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In Saratov opening of a memorial board in honour of Oleg Yankovsky has taken place. A memorial have established at the corner of the house 16 on B.Kazachja`s street in which there lived the actor. The monument is cast from bronze at foundry industrial complex in Zhukovsky Moscow Region. Work represents an angular board with Oleg Yankovsky`s image and the signature: Saratov - a city of my childhood and a youth Oleg Yankovsky . The photo to the sculptor was given by Oleg Ivanovicha`s brother - Nikolay Yankovsky. Representatives of administration of Saratov, creative intelligency, city public organisations, relatives, schoolmates, Oleg Ivanovicha`s neighbours and townsmen have taken part in memorial opening ceremony. In total - nearby 50 persons. The author of a memorial board sculptor Andrey ShCherbakov has told that remained is happy with the done work. Means for a memorial gathered saratovtsami more than one and a half years. The board, according to the co-ordinator of the project Sergey Perepechenova, has initially been conceived as a monument from loving and remembering spectators. For this reason art workers did not begin to address for the help to officials. Now gathering of money resources proceeds.