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France ratified the Lisbon contract

the Prime minister - the minister of France Francois Fillon and the chairman of Eurocommission Jose Manuel Barroso welcomed Contract ratification by the French members of parliament. France became the fifth country ratifying the Lisbon contract. Earlier it was made by Hungary, Malta, Romania and Slovenia. The all-European agreement on reforming of political institutes of EU urged to replace not taken place constitution of the European Union which acceptance has been blocked three years ago on referenda in the Netherlands and France.
ratification of the Lisbon contract by France is an approval of returning of our country in heart of Europe for some months before France becomes the presiding country in EU - has declared Francois Fillon.

the purpose of the Lisbon contract - increase of efficiency of the European Union, strengthening of its democratic legitimacy and unification of activity of EU.

the Document should come into force on January, 1st, 2009 if by this time all EU countries transfer instruments of ratification to storage to the government of Italy. Otherwise the contract will come into force the next month after transfer of Italy last ratification reading and writing.

the new base contract of EU has simultaneously incorporated the added and processed positions before the concluded agreements on principles of ability to live of incorporated Europe - the Roman contract (1957), Maastricht (1992), Amsterdam (1996) and contracts of Nitstsy (2000) on which in institutional crisis functioning of institutes of EU was based.

unlike the project of the Constitution of EU, the Contract on reforms does not contain a mention of the constitutional symbols of EU - a flag, a hymn and uniform currency. At the same time, it provides introduction of a post of the president of the Council of Europe which will be selected on two and a half a year, and to represent the organisation at the international level.

the Supreme representative on the general foreign policy and a security policy, according to the contract, will possess actual powers of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of EU. It is erected in a rank of the vice-president of Eurocommission, and to it functions of the eurocommissioner on the general foreign policy and the European policy are transferred. Besides it the Lisbon contract contains article about possibility of secession of EU the decision about which will be accepted following the results of the general negotiations.