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More than two thousand targets it is necessary to amaze with the military man of Russia and Belarus during joint doctrines the Union Board - 2011 which will pass from September, 16 till September, 22nd in the Nizhniy Novgorod and Astrakhan areas, has informed a press - service of the Western military district. as targets land breadboard models of helicopters, lighting mines, and also the modernised anti-tank guided missile " will be used; the Phalanx - M intended for imitation of a maneuvering air target - it is told in the message. Under the information a press - services, on ranges Ashuluk and Kapustin Jar in the Astrakhan region will pass fighting shooting of divisions of antiaircraft defence of armed forces of Belarus and the Western military district. soldiers of air defence on range Kapustin Jar will execute fighting shooting on malorazmernym to high-rise and low-flying air targets from antiaircraft rocket complexes Beech - 2 and With - 300 . During performance strelb air targets " will be used; Saman simulating planes of tactical aircraft and cruise missiles - it is told in a press - release.