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Yeltsin`s cup has returned home

On Monday in Ekaterinburg and Nizhni Tagil games of the international tournament among female national teams on a cup of the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin have come to the end. Despite defeat in last match (from a command of the Netherlands - 1:3), Russian national team - for the first time for last three years became the winner of competitions. Except a traditional prize, our volleyball players have received the check for 4 million roubles. Yeltsin`s cup was spent now to the sixth time and it has appeared the weakest on structure of participants. To Ural Mountains there have arrived not eight national teams, as last years, and only six. And only two of them - Russia and (with some stretch) the Netherlands - enter into elite of world female volleyball. Other four - Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia and Bulgaria - concerns the second echelon.

as the trainer Ekaterinburg " has informed ; Uralochki Nikolay Karpol who was a part of organising committee of a cup of Yeltsin, such set of participants has been caused by objective factors. the strongest female national teams now play tournaments of a series of Gran - at, - our legendary trainer under the direction of whom Russian national team won on Yeltsin`s Cup twice has explained. - our command this year there could not make the way. That the national team had a game practice on the eve of the Olympic Games in Beijing, tournament in prizes of the first President of Russia should be spent for a month before usual, and as contenders to invite those who also does not participate in Gran - at .

the Regulations of tournament from - for reduced should be changed numbers of participants. Divisions of commands into two groups this year were not, also as well as stages plej - off. All national teams have played with each other on one match, and the winner has been defined on total of the typed points.

Russian national team was considered as the obvious favourite of competitions (only it one of all six participants will play the Olympic Games - 2008). The hopes assigned to it, our command in general - that has justified ahead of schedule - for round before the termination of competitions having won first place. But game of a national team of special delights in anybody has not caused. However, according to the captain of our command ekaterinburzhenki Marinas Shesheninoj, it is quite explainable. Yeltsin`s cup is a stage of preparation for the Olympic Games, - she has told after a match with Belarus which Russians have won with enormous work (3:2). - Therefore now we not only play, but also we train in a gym much, we work with a bar. It is clear that we strongly are tired and consequently we operate on a platform not so strongly as we can .

the match of last game day in which there was Russia and the Netherlands became the Present spoon of tar. On this game the widow of the first president of Russia Naina Yeltsin, his daughter Tatyana Yumashev, and also the president of the All-Russia federation of volleyball eks - the head of FSB Nikolay Patrushev have arrived. However to please their our sportswomen have not managed: having won the first party, three following (and with them and all match) Russians have lost.

as a result our command has typed 9 points - as much, how many a national team of Bulgaria, but thanks to the best parity of the won and lost sets of the Russian all - taki became winners of tournament. They have won Yeltsin`s Cup for the first time for last three years (in 2006 - m and 2007 - m the trophy got to Chinese women).

Vladimir Vasilev