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10 answers Daniel Hachaturova

On magazine questions - Money on air of radio station the Silver rain the president of a group of companies " has answered; Rosgosstrakh .
1. You the single or the command player?

- I the command player, but sometimes like to play loneliness. When you play for a command, you always divide with it responsibility. But when you leave to beat a penalty, you play itself. During the most responsible moments it is necessary to take decision-making on itself.

2. You could change the work For what kind of activity?

- the Work I do not want to change, it pleases me. To a policy would not go. Here business is a fair history: well you work - there is at you money, badly work - there is no money.

3. How long you plan to be engaged in in what now be engaged?

- While work brings pleasure. I hope that long enough.

4. You save on something?

- Oh, on all I save. Even on meal. There is no time to eat, therefore money remains. I take money in the morning, in the evening exactly as much at me and is. Because I have not time to spend them.

5. On what hobbies it is not a pity to you of money?

- On sports. I love sports. Football including because itself in the childhood was engaged in football, played for Spartak . I like to have a rest with friends, we go on more and more or less outstanding sports actions. It brings to me great pleasure, on it it is completely not a pity money.

6. On what you spend free time, and on what would like to spend?

- I do not have free time, and it is my main problem. And would like to spend for children.

7. Who or what the greatest impact on an activity choice has made?

- the Case. Simply so it has turned out: it was interesting to me to be engaged in something big and interesting after Slavneft . I now am afraid of my friends - of oil industry workers to offend, but the sharpness as - that was lost at me. Simple business. These are natural resources. There it is not necessary to struggle neither for the client, nor for optimisation of processes. Has found it, has extracted... On pipes which are constructed davnym - for a long time, at factories which are constructed davnym - for a long time... I have visited at meeting of several clever children and have understood that as - that I am lost, they with the market struggle every day, and it is them holds in a tone. Oil industry workers are now very weakened, whether that.

8. What do you consider as the main victory?

- that we here talk about Rosgosstrakh . When there was a privatisation six years ago, the company was 52 - j. The first year it was very difficult. It was a shame that such huge collective - and so looks at you and does not trust. This brand which now all know, too we have thought up, have sold to the workers, it was very important. They have believed in it and have gone. Also have reached. We today the first, in the Eastern Europe the second, hope to become the next three years the first, here for it pride covers me.

9. To whom do you envy?

- I Envy people at whom it is a lot of free time.

10. What for you it is more important than money?

- Yes almost all. Money is has simply measured. It never end in itself, and the tool which you can make the big affairs. Therefore all the rest is, of course, better than money.