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Clear up has risen on the reporting

the Conjuncture

At the yesterday`s auctions in the Russian stock market traders have continued the speculation for the rise begun one week ago. In the end of the auctions they even managed to overcome level in 2400 points on RTS index. However to be fixed above forces has not sufficed. As a result the auctions have come to the end on a mark 2399,15 points, on 1,4 % above the previous closing. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has added following the results of day of 1,25 %, having stopped on a mark 1854,82 points. Activity of participants of the auctions has a little grown in comparison with previous day, however remained at the average level. The volume of the auctions in sector of the classical market of a stock exchange of RTS has made 32,7 million, having exceeded an indicator of Monday on 9 %. The volume of the auctions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has grown on 16 % - to 41,9 mlrd rbl.

According to analyst IF Olma Anton Startseva, Despite a statistics exit on the economy of the USA which have appeared worse of expectations, optimism of investors was supported by good reporting Goldman Sachs for the last quarter . Yesterday one of the world`s largest investment banks has reported for the second quarter 2008. In spite of the fact that net profit Goldman Sachs for a quarter has decreased on 11 % to $2,09 mlrd ($4,58 on the action), this result has appeared above expectations of analysts ($3,42 on the action). The bank Net avails have decreased on 7 % to $9,42 billion Thus, the bank managed to avoid losses which were incurred by other active player of debt market Lehman Brothers. Right after opening of the exchange auctions in the USA actions Goldman Sachs have grown in the price for 1,5 %. But for a long time to be kept in positive area to bank actions it was not possible. In three hours of the auctions of their quotation have decreased on 0,9 %. However, actions of other investment banks showed stronger decrease - 1,1 - 3,2 %. However reporting Goldman Sachs has affected a financial segment of the Russian market positively. As considers portfelnyj operating UFG Asset Management Polina Minkina, probably, speculators took shares, counting on the positive reporting Goldman Sachs which net profit has appeared much better a consensus - the forecast of analysts. Following the results of the auctions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchanges of the action of the Savings Bank have grown on 2,3 - 2,7 %, actions VTB - on 2,3 %. Thus the volume of the auctions by Savings Bank actions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has exceeded 7,6 mlrd rbl., i.e. having made almost the fifth part of the auctions at a stock exchange.

among leaders of growth there were also securities Uralkalija . At a stock exchange of RTS of their quotation have grown on 6,8 %. On LSE quotations GDR on shares of company have risen on 5,3 % (to $78,2), and the volume of the auctions has exceeded $120 million Growth proceeds from the beginning of the past week. In this time securities of one of the largest Russian manufacturers of fertilizers have grown more than on 20 %. As marks Polina Minkina, yesterday`s jump also is caused by increase of the target price of shares of company by analysts of Citybank from $69 to $86 for GDR. As a whole actions Uralkalija rise in price after the prices for the fertilizers, reached $1000 for ton. Thus analysts and company management predict that the prices will not fall and in long-term prospect.

among less liquid actions group securities " were allocated; Clear up . Their quotations at auctions FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange have grown yesterday on 8,8 %. As the analyst of Bank of Moscow considers Rostislav Musienko, investors have positively estimated new strategy of the company on expansion of the agricultural earths . Yesterday the company has published the reporting on MSFO for 2007. A gain Razguljaja has grown on 35 % to 31 mlrd rbl., EBITDA - on 46 % to 4,7 mlrd rbl. the Net profit following the results of a year has grown in 1,3 times - to 1,2 mlrd rbl.

Yesterday on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchanges were stirred bonds of three large loans - Rosselhozbanka, the Volgograd and Moscow areas. To the most appreciable became actions on placing 8 - go release of five years` bonds of Moscow Region for the sum 10 mlrd rbl. on placing were included Into syndicate structure 22 banks and the investment companies. It was the auction rare species when the price of placing of papers, instead of the coupon rate was defined. As a result cost of bonds has been established at a rate of 101,5 % from face value. Thus, profitableness of debt papers has made 8,68 % annual (the rate of coupons - 9 %). Investors had been submitted 110 demands for the sum more than 15,9 mlrd rbl. From them has been satisfied 63. The Russian both foreign banks and investment companies participated In auction. According to experts, placing has passed with the award to addressing releases of the emitter. Yesterday three-year bonds of Moscow Region bargained with profitableness of 8,32 %, six-year - 8,57 % annual.