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Chevrolet Niva becomes cheaper for legal persons
the Company “ GM - Autovases “ declared the beginning of the program of preferential discounts for buyers of Chevrolet Niva. The program is accessible at all 82 dealers of the company presented in 59 cities of Russia and two foreign representations (in Ukraine and in Belarus). Now thanks to the program legal bodies can receive a discount at purchase of Chevrolet Niva for the company. Cost of the car without a discount - 285 thousand rbl. in standard complete set L and 324 thousand rbl. in a complete set lux (GLS).

Since autumn of 2004 the discount of 8 % is given to the commercial organisations.

For the governmental structures and diplomats the discount also makes 8 %. The companies on a car rent, a taxi, fire services, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, VS, and mass media can count the Ministry of Internal Affairs on a discount at a rate of 7 %.

As have declared in a press - company service, “ We hope that the similar system of discounts will promote transformation of Chevrolet Niva into the car for an average and younger link of managers in the Russian companies and will allow to involve in us more regular customers. The size of a discount can vary depending on quantity of bought cars, but fluctuations will be small - within 1-1,5 % “.

to Managers will offer new “ Focus “ and old “ Opel “
In the near future in Russia release of two more foreign marks of cars is planned. Ford concern declared that in May, 2005 is going to begin manufacture of the second generation of model of Ford Focus which has been presented on the Parisian motor show in September of this year in Russia.

According to representatives of the company, in April, 2005 it is planned to finish manufacture of the first generation of the given model and to spend naladochnye the works necessary for start in manufacture of Ford Focus II.

At the Russian factory will make cars with bodies a sedan, a hatchback and the versatile person. Sales of Ford Focus II in the Russian market is planned to begin in July, 2005. The price of the new car in representation have refused to inform.

At present Ford Focus, first of all from - for the prices (less than $12 thousand) And a considerable quantity of dealers, is one of the most bought foreign cars in the Russian market.

the Sales volume of the first generation of Ford Focus in the Russian market in the first half of the year 2004 has made 12 037 cars that in 2,3 times more than year before.

Simultaneously with it “ GM - Autovases “ declared the beginning of a batch production of new model - a sedan of Chevrolet Viva which, as a matter of fact, is Opel Astra of the previous generation. The first cars which will descend from the joint venture conveyor in Tolyatti, on 90 % will consist of import accessories. Nevertheless manufacturers plan to keep the price for Chevrolet Viva in limits of 10 thousand euro. Till the end of this year the enterprise plans to make only 456 cars of new model, however next year through a network of the Russian dealers of Chevrolet is planned to sell more than 17 thousand cars.

“ the Gazelle “ Has gone to leasing
Gorki car factory declared the beginning of own programs of realisation of production on leasing. Cars give to financial leasing under 13 % annual in currency for a period of 1-3 years to legal bodies and individual businessmen, at advance payment from 20 %.

Besides, according to tax laws, lizingopoluchateli can save 10-15 % from cost of the car at the expense of the tax privileges inherent in leasing operations. The program has started to operate since September, 1st, 2004 after three months of work in a test mode in Nizhni Novgorod.

As has explained & lt; B & gt; Council of Federation & lt; B & gt; a press - the secretary of Gorki car factory Sergey Lugovoj, “ first of all it is a question of granting in leasing of “GAZELLES“ which, as it is known, are one of the most popular types of transport of small-scale business. The companies cannot often buy them on tick, and to take in leasing by it will be quite accessible “ .

Local amendments to the tax to transport
Since January, 1st, 2005 at once in two regions change rates of the transport tax. In Moscow Region the new preferential category of tax bearers is entered: the organisations which are carrying out the international automobile transportations of cargoes. Privileges provide 40 - percentage decrease in the rate of the transport tax on lorries capacity over 250 l. With. Now the enterprises pay on 45 rbl. for 1 l. With. (That is from 11 250 rbl.) .

Simultaneously the desire to change rates of the transport tax declared also Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg where in the first reading the bill " has been accepted; About entering of addition into the law of St.-Petersburg „About the transport tax” “ offered by the governor of Petersburg in July of this year.

According to the project owners of cars with capacity of the engine to 100 l. With. 14 rbl. from each force (56 % from the maximum rate provided by the Tax code) will annually pay; from 100 to 150 l. With. - 28,9 rbl. (82,6 % from the maximum rate); from 150 to 200 l. With. - 50 rbl.; from 200 to 250 l. With. - 75 rbl. (under the maximum rate).

With a view of support of the motor transportation enterprises of a city in the project it is offered to establish rates of the tax for supersize cars with capacity of the engine over 250 l. With. At a rate of 30 rbl. about 1 l. With. (35,3 % from the maximum rate); For lorries capacity from 200 to 250 l. With. - 55 rbl. (84,6 % from the maximum rate); for buses capacity over 200 l. With. - 65 rbl. (65 % from the maximum rate).

Adoption of this law as consider in the government of St.-Petersburg, not only will allow to fill up city treasury on 1,774 mlrd rbl., but also will favorably affect development of the motor transportation enterprises of a city.

In Moscow became on one motor show more
In September a group of companies “ Rolf “ has opened in Himkah situated near Moscow new trading - the technical centre on sale and service of cars of Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Ford and Mazda. In it the division on advancement of commercial cars of Ford, and also a specialised direction on sale and service of sports cars of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is created.

It already 15 - j “ rolfovsky “ The motor show offering cars of different marks. The new centre represents four motor shows on 32 cars, metalwork shop with 63 lifts, shops modular and kuzovnogo repair. In the centre the system of direct acceptance which allows clients to participate directly in diagnostics of the car operates and to discuss on a place volume, cost and terms of works with the master - the adviser.

Parkings rise in price
Since January, 1st, 2008 of a parking in Moscow will essentially rise in price. The mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov has presented to Moscow City Council the next, slightly copied variant of the law “ About placing of vehicles in the city territory of Moscow “. It is supposed that since January, 1st, 2007 to leave cars it will be possible only in specially taken away places - on parking, parkings or in garages.

From the beginning of 2008 when the majority of drivers, on a plan of authorities of the capital, will be accustomed not to throw the car directly on proezzhej a part, infringers will start to fine. Owners of the vehicles left out of parking are threatened with the penalty at a rate of 5 minimum salaries (for today it is 500 rbl.). The Same sum should be laid out to the motorists convicted of wrong payment of a place on a parking. Now the penalty makes 0,5 minimum wage rates (50 rbl.), and in case of creation of a hindrance of movement to other vehicles - from 1 to 3 minimum wage rates (100-300 rbl.) .

cost of stay of the car on shtrafstojanke Will change also. According to the order Ή 227 - RZM from September, 27th 2004 first deputies of the mayor in the government of Moscow of year of Vladimir Resin, from this date the capital paid parkings organised by the state unitary enterprises (State Unitary Enterprise), can count and establish tariffs for the services connected with the organisation of penal parking and compulsory storage of cars. Therefore it is quite possible that the prices for similar services will grow in the near future. We will remind that today car evacuation manages in 1800 rbl., and each hour of a finding on spetsstojanke - in 53 rbl.