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Michael Kasyanov`s party have sent to Strasbourg

Moscow City Court yesterday has not satisfied the appeal of party of Michael Kasyanov the People for democracy and justice (VAT) concerning refusal of Federal registration service (FRS) in a party registration. According to mister Kasyanov, the judgement confirms that Dmitry Medvedev continues an anticonstitutional course Vladimir Putin. Lawyer Vadim Prokhorov considers necessary to address in the Constitutional court as the law in force allows to refuse registration of any party.
session of cassation board of Moscow City Court has begun yesterday with scandal. Lawyer Vadim Prokhorov has declared that representative FRS of Evgenie Zelensky is the inadequate representative of department as by the decree of president Dmitry Medvedev of function FRS regarding registration of the noncommercial organisations are transferred Ministry of Justice so it and should be the respondent. The madam Zelensky in the answer has declared that in departments duties are not redistributed yet, not reduced established posts and reorganisation will last till October. Such statement of a question has satisfied court, and he has allowed FRS to represent Ministry of Justice. In FRS to the correspondent have reminded that when in 2005 of function of Ministry of Justice have transferred FRS, employees of the ministry dohazhivali in courts, as it old pravootnoshenija : Such practice exists, and anybody has not challenged it till now .

Mister Prokhorov convinced court that, having refused to the VAT registration, FRS has incorrectly applied the law About political parties : the Position of Rosregistratsii is reduced to that for party refusal in registration enough one infringement, even such, as an error in date of birth of one party member .

In refusal FRS it is said that during random inspection Membership in party of six minor citizens is established, 23 party members are registered in regional branches not in a place of the residing, and 8 persons have died before carrying out of general meetings of regional branches .

the Lawyer has directed attention that from - for claims to 37 Party members to 56 thousand has been refused registration of their party. the died citizens are not opiska, and 37 errors are a slyness - the madam Zelensky was indignant, having underlined that the judge all norms of the law has applied correctly . As a result the Moscow City Court has rejected the VAT complaint. the judgement shows unwillingness of the new power to change a political policy: the new president, and an anticonstitutional course proceeds - the leader of the VAT Michael Kasyanov has declared.

now supporters eks - a premiere intend to address in the European court under human rights. And lawyer Prokhorov considers necessary to challenge in the Constitutional court of position of the law About political parties concerning refusal in registration as any party in courts did not manage to prove illegality of refusals of Rosregistratsii. So, the same Tagansky regional court has rejected at once three claims of party Great Russia which FRS in the summer of last year has twice refused registration on the same bases, as Michael Kasyanov`s party.

in article 20 - j the law About political parties it is said that parties can be refused registration, if by the federal authorised body it is established that containing in presented for the state registration of political party documents the information does not correspond to requirements of the present federal law . However in article 3 - j it is told that in party should consist not less than 50 thousand members Also that more than in half of subjects of federation should be it regional branches number not less than 500 members . Judging by documents FRS, Michael Kasyanov`s party has executed these requirements.

in Ministry of Justice and FRS yesterday official comments it was not possible to receive. However in informal conversation employees FRS have underlined that the political parties law it is registered accurately : There it is said that the party member should be the citizen of the Russian Federation, full age and besides live but if someone wants that in the political parties law as in the selective legislation, the percent of admissible marriage has been registered is other question .

the Chairman of committee of the State Duma under the constitutional legislation and state building Vladimir Pligin has declared that the law About political parties gives sufficient possibilities to parties. Moreover, according to the deputy, Difficult enough process of party natsbolov (Edward Limonova`s parties also it has been refused registration. - ) has shown that the law works .