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The mayor of Lipetsk has listened to the opponent

Yesterday administration of Lipetsk for the first time publicly has declared that for the speaker of the City Council Alexander Sokolovym - the main competitor of mayor Michael Gulevsky on December elections of the mayor - costs New Lipetsk metkombinat (NLMK). The mister Gulevsky has published an audio record, on which employee of the newspaper “ Arguments and the facts “ confirms that critical publications about mayoralty activity pays NLMK - “ for advancement of Sokolov “. Experts consider that “ information war “ between the mayor and the speaker of the City Council only begins.
yesterday Michael Gulevsky has spent a briefing for the press on which has informed that on Tuesday the City Council will appoint elections of the mayor of Lipetsk to December, 4th, and he will try to be re-elected on this post and to remain in the mayor for the third term. However, as it was found out, for a briefing there was also other more scandalous occasion. The mister Gulevsky has published an audio record of conversation of the dispatcher of emergency service of Lipetsk with the director of local representation of the newspaper “ AiF “ which has published on September, 7th the appendix “ Lipetsk - a city of contrasts “. In appendix publications it is told that city officials live in “ houses - toys “ and at a city many problems in social sphere and housing and communal services have collected, to solve which it is necessary the speaker of the City Council Alexander Sokolovu. Also strategy of development of Lipetsk till 2020, offered by the mayoralty is exposed to the sharp criticism. The circulation of the eight-strip free supplement has made 80 thousand copies.

on record conversation of the working woman Central under abnormal condition - dispatching service of Lipetsk and the employee " is fixed; AiF - Lipetsk “. The dispatcher complains that in the appendix number of service as contact phone vitse - mayor Sergey Troshkina, therefore townspeople " is specified; all the day long call “ Also asks “ to rectify this error “. “ We cannot correct it because vkladka it is made by request of NLMK. The Moscow journalists have printed phones which to them were given by the City Council “ - the employee of edition presented by the director " explains; AiF - Lipetsk “ Elena Nenahovoj. “ From central “AiF“ came to Lisinu (to owner NLMK. - „“), it it is executed spetszakaz on advancement of Sokolov in mayors. I to you call things by their proper names “ - madam Nenahova adds ostensibly.

the Press - Michael Gulevsky Irina Sokolova`s secretary has explained „“ that the audio record was only one of occasions to a briefing. “ we wanted to place all points over i, to show, at the expense of what candidates leave on start of pre-election race. I want to underline that we in any way did not make comments on the record maintenance, have simply illustrated methods of work of our opponents “ - the madam of Sokolov has declared. The source close to the mayor, has added that “ on “AiF“ anybody is not going to submit to court “.

it is necessary to notice that earlier Lipetsk “ AiF “ already let out similar appendices “ Lipetsk in persons “ (on June, 15th) and “ road Lipetsk “ (on July, 13th). In “ AiF - Lipetsk “„ “Have confirmed that “ no any relation to the appendix have “. “ we receive the Appendix together with the newspaper after printing house, in the target data the address of the Moscow edition of Joint-Stock Company“ ΐθΤ “with the editor-in-chief Elena Semenovoj " is specified;. Regional pages of the newspaper in Lipetsk publishes ID “ the Free press “ the deputy of the Voronezh regional Duma Alexander Lapina. In “ AiF - Lipetsk “ also have specified that 20 thousand copies vkladki extend as vkladka, “ all the rest is displayed in boxes and distributed to people on hands “. In the Moscow edition “ AiF “ have referred to absence of madam Semenovoj on a workplace and have refused comments. In a press - service NLMK from comments have refrained. To Contact Alexander Sokolova`s representatives yesterday also it was not possible.

we Will remind that the speaker of the City Council United Russia party member Alexander Sokolov has confirmed recently the intention to stand in mayors though he and did not participate in prajmeriz the parties in power. In regotdelenii “ an United Russia “ do not hide that will support on elections of the mister Gulevsky, for its re-election in mayors governor Oleg Korolev stands up also. For the mister the top - management NLMK where it some years worked as the bookkeeper costs Sokolov as it is considered. However earlier it officially did not prove to be true. Also Alexander Sirotin and the deputy of the City Council apply for an armchair of the head of Lipetsk from LDPR Maxim Halimonchuk the secretary Lipetsk obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Local politicians notice that the mister Gulevsky, as a rule, is very accurate and constrained in the public statements. “ Probably, a considerable quantity of negative publications in a press, leaflets which extend on a city, and critical statements in γξπΰδμθνθρςπΰφθθ address from Sokolov have resulted a command Gulevsky in a conclusion that is time to give the adequate information answer. It is assured that war of compromising evidences between Gulevsky and Sokolov only begins “ - one of deputies of a regional council on the condition of anonymity has noted. One more representative of regional parliament Ilya Saharov agrees that “ when the war axe was dug out by one party, another should answer “. “ the City power has shown that will react to actions of opponents “ - mister Saharov considers. However, he believes that “ the collapse of a seamy side during campaign will not bring dividends to anybody “. “ I Hope, there will be a struggle of political programs, instead of the compromising evidence “ - mister Saharov summarised. And Maxim Halimonchuk counts that “ lipchane rather will be tired of dismantlings of the mayor and the speaker, therefore can vote for someone the third “.