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Difficult year Well-beings

the Context
in the Autumn of 2010 NPF Well-being has entered public dispute with Minzdravsotsrazvitija who is one of regulators of the pension market. The ministry has asked FSFR to check up activity Well-beings as on fund complaints from clients arrived, whose accumulation have wrongfully been translated in this NPF, materials also have been directed to Office of Public Prosecutor. Deputy minister Yury Voronin has declared that to a management of one of the largest in the country NPF... It would be pertinent more time to give to activity of own organisation to avoid claims from the citizens who are not promoting growth of trust under the relation to all institute NPF . Next day the fund has acted with the developed answer to this criticism, naming a position of Minzdravsotsrazvitija prejudiced.

following the results of 2010 the Pension fund of Russia (PFR) has not accepted at Well-beings about 30 % of contracts on transfer there pension accumulation as they have been issued with infringements. In June of this year PFR has terminated with fund transferagentskie agreements in Moscow, and also in the Moscow and Kaliningrad areas which allowed it to involve clients independently. In these regions in branches PFR the greatest quantity of complaints of citizens has arrived, whose accumulation without their consent have been translated in Well-being .

in the Spring NPF has met difficulties with a conclusion of pension reserves at a rate of 14 mlrd rbl. from a management company Industrial traditions (see from March, 22nd). Nearby 3 mlrd rbl. from these means have been placed in Rusich the Center the bank which licence has been withdrawn after a while. this question should be decided at Central Bank level that has caused weight of inconveniences - tells a source close to fund council. Alexander Mazunin