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Gazprom the Conjuncture

the Transaction on sale " is going to finish the transaction on Kovykte

; to Gazprom the belonging multinational corporations - VR 63 % of actions of Open Society Rusia Petroleum (owns the licence on Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnoe a deposit) it will be closed in the near future the head of monopoly Alexey Miller has informed. There were purely technical moments - it has explained. The agreement on sale of Kovykty to Gazprom it has been signed on June, 22nd, 2007. In the end of May the chief of department of foreign trade activities Gazprom Stanislav Tsygankov said that the price is almost co-ordinated - $1 mlrd or something about that . The assistant to the chief executive of the multinational corporation - VR on development of gas business Alister Ferguson has confirmed that the parties are close to agreement achievement on terms of transaction and financial questions and transaction closing probably in the near future . However the multinational corporation board of directors - VR yet did not consider it and will make it after the definitive coordination of all conditions management. Now between the Russian and British shareholders of the multinational corporation - VR there is a conflict concerning control over the company. Head VR in Russia Richard Spiz spoke in interview (number from June, 16th) see that VR for a long time already is ready to co-ordinate the transaction.