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Spectators plant on - muzhski

At Mayakovsky`s Theatre have put a comedy of Nile to Sajmona Divorce on - muzhski . MARINA - SHIMADINA does not doubt that Sergey Artsibasheva`s new performance will be pleasant first of all to women.
last years prime ministers at Mayakovsky`s Theatre share on two equal categories, it or large-scale epohalki on the Russian classics - the Marriage Dead souls the Auditor Karamazovy in which all stars of Majakovki, or cash entertaining comedies are occupied. divorce on - muzhski as it is possible to guess already under the name, concerns the second category. It is one of the most known comedies of the popular American playwright of Nile Sajmona (in the original the play is called the Strange couple ) It made deafening success on the Broadway, has then turned to the scenario for a film which, in turn, has generated to life television sitkom.

At Mayakovsky`s theatre a comedy have renamed in Divorce on - muzhski that it has made pair with success to the play of Kler But Ljus going here Divorce on - female . If to add here still the Banquet the same Nile Sajmona put by Sergey Artsibashevym even earlier where speech too goes about left steams which ostensibly casually meet at restaurant, will turn out the whole trilogy on a divorce theme.

eternal war of floors - a plot and truth safe: having heard next all muzhiks - svo... spectators are there and then divided into two camps and turn to the fans sympathising the command irrespective of level of game. But if till now Majakovke always won women, now Sergey Artsibashev has given chance to muzhiks to recoup. Literally words. If in Divorce on - female on a scene clink heels, sing and dance 18 actresses, and their partners appear behind a shot in a man`s variant, on the contrary, women suppose on a scene as an exception, as a decorative element, and all attention is given six friends who have a rest from the families behind game in poker.

however, four soon come back home, and in empty eight-room apartment there are two razvedentsa, intended to brighten up each other loneliness. However, friends concern the new position on - to a miscellaneous: for one this beginning of new free life, for another - the end of all and an excellent occasion to suicide. But it is soon found out, as representations about a barchelor life at two friends strongly disperse. Correct and economic Felix is irritated with a dirt, a disorder, neobjazatelnost and wastefulness of the friend, it turns to the present housewife, saves money for the alimony to both wives and makes to the friend of rows from - for delay by a supper. And razdolbaja Oscar all these salfetochki deduce from themselves, air fresheners and impossibility to spit a floor in own apartment. And gradually both understand, for what they were thrown by spouses. But occurrence of two languid sisters - Englishwomen to whom Nile Sajmon has given names of heroines of the play of Oscar Uajlda " becomes the present test for their friendship; As it is important to be serious Gvendolin and Sesili (Anna Bagmet and Natalia Korennaja). Affected young ladies unexpectedly find out geniality and prefer spineless and sensitive njunju Felix who is cried on by it shoulder, showing photos of the wife and children, to Oscar tightened, witty and ready to love feats.

Of Valery Nenasheva`s contrast duet (Oscar) and Igor Marycheva (Felix) to observe really interesting. These antipodes, one - the free and cynical playboy, the fan fate - n - a beater, another - the accurate, round and cosy adherent of classics, make a classical married couple with typical family problems and conflicts. It appears that has put eventually not in a gender accessory, and in banal collision of habits and characters and to two men at times to get on with each other more difficult, than with women.

the card of man`s solidarity which is played by other fans of poker, appears quickly a bat. Friends to whom not to liking it is necessary a new order in Oscar`s house, quickly dump, leaving two spouses to understand with the problems independently. And to name this four magnificent too it is impossible: Characters through passage, the roles through passage drawn on a template, without a special ingenuity. In general, it appears that without women it is not glued neither life, nor performance. And when in the ending on a scene, all in white, appears the lady with two children who throw the arms round a neck to a mountain - daddy, is found out that a victory again on the party of a fine half.