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Moscow was resolved from obremeneny

to the Developers buying at auctions sites in Moscow under building of office, trading and hotel real estate (the city is going to build habitation basically itself), it is not necessary to clear the earth any more - to take down structures, to agree with their proprietors, inhabitants or tenants. Obremenenija officials will incur. Payment of a share of a city (40 % and more from project cost) also is abolished - it will include in the starting price of a site at auction.
new rules of carrying out of ground auctions in Moscow really will start to operate only since August though they are fixed by the city decision from May, 20th (N 417 About the further development of system of preparation and tendering at realisation of investment projects in capital construction sphere in the city territory of Moscow ) And corresponding amendments to the federal legislation - Town-planning and Ground codes - have appeared in the beginning of 2007. About it the employee capital strojkompleksa has told.

On the first auctions where will not be neither city shares, nor others obremeneny, sites under five objects of garage building will be exposed, the representative of tender committee of Moscow has confirmed. As he said, these auctions will pass in August. The head of department of economic development of Moscow Yury Rosljak speaks about coming into force of new usages also.

He has specified that now a city itself will be engaged in clearing of a site and preparation of all necessary graddokumentatsii that the buyer needed to build only object . Earlier the developer has been compelled to settle questions with proprietors of the buildings located in territory of a site, their inhabitants and tenants, independently to take down local structures.

Sale by Moscow of sites on which the rights of the third parties have not been settled, often caused censures from federal soldiers - other capital official remembers. Under the new version of the Ground code for site sale at auction it is necessary to put it on the state ground cadastral account in Rosnedvizhimosti, and for this purpose it should be free from the rights of the third parties.

officials explain that now the starting price of a site for auction will be calculated by an independent expert appraisal, being based on cadastral cost of the earth and all expenses suffered by a city on preparation of a platform to the auctions. The so-called share of a city which can sometimes make to 40 % of cost of the project, also will be considered, as they said, in the starting price for auction. The average cadastral price of one hectare, for example, in the Western administrative district of Moscow makes $7,5 million One of the Moscow developers admits that expenses for clearing of a site from obremeneny can reach 20 - 30 % in investment cost of the project. Sredneja the cost price of building of one sq. m in Moscow, is reminded by it, makes about $3 thousand

For the Moscow market of real estate it in a revolutionary way a new order though in some other Russian cities such technology was included for a long time into practice, developers mark. The owner of the Petersburg company Lemeshko and partners Dmitry Lemeshko says that in St.-Petersburg the power already expose on auction only pure from obremenenija sites.

though now all expenses also will be included in the price of the rights of rent, which will be incurred by a city to pack a site, the builder should not incur the risks connected with a pulling down of structures, negotiations with proprietors " any more; - the general director Moscow GK " rejoices; Orgstrojinvest Svetlana Tretjakova. Frequently cost of expenses and terms of the permission of these questions cannot be predicted that negatively affects profitability of the project, she adds. According to vice-president GK Tashir Vitaly Efimkina, on the decision of all questions with obremenenijami can leave about one year and more. Each superfluous year at the expense of growth of cost of building materials and percent on the credit can add to the cost price of building of one square metre to $1 thousand - commercial director Capital Group Alexey Belousov speaks.