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Terrorists were fallen asleep by an explosive

the Tver regional court yesterday has begun consideration on the merits of the case about train blasting the Neva express train in 2009 28 persons became which victims. Defendants - ten natives of Ingushetia - the fault did not recognise, however examinations testify to their participation in act of terrorism, including established identity of microparticles of an explosive on a place of act of terrorism and on their clothes.
the legal investigation about the loud act of terrorism, investigated SKR, passed in the closed mode as in the last, 101 - m its volume contain the materials making state secret. Nevertheless details of court occurring in a hall became known . After the board from three professional judges under the chairmanship of Vladimir Pospelov has taken the places, the court has established persons of defendants. Members of several families of Kartoevyh living in the Ingush settlement Ekazhevo - two Beslan, Tatarhan, Murad, Idris, Iljas, Magomed, Tarhan, Timur, and also their fellow countryman Zelimhan Aushev have appeared them. As petitions from protection and the Office of Public Prosecutor was not, chairman Pospelov has asked to speak to state accusers. We will notice that them, as well as judges, was three, however materials of the bill of particulars, replacing each other, two public prosecutors read only. Fluently to state some thousand pages, it was required to them about five hours.

as it was found out, defendants were active participants of an illegal armed formation and a gang (item 208 and item 209 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), created in September, 2009 in Ingushetia to one of leaders of the armed underground - Alexander Tikhomirov known also as Said Buryat. The purpose of participants of formation as followed from the conclusion, fulfilment of resonant acts of terrorism and other crimes directed on destabilization of public conditions both in the North Caucasus, and in the Central Russia was. Destabilization was necessary that with support of the international terrorist organisations to construct in the North Caucasus the independent state based on norms of a vahhabism.

as appears from business materials, direct organizers of blasting of a train the Neva express train were Alexander Tikhomirov and the senior from a family of Kartoevyh - Tuhan. In the end of August, 2009 Tuhan Kartoev and its accomplice Batyr Toldiev (its destiny is not clear till now), having got in Ekazhevo VAZ - 2114 for 175 thousand rbl., have gone on it on investigation to the Tver region on which there passes the October railway connecting Moscow and St.-Petersburg. For the subsequent mining they have chosen 284 - j railway km - a stage between stations Aleshinka and Uglovka. Weeks through two in Ekazhevo by means of defendants the bomb on a basis geksagenosoderzhashchego industrial production explosive has been made. SVU have hidden in a petrol tank the Zhiguli however to the place of act of terrorism to take a bomb it in a fighting condition it was not possible - gasoline has corroded a film and has spoilt an explosive.

to the following trip vzryvniki (by the way, Tuhan Kartoev has taken place earlier special training in one of field camps) have gone on November, 22nd the same year. This time with themselves saboteurs took two bombs. To geksagenovoj it was added SVU, made on the basis of two grenades VOG - 17 for podstvolnogo a grenade cup discharge. They have hidden both devices in the hiding places equipped in a body VAZ - 2114. Not to get, have gone not through the North Ossetia where carefully examine cars from Ingushetia, and through next Kabardino - Balkariju.

Having mined a cloth and having established the second bomb nearby, under support LEP, terrorists have returned in Ekazhevo. The subsequent blastings, according to the investigation, have carried out unstated persons .

the first bomb, from - for which explosion " on November, 27th has worked; the Neva express train was derailed. 28 persons were lost, and 90 more have got wounds. By in total victims from explosion 240 persons from whom only two have declared causing of property harm by it in the form of lost two phones, a jacket and pair of boots (a total sum of 48 thousand rbl.) have been recognised And also Open Society of the Russian Railway to which the damage on 187 million rbl.

Next day when on a scene there has arrived the chairman of investigatory committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin and officials SKR accompanying it and security guards has been caused, the bomb consisting from grenades has worked. Wounds were received by six persons, including mister Bastrykin. According to conclusions of experts, from hit of the gravel which has scattered after explosion it has received closed cranial - a brain trauma in the form of concussion of a brain and a bruise of lumbar department of a backbone, that is the little harm has been put its health.

as experts have established, this bomb has been blown up by means of a call on mobile phone Nokia connected to its detonator. the Neva express train have undermined under more difficult scheme. The call on phone Nokia put SVU on a fighting platoon, and it worked at arrival of a wheel of an electric locomotive on the purpose gauge.

Experts managed to find out that calls on phones which were a part of bombs, were made of the Chechen Republic. One of figurants of business has shown that Tuhan Kartoev a day before act of terrorism has left Ingushetia in this republic. However to establish, it has made calls or someone another, it was not possible. The matter is that on March, 2nd, 2010 Tuhan Kartoev and Alexander Tikhomirov have been destroyed by FSB special troops in settlement Ekazhevo. Then have detained and being now on a dock. The weapon, components of explosives, and also phones Nokia have been found in their houses from the same party which was used for explosions. Certain changes have been made to a design of all these phones kustarno. For all these phones have been bought SIM - cards of the operator the Megaphone in Moscow, and at sale these cards have been registered on people, whose data is taken from the piracy databases downloaded on the Internet.

it was during the investigation found out that Alexander Tikhomirov not only developed the plan of act of terrorism and was its ideological inspirer, but also directly collected bombs. According to DNA conclusions - examinations, its traces, in particular, remained on an insulating tape and skrutke the wires which have been found out on a place of blasting of a train. And that acknowledgement that it was helped by defendants, other examination, which already in a pre-trial detention centre " has given; Lefortovo has found out on their clothes of a microparticle geksagena. And the explosive was from the same party that has worked in the Tver region.

having listened to the bill of particulars, defendants have by turns declared that they of the fault do not recognise, and innocence proofs will result during process. The lawyer of one of defendants of Murad Junusov considers that it will be difficult to charge to prove terrorism in actions accused. In the shown charge concrete actions of defendants which they have executed at fulfilment of a crime incriminated to it " are not specified;.