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OWNING the RIGHTS TO the HERITAGE of the WRITER Klajva Stejplza Lewis company C. S. Lewis tries to seize at the ten years` child a domain name www. narnia. mobi. living in Scotland Richard and Dzhillian Sevil - Smith have registered the domain in a gift to the son on birthday. The company has demanded to transfer it the domain, but parents have refused flatly. Now Richard and Dzhillian Sevil - Smith ask the public to help to defend it the rights of the child.

to the NEAPOLITAN OFFICIALS HAVE forbidden to leave in the Internet more than at one o`clock within the working day. On such measures the head of local administration Luigi Massa has gone in connection with reduction of hardware expenses. Besides audit has shown that officials visit basically entertaining resources, including pornosites. For a city, whose streets are filled up by not taken out garbage (p. 38 see), such decision seems quite justified.

the COMPANY YANDEX OBJAVILA about fast purchase of news agency SMIlink which is engaged in gathering of the information on stoppers on the Russian roads. At Yandex already is antiprobochnyj service, however its quality causes set of censures in drivers.

the BATTALION SITE brothers of Jamadaevyh is announced. The Internet - a resource gudermesskogo battalion GRU the East should appear in the near future. Thereby we Promise also Isa Jamadaevy will have an opportunity to express the opinion on the conflict to a present management of the Chechen Republic. According to the representative of a battalion, site creation has for an object to break through information blockade in which there is a disgraced division.