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At the governor the feeling of own steam locomotive

in Volgograd " has woken up Yesterday; an United Russia and Fair Russia have designated the pre-election purposes and were defined with delegates on the All-Russia congresses. Lists of candidates in candidates on deputatstvo and have not announced party. Observers connect it that the destiny of lists depends on consultations in Presidential Administration and a federal management of parties, the Volgograd politicians in them it can not appear at all.
Program theses of both parties are similar: both intend to achieve the decision of a housing question of Russians, growth of well-being of state employees and etc. And here excites parties a miscellaneous. So, Fair Russia - possible komprometatsija known Volgograd spravorossov. In particular, by means of a plot on eks - to Party member Nikolay Volkovu, whose criminal case raised in connection with suspicions in a number of sexual crimes concerning minors, now is in Dzerzhinsk district court of Volgograd. Before mister Volkov was Oleg Mikheyev`s assistant - the head regorganizatsii Fair Russia the deputy of the State Duma, and nowadays also head of a federal staff of party.

excitement is and in numbers an United Russia . Under the informal data, the party in power rating in region, and especially in Volgograd, on - former is low and does not overcome 40 % - nuju a lath. Yesterday at conference Party members spoke about necessity to finish contradictions much and to go shoulder to shoulder as the Volgograd region is in a zone of a particular interest of the federal centre . Let`s remind, what exactly in Volgograd in the beginning of May party leader Vladimir Putin has declared intention to generate the All-Russian front, and in July on pre-election front of region has appeared also close to gross national product the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov who has declared that is ready to take part in the Volgograd parliamentary campaign as one of candidates.

yesterday United Russia party members have discussed the project of the national program and have declared problems regotdelenija parties on participation in elections of deputies of the State Duma. The accent has been made on the decision of social problems (the help to citizens with the limited possibilities, preferential crediting on housing construction) and financing of these programs. Thus Party members called each other for unity. The head of the regional organisation an United Russia and the chairman of regional Duma Vladimir Efims has finished program performance by an appeal to consolidation and interaction - that will allow to achieve results . The councillor of federation Vladimir Plotnikov insisted on activity of the regional power as financing by the federal budget of the major programs for the population will depend on presence in region of target social programs. It is necessary, as the population will talk round concrete affairs of party .

performance of governor Anatoly Brovko looked especially uneasy. It addressed all members of the same party words: to Plough! Then to work after elections, it is necessary to work to elections three times more . In no event we should not, having leant against such powerful locomotive, as Victor Alekseevich (Zubkov. - ) not to collect votes - mister Brovko has declared and has sighed. But after a small pause has finished vigorously: All of us should rise here from this hall and go to voters .

struggle round the future deputy mandates Is dramatic also. According to Oleg Mikheyev, in the Volgograd region its party takes, at least, two, one of which will be it. However, by data , in the federal list, being the head of a federal staff, mister Mikheyev has not got yet.

in an United Russia surnames at all do not name. we have sent to Moscow the list of all of 114 participants prajmeriz. We have accepted it and have supported - Vladimir Efims has informed yesterday. The interlocutor in regional Duma has explained that documents are directed to Moscow on 15 first surnames from the list prajmeriz, in which number operating deputies of the State Duma, the councillor of federation Vladimir Plotnikov, some deputies of regional Duma, including Vladimir Yefimov, and also two Moscow a steam locomotive - Victor Zubkov and Vladimir Markin. But, according to the interlocutor, on first four places through passage Muscovites will get, and one place can get to the Volgograd representative of the teacher`s public.