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Ten years ago the share of import barley and malt reached 70 %. Raw materials import increased expenses of brewers. To change a situation, they have started to realise own agroprojects. Now 75 % of requirement for malt become covered by domestic raw materials. Co-operating with economy, brewers invest in agriculture of hundred millions roubles so benefit from integration into agriculture receive not only the brewing companies.
special raw materials
Russia - one of the largest world consumers of brewing malt. According to the company Russian malt (belongs benefitsiaru bank Avant-guard to Cyril Minovalovu), the volume of the world market of malt makes 16 million t without China on which there are no exact estimations. The requirement of the Russian brewing market for 2006 for malt, according to the Union of the Russian brewers (SRP), has made 1,6 million t. Efforts of the domestic companies in 2006 had been made 1,17 million t, or 73 % from the demanded volume. Other raw materials were imported. Simultaneously last year the Russian farms have collected 4,9 million t brewing barley. For manufacture of ton of malt it is necessary approximately 1,2 - 1,3 t barley, tells a press - the secretary of company SUN InBev Alexey Shavenzov. Thus, volumes of the brewing barley grown up in 2006 could exceed needs of branch in 2,5 times.

however it has not occurred, as quality of the Russian barley leaves much to be desired, brewers complain unanimously. Barley is checked on colour, a smell, ability of germination, krupnost grains, quantity of impurity, cleanliness of grain. but key parametres are a humidity, viability and the fiber maintenance in barley, - the director for marketing of group of companies Efes in Russia Berk Kardesh tells. - In brewing use special barley with the lowered maintenance of fiber 9,8 - 11,5 % at humidity of 14,5 %. Viability of barley should be a minimum of 95 %: for malt reception at prorashchivanii barley it is necessary, that 95 from 100 grains were live germs. The barley infected with wreckers " is not supposed in manufacture;. Proceeding from data SRP, it turns out that to all standards there corresponds only the third part of domestic brewing barley.

not profile malt
In the last some years the situation with quality of raw materials improves. In 2001 of requirement of the Russian brewers in malt became covered at the expense of import more than half - 52,5 %. After the brewing companies have paid attention on solodovennyj business, the situation began to change. For five years own solodovni all largest brewers - " have opened; Baltic SUN InBev, Efes. Large profile investors have started to master the market: French Groupe Soufflet, American Cargil, Russian Russian malt . Proceeding from the declared projects, total investments of the companies into building and reconstruction solodoven have exceeded $400 million

Start solodovennogo business will allow the brewing companies to cut expenses on the basic component of beer - malt. in conditions when rates of increase of branch more low, than it was three - four years ago, we direct efforts to decrease in the cost price of production - the head tells a press - services Baltic Alexey Kedrin. Among the other reasons forcing the companies to master manufacture of malt, name presence solodoven at competitors, own growing requirements for qualitative malt and absence free solodovennyh the capacities meeting requirements of the company. The role the irresolute position of the majority professional European solodovennyh the companies concerning investments into the Russian manufacture has played also.

theoretically presence solodovennogo business at brewers should lead to reduction of operational expenses, the chairman of board of directors " marks; Russian malt Cyril Minovalov. But if to count amortisation, expenses on additional resources, credits under building of factories the situation becomes ambiguous - he speaks. The deficiency of qualitative domestic barley existing last years, leads to profitability decrease solodoven, mark in Russian malt . That who has no in the country of own raw-material base, it is necessary to import barley, and work on import raw materials gives the minimum profitability, - mister Minovalov specifies. - we sell Malt on 16 thousand rbl. For ton, the cost price of its manufacture - from 11 thousand to 14 thousand rbl., depends on the raw materials price . Own barley manages the companies in 4 thousand rbl. for ton, purchase at other Russian manufacturers - 7,5 thousand rbl., import costs already 10,5 thousand rbl.

Rational grain
Aspiration of brewers to provide own malt has not removed a problem of shortage of qualitative barley. it is important, that rates of a gain of manufacture of barley advanced rates of increase of manufacture of malt. While the situation develops return - mister Minovalov complains.

manufacturers of malt have found the Exit in cooperation with farms, having assigned to cultivation of barley to landowners. Under such scheme already work Baltic SUN InBev and Efes. The scheme of cooperation of brewers and farmers looks as follows: Landowners buy the seeds recommended by brewers, grow up a cereal under supervision of experts of the brewing companies - control is conducted from purchase of seeds before check of use of the recommended fertilizers, then the customer redeems barley at economy. the agricultural manufacturer receives a necessary set of recommendations about optimisation of manufacture and a guarantee of realisation of brewing barley, keeping thus freedom in a choice of technologies and work methods - Alexey Shavenzov from SUN InBev specifies. Baltic prefers to train agriculturists and experts in the methods of work. The brewing company gives to participants of the agroproject on credit seeds of elite grades of barley, and also pays bonuses for superplanned productivity.

to become the partner of the brewing company it is possible not to all. To farmers expose rigid requirements: presence of modern technics, conditions for drying and grain storage. For example, Baltic Co-operates all with 50 economy from It is central - region Chernozemnogo. Last year they have collected for Baltic 150 thousand t barley that makes 25 % from the general requirement of the company. It almost on 90 % is more than crop of 2006. In the long term Baltic plans and to develop the agroproject further.

SUN InBev by 2007 could treble own capacities on malt manufacture. Since that moment the company on 100 % provides itself with the Russian barley and malt, annually buying over 400 thousand t these raw materials.

the brewing companies prefer not to open economy of agroprojects. Baltic only notices that in 2006 of the investment into manufacture of the Russian barley have made 65 million rbl., and economy could gain for the production more than 350 million rbl.

Such form of co-operation gives to brewers some advantages, allowing to predict the prices and to form own raw-material base with demanded quality. we can lower market risks on a case of sharp change of the offer and the prices for raw materials, it is better to be guided in the market, contacting directly to manufacturers of barley, and also to reduce production costs with quality preservation of production - Alexey Kedrin from " marks; Baltic .

Specialized manufacturers of malt though use the similar scheme of cooperation, however approach to it carefully. in Russia farmers do not carry out contracts which have been concluded even one week prior to the shipment moment if the price in this time has a little grown. There were also such cases - farmers said that barley was not born, and actually sold to its competitor who offered the price above - mister Minovalov marks.

the Russian approach to work with manufacturers of raw materials differs from the approach of the international companies. in Russia Heineken owns three solodovnjami, and we actively use their existing capacities, - the director for public relations Heineken in Russia Anna Meleshina speaks. According to mister Minovalova, in world practice solodovnjami the companies which work in agrarian sector own, are engaged in cultivation of brewing barley or trade in grain. in Russia farmers were weak enough, there was no due standard of farming, therefore brewers are compelled to put the means and to develop this market - Cyril Minovalov considers.

the Export future
Despite lacking necessary volumes of qualitative raw materials, solodovennyj business draws attention of investors. In 2008 start of two large solodoven by capacity more than 100 thousand t - in Kursk area the company " is planned; Russian malt and in St.-Petersburg - BSI. Branch experts even have started talking about possibility of export of malt.

partially it is connected with a barley small harvest in the traditional countries - exporters last years. Besides, gives hope that Russia becomes the exporter, and growth of consumption of beer, especially in China. Believe that by means of brewers the Russian farmers can become exporters of malt, and in to Baltic . Our country has received real chances to turn from the importer in the exporter of this kind of agricultural products - Alexey Kedrin from " agrees; Baltic . The Annual turnover of the world market of malt is estimated in $10 mlrd, before the Russian agricultural productions prospects of impressive investments open, the expert specifies.

such scenario really could take place in the presence of active financing of this direction, analyst IK " marks; finam Sergey Filchenkov. However in the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development investments in solodovennoe a direction do not appear, - he speaks. - and to private investors projects with biofuel, where profitability of manufacture above " are more interesting;.