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the Just cause has amplified eks - the minister

In a past week-end at once three opposition parties: the Apple the Just cause and Patriots of Russia - have confirmed lists of candidates in provincial and the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Predictably, the first places in both lists right and patriots have got to leaders of regional branches to Sergey Andreevu and Valery Sintsovu. The federal list the Apple has headed Moscow the Varangian Elena Gerasimov, and regional - lawyer Alexander Paulov who has entered recently in party. Observers estimate chances of oppositionists sceptically enough, specifying in conservative preferences of voters and too low popularity of parties.
on Saturday at the All-Russia congress the Apple In one of boarding houses situated near Moscow delegates have confirmed lists in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and also candidates of the party in regional Legislative Assemblies. The federal part of the list from the Samara region was headed by the Muscovite, the head of the Center socially - the labour law Elena Gerasimov. Into the first five of the regional list of candidates for a provincial thought have entered the former head regotdelenija ODD Solidarity lawyer Alexander Paulov, the leader Samara jablochnikov Igor Ermolenko, the commercial director Samara - GIS Alexander Semerozubov, director Peter Monastyrsky and a member of the Union of journalists of Russia Victor Sadovsky. The list on subregional groups will be presented basically by heads and active workers of local branches of party. Non-party civil active worker Alain Molodtsova will head the subregional list on Solar election district. In total, according to the leader of the Samara democrats Igor Ermolenko, in the list will be no more than 50 surnames, and from odnomandatnikov Party members and have at all decided to refuse from - for hopelessness of struggle on this field a resource an United Russia . For registration regional apple the list it is necessary to collect at least 50 thousand signatures, for federal - ten times it is less. According to mister Ermolenko, in election campaign, and also after delivery to the candidates who have passed in a thought of deputy mandates democrats intend to concentrate first of all on remedial activity. the problem a minimum - to generate fraction in a provincial thought, that is to spend at least three candidates. The regional program will be conformable that that has confirmed congress. It is protection of the civil rights and freedom as a whole, and also protection of interests of various groups of our society - mister Ermolenko has explained. Simultaneously with apple in Moscow congress " has come to the end with congress also; Patriots of Russia . Following the results of congress the federal list Samara patriots the leader regotdelenija Valery Sintsov will head, the director of the medical centre " goes the second number; It and it Oleg Sabantsev, the third and fourth places were divided among themselves a deputy head of a regional party cell by Alexander Alfimov and the head of the Tolyatti branch Gennady Volostnov. Valery Sintsov will head also the party list on elections in gubdumu. Regional lists will be confirmed on Wednesday regional partkonferentsiej, - mister Sintsov has noted yesterday. - We do not intend to involve so-called steam locomotives - known actors, oligarchs and large businessmen, but only people who worked for the last few years for the party blessing . During week-end has confirmed the lists and Samara the Just cause . Both lists, both in federal, and in regional parliament, the former minister of a forestry and ecology, the leader regotdelenija Sergey Andreev will head. Also in both lists the second place has got to the deputy gubdumy to Rufilju Ibragimovu. Except them in the first regional five have included journalist Andrey Fedorova, the deputy of the Tolyatti municipal duma Natalia Hmelnitsky and the chairman of the supervisory board of Open Company KB of El bank Anatoly Voloshin. Yesterday, as it became known , in the third line of the federal list (it on Wednesday congress will confirm) have included left in the spring with loud scandal numbers regional Fair Russia a deputy head of management on public relations Gazprom - Transgas - Samara Elena Shirninu. Definitively party program and lists will be confirmed by congress. One I can tell precisely: in election campaign, in the program we will not have slogans. We open a problem and we offer its decision - Sergey Andreev has declared yesterday . By results of elections Samara right intend to generate in regional parliament efficient fraction . Meanwhile, under forecasts of the All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion while any of the specified three parties does not break a seven-percentage barrier. Most close to armchairs of the deputy of the State Duma the Just cause (4,9 %). Behind the right go jablochniki and patriots from 2,5 % and 2,1 %. According to the data of the Samara Fund of social researches, in the Samara region look-ahead results of oppositionists are even more unfavourable. In the beginning of summer only 1,6 % from interrogated by sociologists samartsev were ready to vote for the Apple . Right and to Patriots of Russia would give the preferences of 0,6 % and 0,8 % of voters accordingly. Now these indicators practically have not changed, therefore as there are no serious bases for increase in a rating of opposition parties in the Samara region - the director of Fund of social researches Vladimir Zvonovsky speaks.