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The love of Sliska will leave in seven

Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Ljubov Sliska has explained the reasons of the refusal to take part in parliamentary elections. To finish career of the deputy madam Sliska has explained intention by weariness and desire to devote time to a family. Political scientists are more inclined to estimate its leaving as result of opposition with Vyacheslav Volodinym. Experts believe that madam Sliska takes a time - a miss and will be engaged in commerce.
Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma the Love of Sliska has confirmed the information that will not stand on elections for the State Duma of the sixth convocation. On Sunday she has told about the reasons of the decision. As she said, 12 years of work in the State Duma in the status of the vice-president are a heavy cargo. as a matter of fact, I do not belong to myself and I do not presume any freedom - in affairs, trips. Life passes very quickly and it would be desirable though a little bit to stay with the whom here 12 years I see only furtively and attacks - madam Sliska to news agencies has told. After the termination of deputy term vitse - the speaker intend to devote itself to a family.

Ljubov Sliska was born on October, 15th, 1953 in Saratov. In 1996 it has been appointed by governor Dmitry Ayatskov to the post the assistant to the head of region, but has soon taken a place of the constant representative of the governor in the Saratov regional thought. In 1999 madam Sliska was included into the movement service record Unity and in December has been selected by the deputy of the State Duma of the third convocation on obshchefederalnomu to the list of the selective block the Bear . It held a post of the first deputy of chairman GD of the third and fourth convocations. In 2007 it has held a post of vice-president GD. Besides, Sliska is a deputy head of fraction an United Russia The committee-man on safety, and also the commission on consideration of expenses of the federal budget directed on maintenance of defence and state security of the Russian Federation.

that Ljubov Sliska will not go on elections to the State Duma, it became known in the beginning of July when has expired term of giving of application forms for participation in prajmeriz. Rector PAGS, the former governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov considers that madam Sliska has refused to go on elections from - for weariness: To be 12 years the vice-president of the State Duma... I know, how many this post imposes obligations - here both the Council of Europe, and internal affairs... Loadings such, as the muzhik will not consult. I think that the Love of Konstantinovna does not remain without work, its talent still is useful to Russia. It the strong woman and does not need sympathy - it has explained.

At the same time political scientists explain the decision of madam Sliski opposition with vitse - prime minister Vyacheslav Volodinym who supervises over a staff of the All-Russian popular front and, accordingly, answers for the organisation and elections.

the conflict between members of the same party has inflamed in 2005 when vitse - the speaker of the State Duma and so having intense relations with party in power fraction in gordume, on air of local television has suggested deputies to combine powers, as the situation which has developed in municipal economy, testifies to the uttermost incompetence and nonprofessionalism of local authorities and first of all deputies . Deputies have in turn written the letter addressed to Vladimir Putin and Boris Gryzlov, having declared that each arrival of madam Sliski to Saratov it is marked babskimi scandals, conflicts, intrigues and full chaos and having accused her of abusing privileges. The love of Sliska has addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor, demanding to bring action about slander. The basic claims vitse - the speaker concerned the head of local executive committee an United Russia to Ivan Lobanovu - to the old ally of mister Volodina.

Political scientist Alexey Mukhin considers that leaving of madam Sliski is connected by that Vyacheslav Volodin will return to structure of the following thought. And in a role of a triumpher as the idea of a popular front belongs, apparently, to it. Therefore he, most likely, sees itself(himself) in a role almost the speaker of the State Duma, and, accordingly, practically all it antipatizanty try now with benefit for themselves to leave parliament, not to lose the face. The love of Sliska is strongly pronounced antipatizantom, therefore anything surprising that it leaves is not present. And in following structure of the State Duma to it it will be really uninteresting - he has told. Under its assumptions, after end of work of present convocation vitse - the speaker will concentrate on commercial projects .

the Vice-president of the centre of political technologies Rostislav Turovsky considers that Ljubov Sliska leaves from - that it was lost in an United Russia . It has lost the positions from - for oppositions with Volodinym and absence of own resource. It did not manage to become the political heavyweight with whom would be considered, it has not proved to be the effective politician, and was more drawn. It from Saratov - that have forced out, and now force out and from the party in power - he has told. At the same time mister Turovsky believes that other party variants at madam Sliski are not present: it will not go To LDPR and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, from Fair Russia and so people leave, and it there will come at unevident chances of passage to the State Duma, - it has explained. - To it here to take a break easier and to remain in an United Russia having lost the mandate and having found any sinecure in Moscow, than to change party and to change the political career .