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Orange coalitions have prolonged life

Race for power

the Speaker of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Arseny Jatsenjuk yesterday has declared that a ruling democratic coalition of the Block of Yulia Timoshenko and the propresidential block Our Ukraine - National Self-defence continues to exist legally, despite an exit from it two deputies. It has proved the position that, according to item 83 of the Ukrainian constitution, the coalition consists of deputy fractions, instead of from separate deputies so, the autocratic exit from a ruling alliance of separate members of parliament cannot form the basis for its dissolution. it is direct imperative norm. Only the fraction decision is the basis for dissolution of an existing coalition and creation new - the speaker has declared.

Arseny Jatsenjuka`s Yesterday`s performance should put an end in disputes on legitimacy of a present coalition which have inflamed after in the beginning of month it left two deputies of the Supreme Rada from fractions BJUT and NUNS Igor Rybakov and Yury But, having deprived a majority alliance. That who still doubts viability orange the speaker has advised to address in the constitutional court of the country. about this point in question interpretation there is a unique body of the constitutional jurisdiction, and 45 doubting deputies have the right to address in the constitutional court concerning item 83 explanation - mister Jatsenjuk has told.

Meanwhile Victor Yanukovych`s Party of Regions of the first was caused to follow to council of the speaker. Its fraction is going to address in KS for an explanation of the mechanism of the termination of activity of a parliamentary coalition. we collect signatures and we will address in court - the deputy - regional Vasily Jara has promised yesterday. NIKOLAY - FILCHENKO

Talibs have begun summer approach
the Authorities of Afghanistan yesterday declared a transfer in area of Kandahar where scale approach of insurgents of movement " has begun; the Taliban additional army divisions. Them will strengthen parts of the NATO which also are developed in the south of the country. As the official representative of a contingent of the NATO in Afghanistan Mark Lejti has declared yesterday, only in the morning from Kabul for Kandahar has taken off four military - the transport plane with military men of the Afghani army. In total for last days on the south of Afghanistan it has been thrown about thousand soldiers. Besides, to Kandahar which enters into a zone of responsibility of the Canadian contingent from structure of the international forces of assistance of safety in Afghanistan (ISAF), additional parts of the NATO are relocated.

By estimations of the western special services, now at the disposal of Talibs in this area is available not less than 1,5 thousand fighters. To morning of Tuesday under their control there was an extensive area to the north from a city. we have taken very good positions, - mullah Ahmadulla has declared yesterday. - Now we needed to wait for the approach of armies of the NATO to finish with them . However in a management of Afghanistan differently consider this operation. Official Kabul is full of determination to prove that in a condition itself to solve military problems on an antagonism to Talibs. The president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has promised to destroy organizers of an attack on Kandahar prison. we will find them even if for this purpose it is necessary to intrude on territory of Pakistan - he has heatedly declared. Islamabad has already declared the protest to the Afghani ambassador and has threatened to answer adequately if the Afghani armies cross border. OLGA - BEREZINTSEVA