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America calls Britain on service

US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice yesterday has arrived to London to discuss with the prime minister and head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain Gordon Brown and David Milibendom the further actions of the NATO in Afghanistan. In Washington count that British will manage that is impossible to Americans, - to convince other members of an alliance more actively to participate in operations against Talibs in the south of the country.
we never did a secret from this that some our allies (on the NATO. - ) are in more dangerous parts of Afghanistan. And we consider that it is necessary to divide this burden between all members of an alliance - Condoleeza Rice has designated the central theme of negotiations with Gordon Brown and David Milibendom the state secretary, being aboard, flying to London. However, the reproach of madam Rice has been addressed at all to the British, which contingent in Afghanistan (8 thousand Military men) concedes on number only to armies of the USA. Moreover, just yesterday the head of the Minister of Defence of Great Britain Des Brown has informed that in the spring on change London will direct to an infantry brigade to Afghanistan air - an assault brigade. It becomes the first case since the Second World War when such considerable quantity of the British commandoes participates in operations abroad.

the trip of the US State Secretary through Atlantic was necessary that London has helped Americans to persuade leaders of NATO member states more actively to participate in a counterterrorism operation in Afghanistan. This idea has ripened in Washington after it was not possible to make to Americans of it. In January of the USA, whose contingent in Afghanistan totals in total 26 thousand soldiers, again have set an example for imitation, having informed on sending in this country of 3,2 thousand more marines. But the example did not become infectious. The only thing that was possible to the USA, is to anger some allies on an alliance. Recently the head of the Pentagon Robert Gates has scarified foreign military men for weak vocational training. Then Holland which has given to the Pentagon the angry rebuff has most taken offence. Charges have sounded and to Germany. Mister Gates has demanded from Berlin to increase number of the contingent making nowadays more of 3 thousand, and to forward soldiers from rather safe north of Afghanistan on the country south where Talibs are especially active. In Berlin it have answered that the requirement of the USA surprises the German government, also have reminded that any change of a format of military operations abroad demands modification of the post-war constitution of the country against what the majority of German citizens is resolutely adjusted. Similarly France has reacted to claims of Americans and Spain in Italy.

And without that the critical situation becomes complicated also that last month the knife in a back to Americans has unexpectedly thrust one of the faithful allies of the USA on the Afghani campaign. The prime minister of Canada Stephen Harper has threatened to deduce from Afghanistan 2,5 - a thousand contingent if other allies on the NATO do not give to Ottawa a reinforcement in a southern province Kandahar. We will notice that for six years of antiterrorist operation in Afghanistan Canada has lost 78 persons - most among NATO member states. It is not excluded that after Canada excessive obligations can refuse and Denmark with Holland, whose armies also are billeted in the south.

in more details the problems facing 42 - a thousand contingent of the NATO in Afghanistan, will be already discussed today at a meeting of heads of defensive departments of member countries of an alliance in Vilnius.