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“ children do not have such scent “

It is not necessary to count that children will grow and will want to continue your business. The general director of the company “ EKOPSI Consulting “ Vladimir Stolin considers that it is better in advance rodumat a spare variant of search and an estimation of possible successors.

- why today many businessmen cannot descend the business?
- Because the family variant is a dream and good luck. Dream, as a rule, unrealizable, and if good luck, the unusual. Children of businessmen grow in absolutely other environment and in the majority their fathers do not want to do the same, as. It at musicians children often become musicians, and at actors - actors. And in business not so.

- Why?
- the Son of the actor does not inherit business, he only chooses the same trade. It is possible for itself to present that the teenager wants to become the actor. But that the young man dreamt to be, for example, the manufacturer of plywood, how his father? So musicians and actors from children turn out, and manufacturers of plywood - are not present.

- But after all there are successful examples when children work together with parents.
is yet does not mean that children will inherit business if we speak not about a share holding, and about real management of the company. This point in question while is new to Russia, and it is necessary, that the whole generation of businessmen has approached to critical age.

- There are also other ways: to transfer business to partners or to transform the company in public …
- At us a little while public companies, it is the remote prospect. There is a variant with partners or management that, as a matter of fact, same. Here there are two main points: how correctly to pick up the candidate and how to build the scheme of transfer of business.

- Jack Uelch from General Electric, for example, chose the successor of the whole seven years. It is necessary to aspire to it?
- Perhaps, at us such questions for seven years do not solve, but that this business of huge importance, our businessmen understand not worse the western. It is actually necessary to go not from the person (there is in the company a worthy candidate or it is not present), and from problems and requirements of business. Life of the proprietor - not driving on “ Mercedes “ on taverns, it is terrible hassle, an ulcer and a sleeplessness. It is not enough to be good and talented - the person, capable to concern it with care, attention and desire to grow up and strengthen is necessary to business. Therefore at the businessman are formed specific the competence which are not present at the hired manager. For example, one of owners of large business has resulted such image: “ every day I begin with „obnjuhivanija perimetre” “. So the dog checks the labels, whether there were strangers. Therefore not always it is necessary to transfer management to children - they do not have such scent, they have not got used to struggle for the territory.

- And when candidates have selected how them to check up in business?
- I Can result the scheme, which recently “ has peeped “ at one Russian company. It is based on association of principles of rent and an option. We will admit, I have already found, to whom to transfer the enterprise: two persons from management. And to this command I offer an option for purchase of 51 % of actions of firm for three years. Certainly, they will try to lift company cost, but it is not enough of it. They still should have money for the repayment of actions because nobody will give them. And if at them money is not present, you can lease them actions, that is actually transfer in rent the enterprise.

- And in what here cunning?
- option Cost always fixed. Feature of rent relations too consists that the price is fixed for the certain period of time. Having received the enterprise, managers pay to the proprietor a certain rent, and everything that is earned from above, goes to their advantage. If successors work successfully, they increase the capital and then direct it on the option repayment.

- And if they work badly?
- Then the transaction is simply cancelled, and the parties remain at the.

- Perhaps to sell business easier?
- simply to sell, the successor is not necessary. But not all will agree to give the child to strangers with not clear intentions. That who is interested in destiny of the business, such scheme is more preferable. She fair, mutually beneficial also allows to bring up that “ feeling of perimetre “.

- And you already prepare the successor for yourselves?
- Yes I plan, of course, but anything I will not transfer by right of succession because in our business it is impossible. In the companies rendering professional services, nobody will suffer the external investor even if it is the relative of the founder. I can transfer only in any image a share to someone from partners.