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“ Orelteplogaz “ have asked to remain

the Mayoralty of the Eagle has managed to agree with the tenant of heating systems of a city of Open Company “ Orelteplogaz “ that the company till the end of September will pay about 33 million rbl. of a debt to municipal Open Society “ Orelgorteploenergo “ thereby leaving supervision procedure, also will begin a cold season. However, in the long term in goradministratsii do not exclude carrying out of new auction on the right of rent of heating systems of a city. By data „“, except “ Orelteplogaza “ to networks shows interest “ the Quadra “.
the Press - the secretary of the mayor of the Eagle Leonov`s Hope has confirmed „“ that goradministratsija has solved “ a question of principle “ about the cold season beginning. “ it is unequivocally decided that will begin a season of “Orelteplogaz“ - the company upon now works on networks, it has a tariff, and something to change now there is no sense “ - Leonov`s madam has explained. She has noticed also that with “ Orelteplogazom “ the firm arrangement is reached that the company will extinguish about 33 million rbl. of a debt to municipal Open Society “ Orelgorteploenergo “ which leases it networks. “ having liquidated a debt, “Orelteplogaz“ leaves supervision procedure “ - Leonov`s madam has explained.

we will remind that “ Orelteplogaz “ which is supervised by structures “ Gazprom “ rented in 2009 for 11 months teplosetevoj a complex of the Eagle in balance cost from above 1 mlrd rbl. at municipal Open Society “ Orelgorteploenergo “. It was planned that further the long-term agreement will be entered into with the investor and it will enclose in modernisation of actives not less than 1 mlrd rbl. However in the end of the last year between the mayoralty and “ Orelteplogazom “ the conflict concerning performance by the tenant of the obligations has flashed, and the administration tried to spend new auction on the right of the conclusion of lease contracts of property “ Orelgorteploenergo “. In the end of November, 2010 the arbitration court of the Oryol region has entered into Open Society “ Orelgorteploenergo “ supervision procedure - under the claim affilirovannogo with “ Orelteplogazom “ Open Company “ Gazprom mezhregiongaz the Eagle “ (a debt of 43,6 million rbl.) And then under the petition of time managing director Sergey Bogaja has forbidden the mayoralties to spend auction. As a result to heat a city has continued “ Orelteplogaz “ which did not begin to return a network of the municipal company. “ Orelgorteploenergo “ has put in in arbitration the statement for return of actives from rent. As appears from arbitration materials, “ Orelteplogaz “ insists that works with heating systems of a city on the basis of new lease contracts teplosetevogo property which have been concluded with “ Orelgorteploenergo “ in the end of 2010. However representatives of the municipal company have notified court that the contract has not been concluded, the parties only exchanged variants of the agreement which as a result did not suit any of the companies (in particular, “ Orelgorteploenergo “ insisted on increase in a rent from 14 million to 18 million rbl. a month). As a result the arbitration court of the Oryol region in the end of July has made the decision on return of heating systems “ Orelgorteploenergo “. However, “ Orelteplogaz “ has made the complaint in the appeal.

“ the main thing - to start to heat a city. And receivership proceeding between the companies will dare within the limits of a legal field “ - has explained a press - the secretary of the mayor of the Eagle.

the head “ Orelteplogaza “ Vadim Mihajlov has refused to make comments on mutual relations of the enterprise with the mayoralty. “ we are in constant dialogue with administration, besides we have legal proceedings, we endure bankruptcy procedure. As soon as we will start to work in a stable mode and on the lawful bases, I will be glad to answer all questions “ - mister Mihajlov has declared.

the Source familiar with a situation, has told that “ Orelteplogaz “ counts on the long-term contract of rent for a period of 20 years, however the mayoralty nevertheless can expose further networks on auction. One more applicant for actives, according to the interlocutor „“, is Open Society “ Oryol teplosetevaja the company “ (“ a daughter “ “ Quadras “ which supervises in the Eagle the central thermal highways and city thermal power station). To it “ Orelteplogaz “ according to the mayoralty, should over 114 million rbl. However, yesterday in Open Society “ Oryol teplosetevaja the company “ have refused comments on possible participation in auction on the right of rent of networks of a city.

the deputy of the City Council Sergey Senin has noticed that the mayoralty very much nepublichno operates on teplosetevom the market, does not give the information to the full even to members of parliament. Mister Senin has expressed hope that will heat in a city normally, differently dispute of managing subjects will outgrow on the eve of elections in political scandal.