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The park zone

Presence of a parking near office in a modern megacity turns to pledge of a survival of business. Has put not so much that general directors in the presence of convenient parking near office work more effectively, how many in convenience to clients. Convenience it, certainly, costs much. But there is a number of ways to organise a parking for reasonable money.

as the western experts have counted up, in a modern big city it is necessary for the car 2,1 mashinomesta for parking during the day: one - at the house, one - at work, the rest - for travelling during the day. And if the territory of court yard thin - poorly suffices for night “ house “ parkings of three millions cars registered in Moscow, with parking in working hours in capital - accident. Equipped and civilised mashinomest in a city - there are less than hundred thousand.

Crisis is aggravated with high concentration of offices in city centre - a transport infrastructure of a part of Moscow historically least adapted for modern requirements.

Meanwhile for a number of kinds of business presence of a parking at an input - pledge at all success, but a survival, for example, for restaurants or the private persons of branches of banks focused on service.

“ parking Presence raises appeal of the company to clients, allows to build more correct with them relations. Convenience which gives parking presence, - the strong tool which allows to raise loyalty of visitors “ - considers PR - the director of realtor company Vesco Realty Maxim Karapetov.

the Majority interrogated Councils of Federation the representatives focused for work with physical persons of kinds of business, strangely enough, prefer to ignore this problem because it is represented to them unsoluble basically “ act of nature “. If hands also reach it, is frequent from - for needs of own employees. Parking for clients arrange only in exceptional cases.

So, the main office of Probusinessbank located in the central street Petrovka had to refuse building of a special guest parking: ordinary clients are compelled to leave the cars where it is necessary. As an exception work only with the VIP - clients. “ before arrival of the important client to bank the autoservice specially “smooths out“ a place near an input on office parking “ - the chief of motor transportation service of Probusinessbank Igor Ilyin has told.

How to rent the earth at a city under a parking
the Long way begins in the garage commission of a regional justice - it is necessary to present the statement for the desire to receive the ground area to rent. Together with it it is necessary the document confirming the right of realisation of activity (a licence copy), the information on in what kind of the property there is a building or an office premise - the property, rent or subrent, copies of documents on company registration in tax departments.

Besides, the extract necessarily should enter into a package of documents about that, how many cars are on balance of the organisation. If the company rents cars, it is necessary to present copies of lease contracts. Provided that the parking is necessary for visitors, to you will give out no more than 10 places. At last, last point - a card - the scheme of district round office with places of a parking put on it for which the company applies.

the Garage commission considers arriving statements of times in a month at planned session. Its approval of the project becomes only the first step in creation of own office parking.

the Following step - with all documents and written approval from the garage commission the project will go on the interdepartmental commission of prefecture of district which also gathers once a month. If the answer of this commission also positive the project goes on the coordination to various instances of the government of Moscow.

the First the offer on a parking considers Moskomarhitektury. Officially it should study possibility of realisation of the project, proceeding from the concept of a development of the city. In a case if the required ground area gets on territory of perspective building, the project can forbid or lease completely the earth only prior to the beginning of building.

Besides, the city commission on parking activity too should co-ordinate the project. Besides, if the site gets on streets which are taken away under the future building of intercepting or other municipal parkings, the project will reject.

Besides, kindly should give fire services, SES and department of underground constructions of a city of Moscow. At last, the last Moskomprirody who should check up enters, whether the future parking mentions a lawn or domestic territories.

If all signatures are received, the conclusion comes back to an area justice, and then in prefecture on the second session of the interdepartmental commission.

Under the decision of the commission the Moskomzem is entrusted to prepare the order of the prefect of district about allocation and fastening of a required site to the organisation for the term of rent from one year till three years. The ground area lease consists in the Moscow ground committee.

In the centre
to solve a problem of a parking of cars of the employees, in bank wanted to lease the earth necessary for these purposes. However in city centre all suitable territories are already fixed to the state unitary enterprises (State Unitary Enterprise) which hand over them in subrent. “ we have concluded the subrent contract on eight mashinomest from State Unitary Enterprise “Δξπθνβερς“ which, in turn, rents the earth at a city government “ - Ilyin has told. On contract registration has left the little more than two weeks.

For two - three days to issue the pleasant corner in the centre in a demountable parking economy it is possible through the same mechanism of subrent through another State Unitary Enterprise - “ the Urban service of paid parkings “ (State Unitary Enterprise GSPP) which owns the rights on 8006 mashinomest.

Monthly cost of subrent of one parking space on a municipal parking, according to the assistant to the general director of State Unitary Enterprise GSPP Vladimir Klushina, begins from 2000 rbl.

it Pays off by a special technique in which it is considered “ importance and potential profitableness of a parking space for a city “ an arrangement and loading of the nearest streets. “ all depends on where the parking is located, its loading, how much intensively movement in this disctrict of the city " is how much great; - Vladimir Klushin has summed up. From same the quantity of places which can allocate on a municipal parking depends also.

to Rent a parking lot it is possible and at other, private companies. Parking lots the Citybank near one of the branches has used this way of maintenance of ordinary employees. “ We have concluded the contract with hotel “Beijing“ which has own parking, - the deputy chief administratively - a Citybank household department Anton Matveev tells, - and rented for cars of the employees 25 mashinomest “. Thus for rent of parking spaces the bank subtracts money from the salary of the employees, wished to use this blessing. There is a parking rent in city centre a bit less than one-room apartment on suburb - from $300 a month.

From - for dearness and complexity of the organisation of own parking in city centre many companies dare at an autocratic protection of adjoining territory, “ winning “ for itself a little mashinomest. On such measures they go from - for imidzhevyh reasons, being guided by that convenience of clients and prestige is more important than potential punishment. The penalty for such arbitrariness makes only 5 thousand rbl. In “ hard cases “ (When grasped mashinomesta are fenced by the driven pegs) - 10 thousand rbl.

Impose it the special checking commissions which infrequently go on area can only. According to a member of the garage commission of area Yakimanka Alexander Doroshenko, “ everything, than come to an end such inspections, is a confiscation of a protection. And when it is not visible owners “. Even in case of delivery of strict instructions not to occupy the city earth, according to the official, the companies do not react.

“ We prefer to run risks the penalty as our interest in parking has flexible character. It is not necessary to us almost in the morning and is very necessary in the evening. Therefore it be no point to lease, for example, two places which would satisfy us in the morning, and it is prodigal to take ten which are necessary to us in the evening “ - Sergey, the manager of one of the restaurants of a class located around Ostozhenka premium has told Council of Federation .

On the conflict to the law especially needing parking spaces compels to go also what in some cases to prove the fact of the autocratic organisation of parking it is actually impossible. Business occurs under the following scheme: in the street about an input in a building there is an employee, there are no special signs or protections, the payment for a parking is not raised. Officially the employee simply politely asks “ strangers “ motorists to drive off, and “ the “ helps to park. Formally to carp there is nothing. To make comments on a similar situation of the company, certainly, refuse, but in informal conversations state such point of view that “ nobody is forbidden to ask to drive off casual cars “.

On suburb
Much less conflicts arises, when the companies decide to organise a parking outside of the centre - there a lot of earth. There are two decisions: Building or the parking equipment on the earth rented at a city.

it is probable, the right decision most technologically for the company which have attended to parking for the employees and clients, - it to construct: cars on underground parking are in safety, and storage conditions are close to the ideal.

It - the most labour-consuming and the most expensive as assumes that the parking is put in the building project as that is demanded by capital building specifications.

“ If building of an underground parking geological conditions the companies should be passed about 250 instances of the coordination of the civil-engineering design allow, on what can leave till three years “ - the expert, the chief engineer of the Moscow building company Alexander Glagolev confirms. the Cost price of one mashinomesta at building single-tier underground 20 - a local parking begins from $500 and can reach $15 thousand

Therefore more cheaply and faster to organise a parking in territory adjoining to office. Variants of succession of events for legislative firms two: to rent the necessary area at a city or if you already rent the earth under a building belonging to you, to make changes to the existing contract with the Moscow ground committee.

“ As the bank building is in our property, and the territory adjoining to him is leased, we with ease have organised a parking on 35 mashinomest in a building court yard. Office cars of vice-presidents of bank, foreign employees and cars for office needs " there take place; - Anton Matveev from Citybank speaks .

Ease of the organisation of a parking is relative: in both cases it is necessary to pass a number of coordination in instances from the garage commission of a regional justice to the Moscow city committee on architecture. The way will occupy three - four months (carrying out more in detail see).

If you are going to arrange parking on already tenantry gathering for contract renewal will be insignificant. Otherwise it is necessary to pay under the formula confirmed by a city government: the base rate of rent of the earth in Moscow (180 thousand rbl.) The zone factor and factor of inflation (4,32) is multiplied on the site area in hectares. Thus, ground rent under an office parking the area of 150 sq. m (10 mashinomest) in city centre with zone factor 1,09 (on Timirjazevsky) will manage in 14 thousand rbl. a year.

Anyway it is necessary to be spent for parking arrangement: the pair of portable columns by which it is designated mashinomesto, costs on the average 5 thousand rbl. trifles All rest: metre of a steel chain - 150 rbl., a paint for a marking - 300 rbl. for one metre together with painting. Manufacturing of a sign on parking will manage in 800-900 rbl., and the tablet “ Only for office cars “ there are an order 400 rbl.