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on February, 9th


the Person who wanted to be the tsar 2. 20

Director D.Hjuston. In roles: S.Connery, M.Kejn, K.Plammer. The USA, 1975

the Brilliant screen version of a tragicomic parable of Rudyard Kipling about two adventurers, pronikshih in the end of a XIX-th century in forbidden kingdom in the Himalayas. On a twist of fate local residents accept one of them for Alexander the Great embodiment, and he starts to trust in it.


Friendly admonition 2. 00

Director U.Uajler. In roles: G.Cooper, E.Perkins. The USA, 1956

the Great parable about violence and nonresistance to harm. Civil war between the North and the South as the lightning, splits peace-making principles on which all life of family of Quakers is based. The belief does not stand test: someone takes up arms, someone powerlessly sobs over corpses.


the Cage for rabbits 22. 25

Director F.Nojs. In roles: E.Sempi, K.Brana. Australia, 2002

the Best and most sincere film of the author Games of patriots Phillip Nojsa. In 1931 three girls run from a concentration camp for children - natives, where from them strugajut exemplary servants for white misters.

TV - 3

Martin 0. 45

Director D.Romero. In roles: D.Emplas, L.Maazel. The USA, 1977

the strangest film of the author Nights of live dead persons Dzhordzho Romero. And the most unusual film about vampires. Young Martin not that that upyr, at it simply intolerable bent for of human blood without which it not to survive. A metaphor of heroin dependence.

on February, 10th


Flowers lilac water 1. 35

the Director With. Spielberg. In roles: V.Goldberg, D.Glover. The USA, 1985

Big politically correct, but it is cold - prudent cinema. The best role Vupi Goldberg, the appeared uncommon drama actress. Life of the Afro-Americans in inert, racist Georgia the XX-th century beginnings.


to Find Forrestera 1. 55

the Director G.Van of Sent. In roles: S.Connery, F. M.Abraham. The USA, 2000

the Most boring film of Gasa Van Senta clumsily masking history of homosexual love between the wise old man and the young geek under a drama of spiritual maturing. Sean Connery represents such Dzheroma David Salinger. The writer - the eremite welcoming the young Afro-American.


the Happy end 23. 00

Director A.Kollek. In roles: O.Totu, D.Teru. The USA, 2003

Sugary skazochka about the Frenchwoman who spends the night in the street in New York and is good to people in expectation of a meeting which will make its movie star. It is natural that at it all will grow together. But in comparison with the Happy end Ameli will seem a severe realistic drama.


To me it is not sick 23. 55

Director A.Balabanov. In roles: R.Litvinova, A.Jatsenko, D.Djuzhev. Russia, 2006

Alexey Balabanov`s Underestimated melodrama, Post-Soviet the Lady with camellias . In Petersburg 1990 - h, penetrated by currents of the hidden civil war, three poor razdolbaja the designer receive the order from mortally sick quivering soderzhanki.