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President NPK “ Irkut “ Alexey Fedorov is appointed instead of Valery Torjanina by the general director - genkonstruktorom RSK “ the Instant “. It is expected that this decision will be followed by association “ Irkuta “ and “ the Instant “.

Valery Torjanin has worked as the general director - genkonstruktora RSK “ the Instant “ less than year. Among principal causes of its replacement the discontent in the government a course of realisation of the contract in cost of $700 million on delivery to India of fighters the Instant - 29Κ and decrease in volumes of export of corporation is called. Alexey Fedorov (on a photo) is the president and one of co-owners NPK “ Irkut “ specialising on manufacture military aircraft technicians. Before arrival in “ Irkut “ it in 1996-1998 held a post of general director AVPK “ Dry “. The general portfolio of orders “ Irkuta “ By expert estimations, makes about $4,5 billion

It is considered that the given replacement has been spent at the initiative of head “ Rosoboroneksporta “ Sergey Chemezova close familiar with Fedorovym. Till now “ the Instant “ possessed the licence of the government for independent conducting export activity. Experts believe that with appointment of Fedorova “ the Instant “ will transfer the right to trade in the production abroad “ Rosoboroneksportu “. Government plans on creation of Uniform aviabuilding corporation (EAK) could become Even more important occasion to appointment of Fedorova. The nominee of Fedorova was called time and again as experts as the main applicant for a post of head EAK. It is quite probable that behind appointment of Fedorova as head “ the Instant “ association of the company with " will follow; Irkutom “. The incorporated company becomes the largest aviabuilding corporation in Russia, having overtaken on sales volumes AVPK “ Dry “. Cλεδσώωθμ appointment of Fedorova as the general director " can become logical step on a way of creation EAK; Dry “ and merge of actives of three leading Russian aviabuilding corporations in uniform structure.

the President without secrets
the Head of the multinational corporation - VR Robert Dadli has appeared before a choice: to divide presidency with the Russian citizen or to remain without the strategic information.

last week some councillors of directors of the multinational corporation - VR have suggested to enter a post of the nominal head of the company and to select on it the citizen of Russia, and real control over the multinational corporation - VR to leave to the foreigner - to Robert Dadli, its present president. Representatives of the company consider that thus it would be possible to solve a problem which has appeared at the company even in the summer. Then the holding has drawn steadfast attention of FSB in connection with state secret. And last week Dudley in interview FT recognised that special services put pressure upon the company, specifying in law non-observance “ About the state secret “ forbidding to foreigners to own the information on strategic stocks of the Russian oil and gas companies.

In a case from the multinational corporation - VR Dudley appears such information outsider. It the citizen of Great Britain, and, according to the operating Russian legislation, the strategic information on the company over which it supervises should be inaccessible to it. Dudleys and some representatives VR do not agree yet with introduction of a double management in the multinational corporation - VR. In their opinion, the decision on the nominal president looks formally and does not solve a problem. Now in the multinational corporation - VR other variant on which the management structure is offered to be left former is discussed, and specially for Dudley to limit access to the information on geological stocks.

it is interesting that the multinational corporation - VR became the first and while unique object of shadowing of special services as regards state secret. At two other foreign oil tops - Stephen Tidi (YUKOS) and Evgenie Shvidlera (“ Sibneft “) - Such problems did not arise. Analysts do not exclude that at English - the Russian holding there are problems with the power which prefer to hold back.

Art - the project for a top - the manager
the Chairman of board of directors of Joint-Stock Company “ TD “Crossroads“ “ the Lion of Hasis and its partners have outstripped competitors and the first have opened in Moscow gastronomic boutique Fauchon Paris.

the Boutique of another French ritejlera the same level - Hediard - will open in capital only in March, 2005.

last week Lev Hasis (on a photo) admitted that is the co-owner and the chairman of board of directors of the company “ betanol - Rus “ bought the franchise at the French network Fauchon Paris. The first boutique Fauchon the area of 600 sq. m has been opened one of these days. Investments into the project have made about $3 million In plans of Hasisa and its partners in the near future to be engaged one more in project of shops of a class “ a premium “ but already more accessible. In their development will be engaged “ the Capital trading company “. Hasis names the new activity “ art - the project, more likely as a hobby, than for business “. And experts consider that the market of grocery boutiques has prospects. The general director “ betanol - Rus “ Oleg Kalaev also is assured that time for such shops has come also opening Fauchon in Moscow in due time. “ we begin a new line in business. At level of sensations it is assured that to ten shops the premium - a class will be entered in scales of our megacity “ - he has told Council of Federation. In plans of managers during two - three years to open three more shops Fauchon, including in Petersburg. In them exclusive firm production will be on sale. As Kalaev has told, the assortment part will be issued in Moscow on firm technologies.

investors had a new defender
the New chief executive of Association on protection of the rights of investors there was Stanislav Vartanjan.

It plans to take part in legislation working out in corporate governance and securities market sphere.

Stanislav Vartanjan has replaced on a post of head API of Alexander Ikonnikov who has left at own will. Ikonnikov has explained the leaving by desire “ to work in the doing Russian companies over large international business - the projects connected with introduction of norms of corporate behaviour and reorganisation of control systems “. Since 2002 Vartanjan held a post of the director of the Russian Partnership on corporate governance and social responsibility - joint project API and the International Forum of leaders of business under the aegis of the Prince Welsh.

API represents association from 28 Russian and western portfelnyh investors. The total amount of investments of members API in the Russian economy makes more than $10 billion Stanislav Vartanjan has told & lt; B & gt; Council of Federation, & lt; B & gt; that the Association intends to take more active part in legislative activity with reference to a securities market. “ we will participate in working group MERT on legislation preparation in corporate governance and securities market sphere, - new head API has told. - We will work also over association of efforts of various participants of an infrastructure of stock market and SRO and on - former to put forward independent directors and representatives of minority shareholders in boards of directors of the companies “.

RKS at the crossroads
the Head of the company “ the Russian municipal systems “ Sergey Jashechkin could not achieve efficiency in activity of structure headed by it and has decided to resign. In RKS after its leaving intend to spend management re-structuring.

the Decision under Sergey Jashechkina`s letter of resignation (on a photo) is not accepted yet. As have informed Council of Federation in management RKS on work from mass-media, the question on resignation will consider company board of directors in first half of October. About the reasons of resignation Jashechkin does not extend, explaining only that has carried out key problems on creation of the company and formation of a portfolio of its projects. Despite all promises of founding father RKS of Anatoly Chubays to finish in the near future turns of the company to $2μλπδ, actually gain RKS for last year has made 159 million roubles at a loss in 117 million roubles.

After news about leaving of head RKS, there were hearings about future mass reductions in staff of the company and even possible closing of the project. Sergey Jashechkin has denied the information on company closing, however has not excluded that at RKS there are problems “ federal level “. First of all they are connected with absence of a state policy in the field of branch reforming. As consider in the company, it is a question of inefficient regulation of municipal tariffs, about an exception of housing and communal services of system of a monetization of social benefits and about reduction of expenses on municipal branch in the federal budget on 28 %. Besides, according to RKS, regions are not ready yet to arrival of large private operators. They have no corresponding economic decisions, and local authorities cannot create demand for such services.

Sergey Jashechkin believes that the project will appear effective if it will be compressed to level of real business. Nevertheless, in RKS declare that investment obligations of the company in $500-700 million declared by shareholders at creation of the project, will be executed. The company plans to leave for a break-even sales level, to spend re-structuring of management and to reduce a part of employees.

Dejv Kalligen will consult alone
the Executive vice-president and general manager Fujitsu Siemens Computers in the countries of Europe, the Near East and Africa Dejv Kalligen is appointed. Appointment is caused by association of this region of sale under a uniform management.

Kalligen and supervised before over the company in the given region, except for the countries of the Central Europe where duties of the general manager were executed by Ulrih Kemp. After Kemp has passed to work in company T - Systems on a post of the general manager and the head of service Business Services, its place in Fujitsu Siemens was released. For replacement to it did not begin to search. According to the manager on public relations Fujitsu Siemens of Ekaterina Krymovoj, Dejv Kalligen has considered that in a condition individually to supervise incorporated region.

In Fujitsu Siemens have noticed that in person Ulriha Kempa the company has lost exclusively successful a top - the manager. Before Kemp has headed business in the Central Europe, it was the country - the manager in Germany where in many respects thanks to it Fujitsu Siemens till now is the leader of the market.