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Residences of heads of the states
spend the Considerable part of time of the head of the states of the world in the residences: there they receive visitors, hold sessions, sometimes even live together with a family. These buildings or the whole complexes rather differ on luxury level, registration and availability to the citizens, many of them have rich history. the power has found out, what residences on each of continents are the oldest, the greatest and have entailed the greatest expenses on building or operation. For the description residences of people, de - fakto operating the states, or those who formally holds the first post in the country are selected. So, in the presidential or mixed republics it, as a rule, the president, in parliamentary republics and in the European constitutional monarchies - the prime minister, in all other cases - the president or the monarch. Names of residences are resulted in Russian as for a part of buildings or complexes there are settled names. For other residences original names in Russian transcription or their transfer are resulted.

authors - composers: Evgenie Belov, Nikolay Ziborov, Valentine Makov, Marina Smirnova.

Authors are in advance grateful for any specifications which it is possible to direct e-mail to the address: vlast@kommersant. ru.


the oldest residences

the Apostolic palace - residence of the Pope Benedict XVI

the Apostolic palace placed in the neighbourhood with a St Peter`s place, represents a complex from the several buildings erected in the end of XVI century. Apartments of head Rimsko enter into it - Catholic church, administration of the church, several chasoven, the Vatican library and museums with the richest collections of painting and works of art actually. The palace ensemble also includes the Sikstinsky chapel decorated with frescos Michelangelo. Besides a chapel at tourists apartments of Bordzhia and Stantsy Raphael, painted with the known artist use great popularity.

a complex total area - 5 hectares. All museums are opened for tourists, the price of the ordinary ticket makes 14, however last Sunday each month to look at the collections of works of art collected by predecessors of Benedict XVI, it is possible free of charge.


de Kastile - residence of premieres - the minister Lawrence Gonzi

the Three-storyed building of official residence of premieres - the minister is constructed by Oberzh in capital of the island state the city of Valette in 1574. In 1741 private residence has undergone to reconstruction in which result has taken a today`s form. Originally in a building executed in Baroque style, the farmstead and a staff - apartment of a knightly award of sacred John took place. In 1814 Malta became a colony of Great Britain, and a building have given to the British military command. During the Second World War the private residence has seriously suffered from actions of German and Italian artillery, however subsequently has been restored. Residence of premieres - the minister a building of Oberzh de Kastile became in 1972.

the Address: Malta, Valletta VLT 1210, St Paul`s Street, 13, Auberge de Castille


Dvorets Kidzhi - residence of premieres - the minister Silvio Berlusconi

the Palace of Kidzhi located in the centre of Rome, is constructed in 1580 for an aristocratic family of Aldobrandini. In 1659 five-floor private residence with an internal court yard traditional for similar buildings the family of Kidzhi which have given to it the today`s name has got. About 1878 palace served as residence of ambassador Avstro - Hungary in Italy. In 1916 private residence has carried over the state, in it the ministry of affairs of colonies, and then the Ministry for Foreign Affairs have been placed. In 1922 in a palace Benito Mussolini combining posts of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the premieres - the minister was installed. Foreign policy department has left a palace of Kidzhi in 1962 when the building has been transformed into residence of premieres - the minister.

the address: Italy, Roma, Piazza Colonna 370, Palazzo Chigi

the Greatest residences

- president residence George Pyrvanova

the Palace of Evksinograd is constructed by Dvorets Evksinograd on the bank of Black sea in 1890 - h as residence of the tsar of Bulgaria Ferdinand I. On a plan of the future owner (having grandson Lui - to Phillip I, the duke Orleansky) the residence should become a copy of the Orleansky palace near Paris, destroyed during a siege of the French capital Prussian army. By request of the tsar to the place of construction fragments of the French manor have been brought and built in the future palace. In 1946 Bulgarian monarchy has been abolished, and the palace became residence of administration of the Bulgarian National Republic. In 1989 it is transformed into official president residence and the governments.

in the territory of a complex making 80 hectares, there is a three-storyed palace, park, vineyards with vinodelnej, hothouses, swimming pool, bowling, a beacon and some small hotels. In palace cellars the valuable collection of the wines which some exhibits have more than 130 years contains.


Pomeste Farmli - residence of premieres - the minister Bryan Kouena

the Estate of Farmli, a three-storyed private residence in style of king George, is constructed in the end of a XVIII-th century. In 1873 it is got by Edward Sesilom Ginnessom, the great-grandson of the founder of known brewery. In 1881 - 1884 building the third floor is expanded and built on. In 1896 to manor the ballroom is attached. In 1999 government has redeemed an estate at Ginnessov for 29,2 million then works on its transformation into official residence of the prime minister have begun. The area of territory of an estate - 31,5 hectares. On May, 1st 2004 here there has passed acceptance ceremony in structure of EU of 10 new states.

the address: Ireland, Dublin 15, Castleknock, Farmleigh

the Most expensive residences

the Federal palace - president residence

the Federal palace of Switzerland is located by Paskalja Kushpena in the centre of Bern, country capital. It is constructed in 1902 under the project of architect Hans Auera. Building cost has made 7 million Swiss francs. The palace consists of two buildings traditionally named western and east wings, united by a uniform dome. The western wing is the oldest part of a palace constructed in 1856 (in 1902 the dome has been constructed). The palace height together with a dome makes 64 m, dome height - 33 m. the Termination of the first reconstruction in the history of a palace, begun in June 2006, is planned on 2008. For palace reconstruction it is allocated by 83 million Swiss francs (nearby 53 million). In a building the parliament of Switzerland, federal council and federal office settle down.

the address: Schweizerische Bundeskanzlei, Bundeshaus West, CH - 3003, Bern, Switzerland


the Elisejsky palace - president residence Nikola Sarkozy

the Elisejsky palace is constructed in 1718 - 1722 architect Armand Claude Molle as residence of count D ` by Evre. It was three times reconstructed. The palace often changed owners among whom since 1753 the royal family prevailed. In 1814 - 1815, during occupation of Paris, the Elisejsky palace became Alexander`s time residence I. Official residence of presidents is with 1874 when Patris has lodged in it de the Poppy - Magon. The name has received in 1786 in honour of the Champs Elysee close to it. In a three-storyed palace of 365 rooms, for its maintenance in 2007 it is spent 31,9 million In an underground premise of the Elisejsky palace there is an office, whence the president can direct the order on use of nuclear efforts.

the address: 55, rue du faubourg Saint - Honore, 75008 Paris

Great Britain

Dauning - strit, 10 - residence of premieres - the minister Gordon Brown

the House consists of two private residences constructed in 1677 - the middle 1680 - h. In 1732 became residence of the general treasurer, de - fakto the first prime minister of Great Britain Robert Uolpola. To be used as the place of residence of the prime minister began regularly with 1902, before many prime ministers lived in own houses. On February, 7th 1991 residence from a mortar was fired by insurgents IRA, however anybody from were inside, including prime minister John Mejdzhor, has not suffered. Gordon Brown has occupied residence in 1997, still being the head of the Ministry of Finance, having exchanged the house with prime minister Tony Blair of that time needing expansion of a floor space.

the residence settles down on three floors. The house is watched by staff of servants from 216 persons. Residence charges in 2007 have made £ 17,8 million (nearby (24 million).

the Address: 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA, United Kingdom

the Federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel lives the Interesting facts in private apartment in the centre of Berlin, opposite to a museum of Pergamon on Gentinershtrasse. In 2006 round the house of madam Merkel scandal has inflamed: it was found out that within eight years one of security chambers of a museum has been directed on windows of its apartment, and capacity of system allowed to conduct detailed shadowing.

One of Kiev president residences of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, Gorodetsky`s house, is decorated by sculptures of mythological and hunting subjects, for what the building has received the national name the house with chimeras .

Working residence of premieres - the minister of Iceland Gejra Hilmara to the Chord takes place in the centre of Reykjavic in a two-storeyed building of the prison first in Iceland.

on May, 3rd, 1791 in a palace which is nowadays president residence of Poland Leha Kachinsky, the first has been signed in Europe (and the second in the world after the USA) the constitution.

a building of one of president residences of Finland Tari Halonen, Mantiniemi, has 212 corners, 300 windows of the different size and 190 doors (only 10 of them identical). In August, 2000 in this residence wedding of madam Halonen and Pentti Arajarvi has taken place.

Rozenbad, the residence of premieres - the minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt, is constructed in the centre of Stockholm in the beginning 1680 - h as public baths. Now on the building ground floor the restaurant with the same name is opened.


the oldest residences
the Chinese National Republic

Kompleks Chzhunnanhaj - residence of the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China, the secretary general of a handheld computer Hu Jintao

the Complex of Chzhunnanhaj ( the Central and Southern lakes ) It is located in the centre of Beijing, near to the Forbidden city, residence of the Chinese emperors and the area of Tjananmen. It was formed during epoch of dynasties of Tszin, Yuan and Mines (XII - XV centuries). Represents the park broken round two artificial lakes (the third lake - Northern - is not included into a complex). In its territory some palaces, temples and pavilions have remained. A year later after declaration of the Chinese Republic in 1911 Chzhunnanhaj became residence of its first president Juan Shikaja. In 1949 after formation of the Chinese National Republic new buildings are erected to complex territories for the Central Committee of Communist Party of China and state council some.

adjoining to residence of the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China the earth is protected by a considerable quantity of employees of special services in the civilian. The parking of private motor transport in nearby streets is strictly forbidden.


Dvorets Tashichho Dzong - residence of the king Dzhigme Khesara Namgela Vangchuka

Is constructed in 1641 founder of Butane Tibetan by llama Ngavangom Namgjalem. It is reconstructed in 1962 - 69. The palace is one of official state residences, in it the throne-room, a government boardroom, and also rooms of the spiritual leader of Butane are located. Simultaneously the palace is the largest Buddhist monastery in the country, and its name is translated from a local dialect as the Fortress of blest religion .

Tashichho Dzong represents a complex from several structures and seven towers. The interior more than 100 premises is richly ornamented in Buddhist stylistics.

the address: Tashichhodzong, Thimphu, Bhutan


an independence Palace - president residence Susilo Bambanga Judhojono

Is constructed in 1796 - 1873, consists of two parts - the National palace (it is finished in 1804) and an independence Palace (is constructed in 1873) as which name is called all complex. Long time the general - governors of Netherlands Ost - India was the house. Presidential residence became at president Abdurrahmane Vahide. The Total area of palaces makes 68 thousand in sq. m.

the Address: Jl. Veteran 17, Istana Merdeka, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia

the Greatest residences

the Sultan palace of Istana Nurul Iman - residence of the sultan, premieres - the minister Hadzhi Hassanala Bolkijaha Muizzaddina Vaddaula

Is constructed in 1984. Under the different data, for construction of a palace complex it has been spent from $500 million to $1,4 billion Carries out functions as a vein, and working residence. Here apartments of the sultan, a throne-room, the governmental offices, and also a mosque, capable to contain to 1,5 thousand persons are placed.

the palace complex is brought in the Guinness Book of Records as the world`s largest inhabited residence of the head of the state. Total of premises in a complex - 1788 (including bathrooms - 257, lifts - 18, swimming pools - 5). The underground garage is calculated on 153 cars, a banquet room - on 4 thousand persons, stables - on 200 horses. The total area of premises - 200 thousand in sq. m. is stored In a palace a large collection of the well-known painters, and for Renoir`s bought in 1980 only one picture - h, the sultan has paid record $70 million

the Address: Istana Nurul Iman, Bandar Seri Begawan BA1000, Brunei Darussalam


the Presidential palace - president residence Sellapana Ramy Natana

Is constructed in 1869 on a place of a plantation of a nutmeg as residence of the British governor. With 1869 before finding by the independence country in 1959 palace has replaced 21 owners. Now the residence serves as a venue of solemn actions, such as inauguration. Some times in a year during national holidays the presidential palace is opened for visitors.

a total area of territory of a palace - 42,9 hectares. Besides a three-storyed palace some country houses, ponds, park, a golf course enter into a complex on nine lunok. One of sights of a palace is the Japanese tool which has remained in territory after the Second World War.

the address: 238823 Orchard Road, Singapore


the Royal palace - residence of the king

Building has begun Norodoma Siamoni in 1866 after carrying over of capital of Cambodia to Pnom-Penh. Represents a complex of buildings, almost in accuracy repeating royal palace in Bangkok. Personal apartments of the king are located in the Khmer palace constructed in 1927 - 1930 local architect by name of Ohna Tep Nimit Hiu. Except for apartments of the king, the palace is opened for free visiting. During board of a mode of red khmers the palace was not used.

the area palace kompleksa makes 175 thousand in sq. m. In its territory the national treasures most known of which are statues of the Buddha and bodhisatv, including bodhisatvy Majtrei inlaid with 9584 diamonds are stored. The floor of the Silver pagoda in which statues and the gifts presented to the king are stored, is laid out 5 thousand silver tiles. In a palace from every corner of the globe - two collections of pictures are stored in apartments of the king and in the pavilion of Napoleon III used as a museum opened for visitings.

the address: Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

the Most expensive residences

the Presidential palace - president residence

the Palace is constructed by Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedova in 1994 - 97 French company Bouygues by request of the president of Turkmenia Saparmurata Niyazov. The palace from white marble is executed in east style. The height of a three-storyed building together with a gold dome crowning it makes 45 m, the area - about 16 thousand in sq. m. the Total area of the palace, the adjoining cascade of fountains and park makes 7,5 hectares. Under the various data, palace cost has made $70 - 80 million Internal premises are finished by marble and expensive breeds of a tree. For internal registration of a palace for $55 thousand 14 carpets of handwork by a total area of 218 sq. m.

the Address have been ordered: 744000, Turkmenistan, Ashkhabad, the area of Bitaraplyk, the Presidential palace


the Presidential palace of Ak the Horde - president residence Noursultan Nazarbayev

Is constructed in 2001 - 2004 in new capital of Kazakhstan to Astana. The palace total area makes 36,72 thousand in sq. m. the Building consists of five elevated floors (height of the first - 10 m, the others - on 5) and two underground. The area of the central smart hall on the ground floor makes 1,8 thousand in sq. m. Besides it in a building there is not less than 13 halls, a number of office premises and library. Premises of technical services, kitchen, a dining room and garage underground settle down. In building furnish gold and the Italian marble were used. The official data about cost of new residence it was not resulted, however, according to mass-media, it could reach $60 million

the Address: Kazakhstan, Astana, street the Left bank, Ak Ordasy

the Interesting facts
Dvorets Gulhana, president residence of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, is protected by bullet-proof glasses and metal armored designs, its roof is specially strengthened for protection against rockets.

in 2005 the swindler has exposed on the Internet - auction Panchavati, residence of premieres - the minister of India Manmohana Singh. The American businessman has paid for it $800 thousand And, only having arrived to India, has learnt that him have deceived.

on hand the leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea there is a whole network of residences on all country. Under its working residence in Pyongyang tunnels on which it is possible to move on the car and which connect Kim Jong II`s all Pyongyang residences are laid.

the oldest residence

the Lock the Wasp - president residence John Agekuma Kufuora

the Lock the Wasp is constructed by the Dutch colonizers in 1660. In 1850 Dutch colony in Ghana Great Britain for £ has bought; 10 thousand After earthquake in 1862 lock have restored and have converted in residence of the colonial government. In 1957, after declaration of independence, the lock the Wasp became the House of the government of Ghana. In 1960 in it the president residence has taken place. In 2005 round the further destiny of the lock disputes - president Kufuor have inflamed and New patriotic party have suggested to construct a new palace as colonizers used the lock the Wasp as prison for slaves. Predictably, the new residence will be finished in the middle of this year and will manage to Ghana in $30 million (this sum it is planned to occupy from India).

the Greatest residence

the government House - president residence

the Kenyan House of the government is constructed by Mvai Kibaki in 1907 British colonial authorities. After finding by the independence country in 1963 has received the status of official residence of the head of the state, however in practice became the administrative and administrative centre, and also carried out functions of guest state residence and a venue of receptions.

the area of territory of the house of the government - 300 hectares. The presidential residence is located in 10 minutes of driving from the centre of capital of Kenya by Nairobi.

the most expensive residences
Southern - the African Republic

Union Buildings - president residence

Union Buildings are constructed by Tabo Mbeki in 1910 - 1913 under the project of the architect of sir Herbert Bejkera for a management Southern - the African Union, the historical predecessor of the republic of South Africa. Now in them the official president residence of the country, offices of members of the government and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs takes place.

the structure general view - two identical buildings, united by a semicircular central part, - symbolises association of formally divided people, and buildings - two official languages, English and afrikaans. Three-storyed buildings of the Union are constructed in neoclassical style of sandstone, the central semicircular wing is executed in Ancient Greek style, and the space between buildings is designed as an amphitheatre. Total length of buildings - 285 m, for their construction used 14 million bricks and 28,3 thousand in cubic m of sandstone. Building cost has made £ 1,66 million

on May, 10th 1994 Nelson Mandela, the first selected black president of the republic of South Africa, in this building has said the inaugural speech which has marked a new stage in development of the country.

the address: Union Buildings, Private Bag X1000, Pretoria, 0001


the government House - president residence

the New building of the House of the government of Namibia is put by Hifikepune Pohamby in September 2002 and has become operational on March, 21st 2008, in day 18 - j anniversaries of independence of the country. Building cost has made 400 million namibijskih dollars (about $50 million). The area of premises of the House of the government makes 18 thousand in sq. m. In residence besides other 11 apartments for foreign leaders visiting Namibia are provided. The building is located in Ausblike, suburb of capital of the country Windhoek.

building of inhabited president residence Hifikepune Pohamby is begun on November, 19th 2007. It is expected that the building will be constructed by the area of 3,5 thousand in sq. m in November of current year.

the interesting facts
In rooms the Marble palace of president residence of Democratic Republic Congo Joseph Kabily in 2001 his father has been killed. In 2002 unknown person has shot two security guards of a palace, has been then killed itself.

in the beginning 1990 - h in Malawi building of a palace in cost $100 million Palace in which 300 bedrooms are has been finished, occupies territory of 555 hectares. Soon a palace have transferred to country parliament. In 2004 the president of Malawi Bingu va Mutarika has occupied it under the residence, but in 2005 has refused residing at a palace. According to local mass-media, the fear of the president before palace ghosts became a cause of a failure.

northern and Central America
the oldest residence

the Palace of Herons - president residence Martin Torrihosa Espino

the Palace of Herons is constructed in 1673 as residence of the Spanish governors of Panama. Subsequently in a building the school, royal court, customs, the government, national bank of Panama took place. About 1903 palace became republic president residence. The name has received in 1922 when poet Rikkardo Miro has presented to president Belisario Porrasu of two white herons. Herons have got accustomed in a courtyard executed in traditional andaluzskom style then the tradition has been established to hold in a palace of two herons. During the same period over a two-storeyed building have built on one more floor and a tower.

on hearings, in 1977, before visit to Panama US president Jimmy Carter, the American security service has processed a courtyard a disinfection preparation, from - for what herons have died. Two new herons delivered in a palace under the screen of night. This information, however, officially did not prove to be true and was not denied.

the address: Palacio de Las Garzas, Presidencia de la Republica, Panama 1, Republica de Panama

the Greatest residence
Dominican republic

the National palace - president residence Leonelja Fernandez Rejny

the Palace is constructed under the project of architect Guido d ` by Alessandro in 1944 - 1947 for dictator Raphael Truhilo Molina. The three-storyed building executed in neoclassical style, crowns a dome in height of 34 m and diameter 18 m. The palace area makes 25 thousand in sq. m. On the ground floor administrative services, on the second - studies of the president, the vice-president and other high-ranking officials, on the third - halls and rooms for receptions, and also personal apartments of president Leonelja Rhines settle down.

the address: Palacio Nacional, Av Mexico esq, C/ Dr. Delgado, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

the Most expensive residence
the United States of America

the White house - president residence George Bush

the White house is constructed in 1792 - 1800 under the project of architect James Hobana. The second US president John Adams became the first tenant of the house. The building was repeatedly reconstructed, the basic changes of a steel of an extension in 1901 western, and in 1942 - east wing. About 1901 name the White house became official. Now in the central part of a building the executive residence in which there are inhabited apartments of the president and his family, kitchen, a laundry and working premises settles down. In the western wing there is a study of the president Bush, offices of its assistants, boardrooms. In east wing - residence of the first lady and control centre of emergency situations.

the residence of the head of the USA has six floors, two of them underground. The area of premises of a building among which 132 rooms, Building of the White house makes 5,1 thousand in sq. m. has managed in $232,37 thousand ($2,66 million in the prices of 2008), cost of reconstruction taking into account inflation has exceeded $60 million

the Address: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA

the Interesting facts
President residence of Mexico Felipe de Hesusa Calderon Inohosy Los Pinos ( pines ) Costs in the central part of Mexico City on a place where in 1325 Aztecs have put the first stone in the basis of the capital Tenochtitlana, the historical predecessor of Mexico City.

the first building the Presidential house, president residence of El Salvador Eliasa Antonio Saki Gonsalesa, was under construction 10 years, with 1921 for 1931, from - for frequent earthquakes. In January - February, 2001 the building has been again damaged as a result of tremors, and now the name the Presidential house carries other building.

the South America
the oldest residence

a government Palace - president residence Alan Garsija Peres

the Palace constructed by Spanish conquistador Fransisko Pisarro in 1535, is a building of the government of Peru and personal president residence of republic. It is located on a main square of Lima, on river bank Rimak. In 1937 it is reconstructed. The building area - 19,2 thousand in sq. m. In a palace there are studies, a chapel, television studio, garage, pool and personal apartments of the president. The palace is well-known for the balcony, whence, following old tradition, the president welcomes parades and processions in honour of Jesus Christ, the sacred patron of Lima, and says public speeches.

the address: El Palacio de Gobierno, Plaza Mayor, Lima 1, Peru

the Greatest residence

Park Anchorena - president residence Tabare Vaskesa Rosasa

Park Anchorena is located on a place of merge of the rivers the Dignity - Juan and Rio - de - la - the Payment, in 208 km to the West from capital of the country Montevideo and in 55 km from capital of Argentina by Buenos - Ajresa. In 1907 rich land owner Aaron de Anchorena has constructed on this place the manor the area of 1370 hectares. He has died in 1965 and bequeathed the earth to the government of Uruguay with condition to use it as presidential residence. In park territory the small house, economic constructions, church and a tower de Gaboto in height of 75 m where de Anchorena has created a paleontologic museum settle down. The house is constructed on the sample of English manors of an epoch of Tudors and has the arms.

the most expensive residence

Dvorets Alvorada - president residence Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

1958 palace of Alvorada Opened on June, 30th ( a morning dawn ) It is designed by the well-known Brazilian architect Oscar Nimejerom. It is located nearby to country Brazilia capital. The palace represents the rectangular three-storyed building, which main ornament - white marble columns. On a ground floor there are conferences - a hall on 30 persons, offices of administration of a building, kitchen, a laundry, a pantry, a wine cellar and the medical centre. On the ground floor workers, on the second - personal apartments of the president of Brazil settle down. In 2004 major repairs of a palace organised by Marisoj Letisiej, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva wife, has managed in $18,4 million

the Address: El Palacio da Alvorada, SHTN Tr. 1 - Asa Norte, Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brasil

the Interesting facts
Manor in Olivos, the president residence of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has the wide windows similar to windows of a dovecot, from - for what has received the national name pajarera - a cage for birds .

the President of Bolivia Evo Morales after a victory on elections in 2005 has refused to drive to the residence in the Dignity - Horhe, having explained it to that was born in a hut of Indians ajmara and has not got used to luxury. It nevertheless has moved to residence, that to work 24 hours a day but before it has invited shamans ajmara which have carried out okurivanie and a gift to gods, having cleared residence of bad spirits.

Australia and Ocenia
the oldest residences
New Zealand

the Premersky house - residence of premieres - the minister Helen Clark

Is put in 1843, considerably expanded in 1860 - h. It began to be used as residence of premieres - the minister with 1865. In 1870 - h in a building the lift first in the country has been established, and before a building the first is broken in New Zealand and the tennis court is constructed. In 1937 - 1976 in the house the children`s stomatologic clinic took place, from - for what it has received a nickname the house of murders (The Murder House). In 1990 building have returned the status of residence of premieres - the minister, and for its reconstruction it has been spent $1,8 million

Residence represents a two-storeyed structure. The prime minister - the minister with the family lives on the second floor. To a dining room and a ballroom which is on the ground floor, during reconstruction have returned their original form with a stucco moulding and conditions. The site area on which the house is located, makes about 1 hectare.

the address: 260 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, Wellington, 6001, New Zealand

the Greatest residences

Lodge - residence of premieres - the minister Kevin Michael Radda

the Residence is constructed in 1927 under the project of architect Dzh. J. Taylor. It was originally planned that the house will serve as the time place of residence of the prime minister, more monumental building will not be built yet, however as a result Lodge became an official vein and working residence of the head of the government. Prime minister John Howard who has preferred to live in the Sydney residence, instead of in Canberra became one of few prime ministers who refused to live in Lodge. In translation from English Lodge means a shelter however the reason on which the residence has received such name, is unknown.

Lodge represents a two-storeyed private residence in colonial style. The site area on which gardens are located, courts for game in tennis and a croquet and swimming pool, originally made 2,8 hectares, however in 1960 - h it has been reduced to 1,8 hectares from - for expansions of adjoining street.

the address: The Lodge, Adelaide Avenue, Canberra, ACT 2600, Australia

the Most expensive residences
Papua - New Guinea

- residence of premieres - the minister Michael Somare

Is constructed by Dom Morauty in the beginning 2000 - h. Is official working residence of premieres - the minister. Has received the name in honour of Mekere Morauty holding a post of prime minister Papua - New Guinea in 1999 - 2002.

the Study and apartments of the prime minister are located on the fifth floor of a five-floor building. In 2006 the five years` project of service of a building in cost about $1 million

the Address has been approved: Morauta House, Waigani, P. O. Box 639, Waigani, Papua New Guinea

the Interesting facts
In June, 2000 the residence could not save of that time premieres - the minister of Solomon Islands Bartolomju Ulufa ` alu from abduction by local insurgents. In 2003 the residence became again a target for insurgents, from - for what the head of the government has been compelled to live and work temporarily in a secret refuge.

during disorders in 2001 official president residence Nauru Bush Lodzh (a literal translation - a wood shelter ) has been completely burnt, since then heads of the state are compelled to live in own houses.

wooden the royal palace of Tonga is considered sacred, and it is forbidden to touch its external stone walls. For a dense forest of protection it is for quite some time now enclosed by a wire fence.