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the Fire of special importance
// WILL not seem
the Russian premiere of a new film Appointed to June, 21st of Timur Bekmambetova " a little; it is especially dangerous can break from - for a fire at studio Universal in Hollywood. On June, 1st, when in studio premises ignition has begun, work on the special version of the picture intended for the Russian spectator should come to the end. Materials of this version could suffer from fire. Timur Bekmambetov who was on a fire place, has told: the Main thing that negatives and archives have remained. If they suffer, to fill loss it will be already impossible also has added: Risk that it is necessary to reduce the Russian version of a picture anew, it is great . The world premiere of the film should pass in Los - Andzhelese on June, 19th, and the film exit on screens worldwide is planned for June, 26th. The author`s version of a picture for Russia prepared for Bekmambetovym as separate film event: The Russian version of dialogues of a film was created by known writer Sergey Lukyanenko, installation of separate scenes has been made specially for the Russian audience. Earlier world premiere of the film was already transferred - since March for June. At a final stage of work on a picture producers of studio Universal, having estimated statement level, have decided to translate a film in the category of the main releases of a season and to let out it in June when in Hollywood traditionally take place the main film premieres of year.

during a fire on a film studio have completely burnt down scenery of streets of New York and New England, and also an exhibition King - Konga. By fire it is destroyed about 50 thousand videorecordings in studio storehouse where there were originals of films 1930 - h and 1940 - h years. It is the seventh burnout under the account on the oldest film studio in Hollywood.

Strong this field
the Command of the Russian politicians and actors Rosich - Starko Has beaten with the account 2:1 a national team of stars of Italian platform Nazionale Italiano Cantanti in a charitable football match. Game has taken place at the Moscow stadium the Locomotive . For Russia have acted the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Arcady Dvorkovich, vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu, the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov, honoured artists of the Russian Federation Vladimir Presnyakov - the senior and Victor Zinchuk, the national actor of the Russian Federation Dmitry Haratjan, musician Valery Syutkin, singer Vlad Topalov and others. An Italian team such stars of a platform, as Pupo, Onions Barbarossa represented, Rikkardo Foli, to Enriko Rudzheri. Italians have hammered the first (on 5 - j to minute Pupo has caused a stir), but Anvar Satarov`s goals (54 - I minute) and Ilya Glinnikova (57-) have helped Starko to achieve a victory.

the match passed in frameworks of the All-Russia charitable action Under the flag of Good! To which time fund raising for rendering of medical aid to children needing expensive treatment is spent. The action is spent to the fourth time. For the first time it has taken place in 2005 in Moscow, and a year later became All-Russia. With 2005 for 2007 thanks to the action the help have received more than 250 children to which address have directed more than 75 million rbl.

Football matches within the limits of the charitable action became already traditional. In 2005 at capital stadium there were two nonprofessional, but popular enough commands in Russia: sports club Rosich at the government of the Russian Federation and football club of stars of the Russian platform Starko . Last year in Sochi has passed the first World championship on football among actors - futbolno - musical festival art - football in which 16 commands from every corner of the globe participated.

Kortni of Lavas have deprived of the last
Ashes of the leader of group Nirvana Kurta Cobain is stolen from the house of its widow Kortni of Lavas. Madam Lav has told that ashes of the musician together with a ringlet of its hair were stored in a pink handbag in the form of a bear in its house in Los - Andzhelese. According to Lavas, she was horrified, when two weeks ago has found out that the sack was gone. I can not believe that someone could take away from me ashes of Kurta. On - to mine, it is simply disgusting, now I literally on the verge of suicide, - has declared Lavas. - I do not represent that I will do, if I will not return remains . Malefactors also have taken out from the house clothes on some thousand dollars and a jewelry.

in 1994 Kurt Cobain, being under the influence of drugs, has shot at itself from a gun. The part of its ashes has been disseminated in buddistskom a temple in New York, another - on the river near to its house in the State of Washington, and last part was stored until recently in the house of Kortni of Lavas. now at me such feeling that I again have lost it - the widow of the musician has told.

// from the HAMMER
Furgonnoe art
the Married couple owning a trailer which has been painted by the known British artist - graffitistom Benksi, hopes to gain for the property and #163; 0,5 million Such is estimated working costs of the artist which will be sold from auction in the near future. Work under the name Fragile silence ( Fragile Silence ) In the size nine on two metres are represented by the group of soldiers unloading on coast a stereo set. The trailer served as the house for a married couple and their three children. According to Mrs. Nile, they were familiar with Benksi more than 12 years. When the artist has learnt that the pair is going to go for the British musical festival to Glastonbury on the trailer, he has suggested to paint walls of their mobile house. And Benksi not only did not take from spouses of money for work, but also has presented it two tickets for festival. The pair has decided to sell the trailer as since then they had a fourth child and they have wanted to get the house. Spouses have bought a trailer 11 years ago for and #163; 1 thousand

Benksi - one of the most popular artists - graffitistov which nevertheless carefully hides any information on. It has got popularity, drawing provocative graffiti on walls of houses in the native city of Bristol. Besides, Benksi has spent unusual performance in the largest museums of the USA and Europe. It has hanged out the pictures and installations in halls of a museum among pictures of known artists. Now works of Benksi are on sale for the big money. So, last year its graffiti the Space girl and a bird ( Space Girl And Bird ) has been sold for and #163; 288 thousand

// it is sold!
on wine steams
Auction of wines which has come to the end in Hong Kong, has collected the record sum for Asia - $8,2 million Auction was spent by winehouse Acker, Merrall and Condit. The most expensive wine sold on it had appeared Domaine de la Romanee - Conti 1990 which box has left for 1,89 million Hong Kong dollars (about $242 thousand) . Three big bottles sparkling Dom Perignon a crop 1966, 1973 and have been sold 1976 for $93 thousand - the record price given for champagne. Box Chateau Le Pin 1982 has left for $105,5 thousand Great interest has caused a box of wine Chateau Mouton Rothschild of 1945, sold as a result for $155 thousand Most part of 200 registered buyers at the auctions was made by inhabitants of Hong Kong, Chineses (living in China), and also inhabitants of Macao. As experts mark, the wine market of Asia is in a growth condition, and many local consumers aspire to catch good and expensive wines. The held auctions - second-large since this year Hong Kong has cancelled duties for wine import.

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