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birthday of the director of the Moscow house of a photo Olga Sviblovoj

It are congratulated Today by the writer Alla Gerber:

- Dear Olechka! What remarkable occasion was presented to me not simply to congratulate you, and to tell that I love you, you I admire and very much of you I am proud. I already do not remember, when and as we have got acquainted with you, it was very much for a long time, but I then have already seen, what you unusual and remarkable. You responsible, lovely, charming and approach to all thoroughly. You have a business to which you are not simply betrayed, but also it is fine in it understand. You not simply do exhibitions, but also give the chance to talented photographers to declare yourself. You are very lovely, beautiful and obrazovanna. I am glad that we have you. I hope that you understand that you have all of us. Be healthy, my dear. Happy birthday! Alla Gerber.

Olga Sviblovu is congratulated by the writer Victor Yerofeev:

- Dear Olja! You for me an example of light creative energy. All who with you are on friendly terms or work, share this opinion. I want, that you continued to be shone, and for this purpose at last - that the roof over your museum is necessary. Then all history of Russia in photos will be reliably protected from any climatic changes.