful, LBS rather recently was engaged fandrajzingom and even has formed for this purpose a special team. Apparently, at it not bad it turns out - in last annual report of school I have counted ten donors presenting to school on 100 thousand pounds sterling, and the list of sponsors with smaller payments has occupied two pages.

According to graduates, still couple of years back in territory LBS actively there was a building, and today a building shines fresh repair. You will not believe, but when we studied, in rooms for employment still stood 486 - e computers, - Michael Rodionov speaks. - now here the advanced technics .

that now occurs at school, - in many respects a merit of its deans. LBS has been based in 1965 and till the end of 1980 - h practically it was not allocated against other schools. But when John Kvelch here has come, the school has risen on essentially new level and has gradually turned to a known brand in the world market business - formations. In January, 2002 the school had a new head, and for the first time - the woman. The former dean Haas School of Business at the Californian university Lora Tyler has had time to work also as Bill Clinton adviser concerning national economy. Lora Tyler has managed to unite all resources of school and to involve in these hard times a network of graduates, to help students with job search. Basically, all good schools " should do it; - the senior manager of department of marketing David Simpson makes comments. He knows that speaks, because works in LBS eight years and was in time to worry three deans.

Besides employment of graduates, before school it is necessary now - to make one more important problem the programs more competitive. So, many would like to arrive on program MVA in LBS, but them frightens off too high (about $75 thousand for two years) in comparison with other European schools the price. David Simpson with it, of course, does not agree: I would not tell that such cost - a lack. After all we offer qualitative programs and we involve the best teachers who advance progressive ideas in business. And then, compare our quotations to the prices of the American competitors .
- And if to compare with INSEAD? - I ask.
- Yes, it too one of our basic competitors, and they offer an one-year course. But if we compare their program to ours in recalculation on cost of one year in INSEAD to study more expensively (the year program in INSEAD costs about $53 thousand - Council of Federation ).

most likely, Mr. Simpson dissembles, because entrants hardly begin to count cost of one year, they are excited more with the definitive sum. However, if the price confuses not everything, duration of the program in comparison, say, with INSEAD and Swiss IMD - an absolute obstacle for many. But LBS already, apparently, has found a way out. Next year the school starts the new accelerated program where diploma MBA can be received any more in 21 month of training, and through 15. The course maintenance remains former, however subjects for choice will be less, will reduce also time for their studying. However, it will not be reflected in cost of the program in any way.

International contacts
the First decade of a new century can become an era of domination European business - schools - the influential business Financial Times newspaper writes. Their advantage before American - internationality and the big variety of programs. In this plan LBS, undoubtedly, one of leaders. During crisis the school has started some interesting programs which were the original answer to a situation in the market.

Together with nju - jorkskoj Columbia Business School LBS has opened the new program for the most advanced businessmen - EMBA - Global. As speak in LBS, it is intended for people with global responsibility and students both in London, and in New York will study. Training is calculated on five semestre for four months everyone, and the complete course costs $115 thousand For so impressive sum managers will receive diplomas of both schools.

In general as it seemed to me, LBS a lot of attention gives to the international exchanges. For example, in the end of the first year student MVA can choose one of more than thirty partner schools and study there the whole semestre. Every year about third of listeners uses such possibility. For example, MBA - 2005 Ekaterina Mityaev studies Japanese language and is going to go to Japan. However, I hardly can reproduce the name of the educational institution chosen by it. it is one of the best business - schools in Japan though, of course, with LBS it will not be compared - Ekaterina speaks. Also assures that life there not such expensive as it is considered to be - anyway, London, as she said, more expensively.

Nonconventional leaders
Recently in business - the educational environment the fashionable theme - leadership is discussed. Round this theme many copies are already broken, and each school tries to find to it the approach. In LBS, unlike the same INSEAD, leaders see nonconventionally. On their belief, the present leader should not dominate, its strong line is ability to co-operate.

So, all students who have arrived on MBA, pass some courses on education of skills of the leader. Ljubov Nikulina, MBA - 2005, tells that to start them took out on so-called Away Day - something like training on komandoobrazovaniju, where to recruits it was necessary to swarm up walls with the insurance and etc. Besides, during studies of listeners break into commands, observing a principle equal predstavlennosti - equal quantity of nationalities, women, expertise and etc. In such groups they should prepare joint projects.
- and you have already felt in yourselves the present leader? - I ask Love of Nikulinu.
- Yes, I have in many respects changed. For example, in the global plan I became more tolerant to opinion of others. Earlier I had more rigid approach if I was not agreed with someone always tried to prove the case. But now has started to realise that people disagree not because they do not understand me, is simple at them other position owing to culture, education And I try to understand, find them things in common. I think, this very important quality for the leader.

On programs for a top - managers of leaders bring up a little on - to other, with a philosophical bias. Guy Sonders, the head of open programs LBS, with pride tells to me about one of last novelties - Proteus. It is the program of nonconventional leadership. People who take high positions in the companies, we place in new conditions and we force them to reflect over the values - Guy Sonders speaks.

professor Nigel Nicholson who is engaged in evolutionary psychology Has developed the program. He considers that the organizational behaviour in the company is comparable with behaviour of gregarious animals and breeding relations. For example, when number of a tribe starts to exceed the certain size, it breaks up to slightly small. The same quite often occurs and in the organisations.

Employment pass, for example, in the London zoo and in the Museum of natural sciences. Listeners are accompanied by the expert, it brings with itself(himself) bones, ancient tools visually to show evolution of the person. for managers this original opening, they perceive the information not only on intellectual, but also at emotional level - Guy Sonders considers.

I am perplexed:
- Well and how it finally helps to operate the company?
- if we know, what the tribe can exist only to 120 persons how we can force to work the organisation, in which 500 employees? It etiko - a philosophical question. By the way, in the evenings managers are taught by the philosopher who forces them to reflect and on other conceptual questions.

it is necessary to add that the six-day course of an enlightenment in a zoo and museums will manage in $14 thousand

there Live students cheerfully
Despite all crises, thoughts of students LBS are occupied not only study and the future career. entertainments? About, London - an ideal place for those who it loves - Ekaterina Mityaev has noticed. For example, invention LBS - Sundowners, parties on Thursdays. Usually they are sponsored by any companies, both beer and wine flows like water. One more traditional entertainment - Santa Claus Pub Crawl. On the Christmas eve all students LBS put on red suits and gather on the Trafalgar area, and therefrom part on pubs. It is said that it is impossible to look easy at hundreds Santa - Klausov, jammed in the underground. this one of the most inconceivable adventures. This year we will necessarily go once again - tells Ljubov Nikulina.

At last, in LBS a large quantity of clubs on interests. Almost each student consists in this or that club - sports, national or professional. This year the most popular has been recognised Japanese, and to it financing is guaranteed against school.

And here Russian association in LBS while is not present. On the first and the second year now study about ten persons from Russia. Perhaps, when them becomes more, the club and will appear.