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the STAR

the Hero of our time 1. 45

Director S.Rostotsky. In roles: V.Ivashov, A.Chernov, N.Burljaev. The USSR, 1965

the Initial Soviet screen version to lead Michael Lermontov. It was a little strange to spectators to see Vladimir Ivashov, Aleshu Skvortsova from Ballads about the soldier in Petchorin`s overcoat.

the law 22. 25

Director A.Veledinsky. In roles: D.Nazarov, S.Garmash, V.Rakov. Russia, 2002

the Best Russian serial which has been removed by the future author Live . A series of murders in a country town - a handwork of not simply maniac, and the philosopher of permissiveness to which the philosopher of the law resists.

on duty 3. 10

Director I.Gurin. In roles: S.Plotnikov, L.Kruglyj. The USSR, 1963

the Veteran of polar aircraft with sick heart and the young pilot take off on the task - to rescue scientists from the broken away ice floe.


Heart fights again 23. 30

Director A.Room. In roles: V.Tikhonov, N.Simonov, A.Abrikosov. The USSR, 1956

the Moral drama from medical practice. The young doctor makes the incorrect diagnosis to the soldier who has received a pneumonia with complications, rescuing the person.


the Legend on the earth Siberian 19. 55

Director I.Pyrev. In roles: V.Druzhnikov, M.Ladynina. The USSR, 1947

the Most branchy Stalin razljuli a raspberry. The pianist wounded in the war leaves in a basten Polar region where composes a patriotic cantata about the earth Siberian.

TV - 3

the Deadly ring 21. 00

the Director B.Mej. In roles: A.Akvarian, D.Lopez. The USA, 2000

If to trust category films, in the American prisons the heads are engaged only in one - the organisation among the concluded gladiatorial fights conducted to death of one of participants.

the eviscerator of reason 0. 00

Director D.Gejton. In roles: L.Henriksen, K.Stensfild. The USA, 1995

Research experiment on deducing of the superperson has crowned full success. However, the superperson eats exclusively human brain, but these are details.


the American pie 22. 00

the Director P.Uajtts. In roles: D.Biggs, K.Klein. The USA, 1999

a Film, which name became a synonym of the youth comedies which are far - it is far behind a side not only good, but also bad taste. The catalogue of all possible and impossible jokes on a theme of loss of virginity.