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The account not in favour of authors

Gathering of the Russian author`s society (Russian Open Societies) have decreased for the first time: following the results of 2010 they were reduced to 3 %, to 2,694 mlrd the rbl. from which to legal owners it has been listed 1,55 mlrd rbl. On payments last year were saved by the radio speakers, started to pay author`s not from total receipts, and only from advertising incomes. Other organisations also cannot brag of growth of gathering.
in the fourth part of the Civil code which has come into force on January, 1st, 2008, six fields of activity on collective management of the author`s and adjacent rights (see the table) are defined. Operate them, that is raise and distribute author`s deductions, the noncommercial organisations which have received the state accreditation. Earlier Rosohrankultura was engaged in accreditation, since August, 8th, 2011 of its power are transferred Ministry of culture. In 2008 - 2009 department has accredited for work in five spheres three organisations - the Russian Open Society, the All-Russia organisation of intellectual property (VOIS) and Noncommercial partnership on protection and management of the rights in art sphere (NP UPRAVIS), and in October, 2010 last collector - the Russian union legal owners (ATN) has been accredited.

the Largest deductions traditionally accumulates the Russian Open Society (it is based in 1993; as founders Yury Antonov, Andrey Voznesensky and other art workers) have acted. According to the society, in 2010 its gathering have decreased on 3,01 %, to 2,694 mlrd rbl. Thus in 2009 the gain made 28,6 %, and in 2008 - m - 40,6 % (the schedule see).

Earlier growth was reached at the expense of the conclusion of new contracts with the large network companies, and here in 2010 the society had to be switched to smaller users, the general director of the Russian Open Society Sergey Fedotov explains.

But one of the main reasons - reduction of receipts from the radio speakers who have agreed about preferential rates, is underlined by him. The contract with National association teleradioveshchatelej (NAT), reducing the maximum rate of deductions under copyrights about 2 % from all income of radio station to 2 % from an advertising gain, has been signed in the end of 2009. Thus, according to Rospechat, advertising in 2010 has brought to the Russian radio stations only 71 % of incomes, or 10,3 mlrd rbl. (the rest - grants, information service, sale of the rights, etc.) . Thus, following the results of 2010 gathering paid by all speakers for the message of products in an aether or on a cable were reduced to 10,04 %, to 658,242 million rbl., on them it is necessary almost a quarter of all financial stream of the Russian Open Society - 24,44 %.

the Greatest part of all means of the Russian Open Society (42,35 %) is provided with gathering for public execution of the products, increased on 0,21 %, to 1,84 mlrd rbl. From them 699 thousand rbl. is necessary on so-called the big rights that is performances, ballets, operas, operettas and musicals, and 1,141 million rbl. more - on small that is variety pieces of music.

within 2010 of the Russian Open Society has distributed 2,269 mlrd rbl. (the part of payments is postponed for the next year), from them 1,55 mlrd rbl., or 68 %, have left to legal owners. By 200,216 million rbl. more it has been withheld in quality of taxes, and 518,932 million rbl. have made Russian Open Society expenses on gathering, distribution and payment of deductions.

Addressees 1,273 mlrd rbl. became Russian physical and legal bodies, and also the author`s organisations (Independent agency of copyrights, Public agency on protection of intellectual property, etc.). To 277,724 million rbl. More has got to foreign partners among which organisation American Society of Composers became the largest addressee, Authors and Publishers - to it was due to 36,909 million rbl.

VOIS (it is based in 2008 by Sergey Fedotovym, Yury Antonovym, Edward Hil, etc.) It was possible to collect in 2010 only 426,914 million rbl., approximately on 18 % it is less, than year before, general director VOIS Andrey Krichevsky has informed. From them to legal owners the same year it has been paid 154,93 million rbl. In the end 2009 VOIS also has reconsidered relations with radio stations, having offered them the maximum rate of 1,4 % in exchange before gathering 3 %.

ATN (it is based in 2009 of the Russian Open Society, VOIS and the Union of cinematographers of Nikita Mikhalkov), had time to work in 2010 only hardly more than two months, were collected in this time by 38 million rbl. though the potential volume of deductions is estimated in 3 mlrd rbl. a year. ATN still continues to enter into agreements with manufacturers and importers of sound recording technics and carriers: so, in the end of August the contract has been signed with the cellular operator of MTS importing the equipment for mobile communication, in July - with the company the Vector importer Lenovo and Asus.

At last, UPRAVIS (it is based in 2008 by Fund of a name of Peter Konchalovsky, the National organisation of experts in the field of art and the company art Consulting ) In 2010 again has collected nothing. unfortunately, from payments try to evade not only private auctions and galleries, but even the state Russian auction house - general director UPRAVIS Denis Lukashin complains. As he said, the first receipts have gone only in 2011, now UPRAVIS prepares judicial claims against defaulters.

* Rosohrankulturoj of the organisation on collective management of the rights (practises only area musically - drama and the fine arts).

** Quantity in the register of the collector. The actual quantity can differ.

*** It is considered accredited since October, 2010.

**** to distribute means will begin till October, 2011.

***** have signed agreements with UPRAVIS, but money has not listed/ has not received.

a source: the organisations - collectors of author`s deductions.